Access the most extensive expert witness network available,
trusted by large and small law firms alike

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Access the most extensive expert witness network available, trusted by large and small law firms alike.

Provide a brief overview of the expert qualifications sought and underlying claims to be supported. We will review and contact you to ensure access to the most appropriate expert biographies.

All expert witness requests are supported by dedicated search specialists who have previously conducted hundreds of customized expert witness searches.

Experts - Submit Credentials

If you’re an experienced expert witness or consultant, we want to hear from you.

You can increase your visibility for upcoming projects by submitting your credentials and areas of expertise to:

As available, be sure to include the following:

  • Your current CV for litigation support
  • Your current consulting rates or rate sheet
  • Your Rule 26 list or litigation support history
  • A list of your current publications
  • A list of attorney recommendations
  • A synopsis of your successes

We look forward to working with the best and the brightest across all technologies and fields of study.

  • testimonial from expert witness

    "Cahn Litigation is definitely the most professional and collegial expert witness services firm with whom I have worked."

    - Expert Witness Donald Rickert, Ph.D.
  • expert witness services testimonial from litigator

    "...Cahn Litigation was able to find the perfect expert- and fact-witness for events that happened decades earlier – a truly amazing feat!"

    - Aegis J. Frumento, Co-Head, Financial Markets Group, Stern Tannenbaum & Bell, LLP
    (formerly Partner, Duane Morris LLP and Managing Director, Morgan Stanley)
  • attorney testimonial on expert witness services - Melvin Garner

    "Cahn Litigation found two highly qualified experts in a very narrow field and with an extremely tight deadline. I don't know how they did it."

    - Melvin Garner, Partner & Chair, Japan Practice, Leason Ellis LLP