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Copyright expert witness candidates typically have extensive experience in intellectual property law, and/or economic damages. Depending on the specifics of a copyright case, specialists such as a screenplay or publishing expert, software expert, product design expert, or music industry expert may be called upon to support a case. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may require a testifying expert with prior expert witness testimony experience. 

An intellectual property protection program stops others from using an owner’s intellectual property (e.g., trademark infringement, trade secret, trade dress, patent infringement, copyright) without a licensing agreement. Copyright law specifically protects authors of original creations such as poems, fictional characters, plays and other literary works, motion pictures, choreography, musical compositions, sound recordings, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, computer software, radio and television broadcasts, and industrial designs. Copyright law encompasses both published and unpublished creations. There are many facets to copyright law, mostly due to the broad coverage areas and advancements in technology. The Music Modernization Act, as an example, was introduced in 2018 to address online music distribution and streaming services. In the U.S., reverse engineering of software is protected by the fair use exception in copyright law, and can be instrumental in software copyright cases. Landmark software copyright cases include the dispute over the Android operating system for smartphones in Google v. Oracle, the Apple II operating system in Apple Computer. v. Franklin Computer, and Microsystems v. Scandinavia Online which illustrated issues of reverse engineering and the need for copyright notices in code.

Litigation support by a copyright expert witness could include research, an expert report, expert opinion, expert testimony and/or testimony in court. An economic damages expert is often called on to opine on lost profits and damage analysis occurring from copyright infringement. From music to jewelry, Cahn Litigation Services has placed copyright professionals to provide expert witness services for a wide variety of matters, including:

The firm is skilled and experienced at identifying expert candidates to provide support for all types of intellectual property matters, and is frequently called upon by law firm clients to locate specialists for copyright cases.

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Copyright Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Copyright experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Copyright landscape.

Expert Witness #249167

This expert is an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at a University, specializing in Aesthetics, Ethics, and Metaphysics as they relate to Social & Political Philosophy and the Philosophy of Law. This expert's Ph.D. dissertation focused on copyright law and the problematic lack of foundation to copyright law in describing the nature of those entities that copyright is meant to protect. This expert's research focuses on issues arising from problems in intellectual property, including the ontological and ethical groundings of copyright, problems of fair use and "users' rights", and relations between philosophy and intellectual property law. This expert also actively researches independent issues in aesthetics, in practical and normative ethics, and in metaphysics. This expert has written several articles on the aesthetics of art and its relation to copyright law as well as the "Creative Act" and copyright.

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Expert Witness #264944

This expert is a nationally recognized entertainment and IP law scholar, and an expert witness and consultant in copyright, trademark, right of publicity and entertainment contract cases. This expert has many years of experience teaching and practicing Entertainment Law, Copyright Law, Publicity Rights, and International Entertainment Law.

In addition to a consultancy, this expert is a professor teaching music law courses, including the topics of music revenue streams, the distinction between the composition copyright and the sound recording copyright, and the relationships between the players in the music industry (such as composers, performers, record labels, and music publishers). This expert holds a law degree, is a regular speaker speak at academic and law practitioner conferences, and is well-published in music copyright law.

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Expert Witness #123933

This expert has deep experience in jewelry design, copyright, manufacturing, and analysis. With many years of design and manufacturing expertise, this expert maintains an active copyright consulting practice for numerous artists and designers, and holds a number of design copyrights, personally.

This expert's primary focus is on jewelry and although the bulk of this expert's business is centered around forensic appraisal this expert specializes on research to document design origins and influences, as well as the finite details of design, branding and marketing.

This expert is has been an expert witness in a copyright infringement matter, supporting the defendant and was also retained in a trade secrets and copyright infringement matter supporting the plaintiff. This expert has additional experience as an expert on a design and branded trademark infringement matter for the defense.

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Expert Witness #248881

This expert is a globally recognized authority on technology issues pertaining to intellectual property in the digital age. This expert has contributed to standards initiatives related to content identification, metadata, and rights. This expert has served as an expert witness in litigations related to copyright, digital content and security technologies, in federal court and before the Copyright Royalty Board and the PTO. This expert has testified before and advised public policy entities on digital copyright and technology issues on three continents. This expert is author of a book on DRM, and several whitepapers, book chapters and journal articles on technologies related to digital media and copyright.

This expert has been an invited speaker at many conferences, including the World Economic Forum; National Association of Broadcasters annual conference; Congressional Internet Caucus State of the Net conference; the ACM Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference; International Copyright Technology Conference, Digital Book World, Progress and Freedom Foundation Summit; and Globes Business Conference. This expert has been quoted in publications worldwide and has appeared on news outlets.

This expert was Chief Technology Officer of a knowledge destination web site for lifelong learners backed by scholarly institutions. This expert defined the content and e-commerce technology architecture and built its technology infrastructure. As Director of Publishing Systems at a publishing company, this expert implemented content management systems for many of the company's newspaper, book, and professional information publishing businesses, and performed technical due diligence on acquisition candidate companies. This expert's career in digital media began at a bond rating agency, where this expert developed a pre-web-era architecture for electronic publishing of credit reports. This expert holds a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and an M.S. in Computer Science.

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Expert Witness #227330

This expert is a musicologist and the president of a music consulting firm. This expert and her team of musicologists regularly advise clients on musical works for their commercials, films, and television series. This expert also frequently advises attorneys, advertising agencies, entertainment and recording companies, publishing firms, and musicians, addressing copyright issues, including those arising from digital sampling, electronic technology and Internet musical usage.

In addition to successful consultancy, this expert teaches forensic musicology, and has testified quite often in copyright infringement matters, as well as in valuation disputes, including collaborative and derivative musical works. This expert has written numerous articles and a book in the area of contemporary music and copyright infringement.

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Expert Witness #263043

This expert helps clients assess and resolve patent and technology issues involving deep source code analysis. This expert has been through numerous ITC investigations and district court cases from complaint to hearing/trial. This expert has been engaged as a testifying expert in several cases including copyright. Multiple cases involved open source licensing including extensive analysis of GPLv2 license in a first matter and source code analysis of interrelated modules licensed under GPLv2 in second ITC matter.

Recent projects include analyzing C++/C, NodeJS, Python, and Java code, projects involving communications between server and mobile devices and between servers, analyzing network communications, computer provisioning and sandboxing, document analysis including link extraction, network packet sniffing (Wireshark), and source code control systems (e.g., Git/GitHub). This expert went to trial as a testifying expert, was scheduled to testify as an expert at ITC before the case settled, and was a testifying expert in a copyright case. This expert also contributed considerable technical analysis of accused software, performing copyright analysis of computer networking code. This expert is very familiar with all forms of IP litigation including copyright, trade secret and patent litigation. As an attorney, this expert has focused on complex IP issues that require equal amounts of legal analysis and advanced technical analysis. This expert was a core member of the Complainant's counsel in an ITC case involving patents asserted against popular phones.

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Expert Witness #249198

This expert has spent a career dealing with art and art law. This expert has taught Art History at and Visual and Environmental Studies at prestigious universities. This expert is well published and has appeared on numerous panels on Art and Copyright law throughout the country. This expert is frequently a guest speaker on topics such as Contracts and Copyright, Aesthetics and the Law.

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Expert Witness #123989

This expert has many years in the jewelry industry concentrating on trade dress, copyright infringement, and component design, appraisals and valuation issues. This expert is an experienced expert witness and has provided invaluable consultation on the current marketplace for intellectual property matters. This expert utilizes painstaking research utilizing historical sources that transcend jewelry, evaluating design in architecture, artwork, and other media to determine originality in IP matters. This expert presents at industry conferences and has been published in industry journals. A respected instructor, this expert teaches courses in jewelry design, wholesale and retail buying, and market trends. Additionally, this expert is a noted appraiser (with current accreditation) and has served as a consultant in numerous jewelry and gem cases for private and government parties. This expert has written expert reports, and given depositions in copyright, trademark and appraisal-based matters, but has yet to testify at trial.

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Expert Witness #217141

This expert holds a PhD in Computer Science from an Ivy League School and is a nationally recognized computer scientist and attorney whose expert testimony was vital in two of the most important technology-based copyright/trademark infringement cases in U.S. history. This expert has served as an expert witness in multiple computer software and electronic voting cases. Total: 224 cases: 173 patent, 13 electronic voting, 11 trade secret, 10 copyright, 18 other. Affidavits, reports or declarations submitted in 151 cases. Deposed in 91 cases. Testified at trial or hearing in 42 cases. Participated in 3 reexams, 14 IPRs and 23 CBMs.

This expert was lead witness in the first Court test of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which established the legal principle that distributing or linking to software that circumvents the copyright protection on digital videodiscs is illegal and a pivotal expert witness in recent precedent-setting technology cases. This expert, who holds seven degrees from major universities in different fields and is a registered patent attorney, has been affiliated with the School of Computer Science at a research university. This expert is now Principal Systems Scientist and Director of a company where this expert started a project developing a lexicon of all words in all known languages, specifically for use in machine translation. This expert’s research interests include digital libraries, language identification, electronic voting, automated negotiation, experimental mathematics, and Internet law and policy.

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Expert Witness #123912

This expert is a copyright infringement and trade dress consultant, forensic expert, jewelry appraiser and broker, and has served the jewelry industry for many years. This expert has been under contract with the Federal Trade Commission, Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Justice Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Customs Bureau, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Trustee's Office, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and The Ontario Attorney General as a forensic expert witness, consultant, mediator, and trustee. This expert's expertise is frequently sought by banks, museums, foundations, insurance companies, the jewelry trade (both wholesale and retail), law firms, accounting firms and individuals, and this expert has been called upon to testify as an expert witness in major court cases throughout the United States, Canada, Singapore and The Bahamas. This expert has been on staff as a research associate with a major Museum of Natural History, earth sciences division, and serves on its Board of Trustees. This expert also has experience teaching classes in gemology, gem sciences and jewelry.

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Expert Witness #265412

This expert is a founding principal of a consulting firm providing consulting, valuations and testimony regarding IP damages and licensing custom and practices. This expert focuses on copyright, trade dress, trade secrets and trademark infringement, publicity rights, social media and Internet infringement, defamation, marketing strategy analyses, royalty rate determinations and other intangible assets. This expert also provides valuation and monetization strategies for trademarks, trade secrets, publicity rights, domain names, Internet and social media assets, brands, copyrights and other intangible assets for financial reporting, bankruptcy and transactional due diligence. This expert is affiliated or associated with the major industry associations in licensing and in intellectual property and has been a frequent presenter at industry conferences. This expert has deep experience as an expert witness, having been the named testifying expert in over 75 cases, with over 20 depositions and five trials.

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Expert Witness #266104

This expert is a Member of a consulting firm offering financial and business expertise. The expert’s particular focus is in licensing and royalty rates, as well as damages calculations and related litigation support. This expert has served as an expert witness in three apparel matters (for three different clients) including copyright infringement (damages) of dress designs, value of dress designs and products in business interruption matter, and analysis of business and determination of reasonable royalty for dress designs and products involved in business acquisition. This expert was a patent examiner at the USPTO and served at the US Treasury and responsibilities including technology licensing, business valuation and transfer pricing, and corporate fraud. This expert’s testimony experience includes evaluating reasonable royalty rates including developing RAND royalty rates considering such issues as scope of the royalty base, lump sum and running royalties, royalty stacking, license comparability, university licensing agreements, exclusive licensing, and apportionment of profits to non-infringing components.

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Expert Witness #266222

This expert is a Senior Director at a large intellectual property equity firm. This expert’s specific advantage comes from having earned both an MBA in finance as well as a JD, cum laude. This expert has deep experience in valuing intellectual property, and in calculating damages from claims of infringement, breach of contract and is well versed in the proper methods of calculation, royalty rates, and in all aspects of damages assessment. This expert has particular experience in clothing and apparel industry matters and has been engaged for patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and other intellectual property matters and has served as an expert witness.

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Expert Witness #270671

This expert is a literature, screenplay, and teleplay copyright infringement specialist. This expert holds a Ph.D. from an Ivy League school. Besides academic duties as a full professor, this expert served as the Chair of an English department and as an Associate Vice Chancellor of a university. This expert authors scholarly evaluations for distinguished academic institutions and is an evaluator for major publishers. This expert has served as a copyright evaluator and expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants going back many years. This expert’s evaluations have been for screenplays, teleplays, books and other literary works. As a noted academic, this expert is a prolific author and frequent speaker.

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