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Challenges to Class Action Certification for Toxic Tort and Property Damage Cases

by Expert Witness Randy D. Horsak, PE
Toxic Tort Expert Witness Collecting Samples for Class Action November 12, 2018

Expert Randy D. Horsak presents an overview of several Daubert-related issues as they relate to the development and presenting of engineering and scientific evidence by an expert witness in a court of law for a class action lawsuit. Federal and State Courts have a wide spectrum of rulings with respect to the conclusion that Daubert applies or does not apply to expert testimony at the certification stage of a class action lawsuit. In some cases, the court may require a complete, conclusive Daubert inquiry, whereas in other cases the court may require only a limited, focused Daubert inquiry. Importantly, Daubert challenges cut both ways, and may be used by both the Plaintiffs and Defendants to their benefit. Typically, however, Daubert inquiries tend to benefit the Defendants in class action lawsuits. This expert’s commentary is based on actual court cases and other information.

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The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Finds Settlement Negotiations are not Protected by a Settlement Negotiation Privilege

by Damages Expert Witnesses Scott D. Hampton, James T. Hosmer, and Karen H. Romrell
damage experts settlement agreement June 5, 2017

Damages Expert Witnesses Scott D. Hampton, James T. Hosmer, and Karen H. Romrell explore the discoverability of settlement negotiations and the reasonable royalty calculations therein, reviewing the impact of In re MSTG and other recent cases. Such discoverable evidence may underscore a patent’s commercial value or have Daubert challenge implications. Attorneys should be careful when considering whether to expose its damages experts to settlement negotiations.

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Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) and Birth Defects: An Explanation of Pharmacological Plausibility

by Dr. David Gortler, neuropharmacology drug expert and drug safety expert
SSRI antidepressant medications - drug safety expert warning September 26, 2016

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) have been causally linked to a wide variety of birth defects, including behavioral and cognitive defects, and even Autism using the FDA’s AERS database. Neuropharmacology drug expert and drug safety expert Dr. David Gortler provides an overview of the associated pharmacological effects and advises that women should stop taking SSRIs well in advance of a potential pregnancy to prevent the risk of autism and physical deformations.

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Liar Buyer Fraud, and How to Curb It

by Expert Witness Markus Jakobsson, Hossein Siadati, Mayank Dhiman
Expert Witness discussion on e-commerce fraud, anti-fraud technology and techniques June 21, 2016

Expert Witness Markus Jakobsson, Hossein Siadati and Mayank Dhiman describe a common but poorly known type of fraud – so-called liar buyer fraud – and explain why traditional anti-fraud technology has failed to curb this problem. They then introduce a counter-intuitive technique based on user interface modification to address liar-buyer fraud, and report result of experiments supporting that their technique has the potential of dramatically reducing fraud losses. They used a combination of role playing and questionnaires to determine the behavior and opinions of about 1700 subjects, and found that their proposed technique results in a statistically significant reduction of fraud rates for both men and women in an experimental setting. Their approach has not yet been tested on real e-commerce traffic, but appears sufficiently promising to do that. Their findings also support that men are more willing to lie and defraud than women are; but maybe more interestingly, their analysis shows that the technique they introduce make men as honest as women.

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Order 745: Challenge to Plain Old Power Markets

by Expert Witness Charles Cicchetti
Expert Witness Overview of Energy Pricing (Order 745) June 21, 2016

The Supreme Court of the United States recently affirmed the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Order No. 745, on pricing for demand response (DR). At the core of the debate was the Commission’s decision to require wholesale markets to pay successful demand response bids the same Locational Marginal Price (LMP) paid to electricity generators. Professors William Hogan and the late Alfred Kahn, two giants among economists, squared off. Expert Witness Charles Cicchetti discusses the arguments made, how the Commission eventually found a way to solve the conceptual debate, and offers his thoughts on where we go from here.

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Business Information Exchange System with Security, Privacy and Anonymity

by Expert Witness Sead Muftic, Nazri bin Abdullah, Ioannis Kounelis
secure email, instant messaging and document sharing expert witness insights June 21, 2016

Business Information Exchange is an Internet Secure Portal for secure management, distribution, sharing, and use of business E-mails, documents and messages. It has three applications supporting three major types of information exchange systems: secure E-mail, secure instant messaging, and secure sharing of business documents. In addition to standard security services for E-mail letters, which are also applied to instant messages and documents, the system provides innovative features of privacy and full anonymity of users, their locations, actions, transactions, and exchanged resources. Expert Witness Sead Muftic, Nazri bin Abdullah and Ioannis Kounelis describe design, implementation, and use of the system.

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An Introduction to Human Factors

by Expert Witness Craig Rosenberg
Expert Witness Introduction to Human Factors June 21, 2016

Expert Witness Craig Rosenberg provides an introduction to the human factors discipline and outlines how specialists within the field study the sensory, cognitive, and motor aspects of human performance.

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