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Social media is most understood as the popular social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but social media is actually a fairly broad term encompassing blogs, business networks, collaborative projects, forums, photo and video sharing, product reviews, and social gaming. In the majority of social media matters that Cahn Litigation Services supports, the chosen expert witness has extensive experience and expertise in advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), ecommerceonline reputation management, and/or consumer behavior. A social media expert witness needs to not only have expertise; an expert witness must possess the ability to explain social media evidence and electronic evidence to judges and jurors.

Representing the plaintiff or defendant, example social media legal cases for which Cahn Litigation Services locates expert witnesses include internet defamationtrademark infringement, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, false advertising, webpage design, and fraud.

Expert witness service by a social media expert witness could include a social media investigation, social media content review, an expert report, expert opinion, expert testimony, and/or courtroom testimony. In high profile cases, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may require a subject matter expert with prior expert witness testimony experience. In addition, an attorney may seek a consulting expert for pre-litigation work.

Cahn Litigation Services has many years of experience identifying social media expert candidates to support litigation matters.

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Social Media Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Social Media experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Social Media landscape.

Expert Witness #252466

This expert is the founder of a teaching/corporate training company centered around the skills for Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords/Pay-Per-Click and Social Media Marketing. This expert teaches these skills part-time for a continuing studies program. In addition, this expert has expert witness experience, having testified in both State and Federal Court, supporting both plaintiff and defendant, in defamation, trademark matters.

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Expert Witness #255343

This expert is an Associate Professor of Information Science and an affiliate member of Computer Science at a University. This expert's research interests include studies of interactive information retrieval/seeking, especially those involving social and collaborative aspects. This expert studies social media and data generated by wearable devices as kinds of signals that can help us understand and impact human behaviors. This expert teaches in Information Science and Data Science programs (at undergraduate and graduate levels), and this expert's research falls under and uniquely connects Computer Science, Data Science, and Information Science.

This expert received a PhD in Information Science, an MTech, Computer Science & Engineering, and an MS, Computer Science. This expert has published and talked extensively on topics related to social and collaborative information seeking, interactive information retrieval, and social media. This expert has served as a consultant to an international organization on various Data Science projects involving social and political issues, peacekeeping, climate change, and energy.

This expert is interested in various aspects of information seeking/retrieval, in personal, group, and social contexts. In addition to looking at information being generated and shared in online environments as a part of Information Science, this expert investigates ways to collect and transform data to meaningful information under the broad label of Data Science. This involves Big Data analytics, mobile and sensor-based data collection, and data mining and machine learning techniques. Finally, this expert is interested in investigating how data, information, and knowledge influences people's, organizations', and communities' behaviors as a part of what this expert refers to as Decision Science. This expert tries to keep a balance between studying systems and users, designing algorithms and theories, and building tools and conducting user studies.

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Expert Witness #257554

This expert has strong experience as an expert consultant on issues related to internet reputation, social media, internet defamation and rehabilitating a digital presence. This expert is a frequent presenter at conferences and private briefings globally on the subjects of SEO and Online Reputation Management. This expert founded a firm providing education on online presence and online reputation management to governments and corporations. This expert is well-published with a list of publications on SEO and ORM (Online Reputation Management).

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Expert Witness #257571

This expert is a Senior Digital Marketing Executive and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Professional with many years of proven search engine optimization and internet marketing experience, social media marketing experience, SEO, Domain Name, and Online Reputation Management Expert Witness. This expert has specific experience in "corrective advertising", this expert has designed and implemented successful plans to clean up or change/correct internet reputation using advertising and/or generating internet content, including social media campaigns. This expert has proven an ability to develop search engine marketing and social media marketing strategies and implement them successfully using search engine optimization best practices.

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Expert Witness #259700

This expert holds a PhD in Computer Science, serves as an Associate Professor for a College of Information Systems as well as director of a Human-Computer Interaction Lab. Specializing in web, privacy and social media, this expert's work began professionally as a web designer. This expert started a web design company that built commercial websites. Since moving to academia, this expert has taught web design and web programming and written a textbook on web design.

This expert's work spans many areas, but core research interests are in understanding how people use social media to improve the way they interact with information. This expert approaches this from a computer science perspective and this expert's general research hits social networks, trust, web science, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction. This expert has done a lot of work looking at how to infer information about people (like personality and political preferences) and their relationships (like trust) from social media. This expert also works on usable security, bringing HCI to the design of security and privacy systems.

Areas of Expertise include:

-  Social Media
-  Social Networks
-  Information Organization
-  Web Sciences
-  Recommender Systems
-  Code analysis and review
-  Semantic Web and Big Data
-  Human-Computer Interaction
-  Online Privacy

This expert has extensive experience as an expert witness analyzing intellectual property issues, including patent validity and infringement and prior art. This expert has work as a technical expert, both pre-trial and in trial, on the workings of most major social media systems and recommender systems as well as the history and development of the web, web science, social networks, and social media.

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Expert Witness #275762

This expert founded a marketing and brand reputation consulting group and has become one of the top names in the field. This expert is well-published on Social Media, digital innovation, building strong brands in the digitally connected world, and what it takes to make a lasting impact for Social Currency, among other subjects. This expert provides media content / interviews to Forbes, Business Insider, CNN, USA Today, Bloomberg, Reuters, and various trade publications. This expert has an impressive Rule 26 List, providing over 25 instances of deposition or trial testimony.

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Expert Witness #252452

This expert is an independent consultant in matters of online reputation management, social media, infringing domains, defamation, cybersquatting, and other internet and search engine optimization-related issues. This expert's clientele ranges from publicly traded corporations to local start-ups. This expert is well known and a frequent speaker at industry conferences and often writes for industry news sites. Before becoming an independent consultant, this expert held positions in industry. This expert is an experienced expert witness, having served on several cases involving online defamation and simultaneously postings via various social media platforms. This expert knows what sorts of analytics will need to be requested in discovery to ascertain more precise numbers going well beyond the visible numbers of "likes", comments and shares.

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