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Free Expert Witness Searches

  • Never a charge for the search.
  • No interview fees.
  • No administrative fees (TASA).
  • No non-refundable retainers.
  • No obligation to use our candidates.

It’s difficult to justify billing a client for an expert witness search, when the case could settle before discovery even begins. But we understand your strategy to be proactive, even if vetting expert witnesses may seem premature in the eyes of your client. Our FREE SEARCHES business model allows you to see which experts are available and conflict-free.

Review targeted expert witness bios, digested resumes, curricula vitae, Rule 26 disclosures, and related materials at no fee. Interview our experts without obligation to procure preliminary opinions on your case, even at the earliest stages. Cahn Litigation removes the cost associated with being prepared ahead of the curve.

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Custom Expert Witness Searches

We listen carefully to your requirements.

  • Geographic location.
  • Regional accent.
  • Specific academic credentials.
  • Precise commercial involvement.
  • Strong testimony experience.
  • Budgetary constraints.

Don’t rely on tired commercial databases or web searches, which too often yield professionals with imprecise understanding or inexact experience. Our expert searches are driven by the unique specifications of your matter, yielding talent with unequivocal command of the substantive issues and the capability of providing the targeted testimony required to effectively advocate for your client.

Our savvy, dedicated researchers leverage our existing relationships, wide array of research tools, and a bit of street smarts. We relentlessly comb the landscape for the handful of candidates that most closely match your specifications. We scrutinize your list of qualifications, carefully examine expert CVs, and inquire as to Daubert and Frye issues to present conflict-free candidates for you to interview… all at no cost.

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Expert Witness Search Process

How We Search For Expert Witnesses

Our Approach & What to Expect

Cahn Litigation has been in the expert-finding business for over seventeen years. We locate expert witnesses for complex litigation across niche topics and technologies by searching smarter, and leveraging relationships to meet your exact specifications. Our ever-expanding network of over 100,000 experts is the most effective in our space, and grows with each search we perform.

Litigators from large and small firms alike prefer our search capabilities to those of other search firms because referencing our expert network is just a preliminary step of our search. We utilize our expert network but never rely solely upon its established names. The results that follow are unlike those of our competitors who tend solely to call upon overused and inadequate expert witness directories. It’s telling that over 70% of expert witnesses retained by our law firm customers have been located by way of a combination of bespoke searching and networking. You get the best expert to be found, not the best expert on some list.

The Search Process

Each search begins with a brief conversation (5-10 minutes) with a search specialist to flesh out the particulars of your matter and to understand the precise role you envision for your expert. All dedicated search specialists have performed hundreds of expert searches and will pose guided questions to probe for nuanced distinctions within your specific matter. Qualification preferences as to industry and academic credentials, prior expert deposition and expert testimony experience, geographic location, hourly rate, regional accent, and the like will be discussed and our search parameters are altered accordingly.

The potential experts we screen often advance additional case-specific distinctions to further filter our search and uncover the best possible talent. Only those select few experts that meet your precise requirements are submitted as candidates for your review.

Lawyers who seak expert witnesses with prior litigation experience are able to review each expert’s litigation support history alongside associated CVs. The number of expert witness reports written and all previous instances of expert witness testimony at deposition and trial are provided for your review. Understand which parties have previously been supported by expert candidates, to whom expert opinions have been provided and to which courts expert witnesses have been disclosed.


Your review of expert witness resumes and associated biographical and topical materials is free. Interviewing expert witness candidates for retention purposes is also free. There is never any obligation to retain our experts.

Unlike TASA and other providers, we never charge administration fees. There are no retention fees associated with cases national or international in scope (i.e. patent infringement, securities, antitrust, etc.). Your client pays only for work performed by the expert you retain at the hourly rate disclosed at the time expert candidate materials are submitted for your consideration. Cases, which are local in scope (i.e. personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability, etc.), are subject to a modest initial retention fee.

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Expedited Expert Witness Searches Per Your Schedule

Expedited Expert Searches

  • Your schedule is our schedule.
  • Expedited searches available.
  • Streamlined contracting process.
  • Digested CVs available for faster analysis.
  • Rolling delivery schedule.

Expedited searches, dedicated search professionals, and a flexible contracting process help to complete your search on time, no matter how tight your deadline.

We monitor incoming email and search requests 365 days a year. We’re prepared to help you meet your most challenging court deadlines.

Have more time? We can provide a greater depth of candidates and strategically valuable information on the subject matter landscape to help you better analyze your case and better serve your client.

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...Cahn Litigation was able to find the perfect expert - and fact-witness for events that happened decades earlier – a truly amazing feat!
Aegis J. Frumento, Co-Head, Financial Markets Group, Stern Tannenbaum & Bell, LLP
(formerly Partner, Duane Morris LLP and Managing Director, Morgan Stanley)

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