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Online reputation management expert witness candidates typically have experience and expertise in social media, online reputation management, digital marketing, crisis communications, and/or reputation repair.

Online reputation is a form of brand protection, and is notably important for e-commerce businesses, manufacturers, news outlets, and high-profile individuals (such as people involved in entertainment and politics). With the prevalence of social media sites, an entity’s digital reputation is an important marketing focus. Individuals and organizations can engage with online reputation management companies to conceal or divert unflattering or negative information. Online reputation management involves monitoring an entity or brand on the internet, and dealing with potentially harmful content. Online reputation management can also suppress negative search engine results, and highlight positive search engine results. When search engine optimization expertise comes into play, an SEO expert can be particularly helpful.

Online reputation related matters that Cahn Litigation Services locates expert witnesses for include defamation, internet defamation, trademark infringement, brand reputation, and digital reputation.

Litigation support by an online reputation expert witness could include research, arbitration, an expert report, expert opinion, expert testimony, damages assessment, and/or courtroom testimony. In high profile cases, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may require a testifying expert with prior expert witness testimony experience. In addition, clients often seek an industry expert for pre-litigation consultation.

Cahn Litigation Services has the experience required to turn a search for an expert witness around quickly. The firm has an earned reputation for providing candidates with the right balance of expertise and testimony experience for each unique project.

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Online Reputation Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Online Reputation experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Online Reputation landscape.

Expert Witness #238593

This expert has real-world hands-on experience with every aspect of technical SEO and eCommerce marketing. Recognized as a Top Google contributor, this expert has served as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies (as well as small-medium size businesses) planning and implementing white-hat SEO to advance marketing strategies. This expert is a frequent presenter at industry conferences. As an SEO/SEM expert witness this expert has been engaged by both Plaintiffs and Defendants.

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Expert Witness #249044

This expert is a pioneer in what is now referred to as the Reputation Economy. This expert has created a successful consultancy in this niche area. Although this expert has never been an expert witness, this expert is a noted authority on corporate and executive reputation. This expert is well published and is a frequent speaker and presenter at professional conferences throughout the country. Through this expert's two consulting firms (traditional consulting and online platform) this expert is responsible for the creation, maintenance and repair of corporate reputations, in order to maintain and achieve larger strategies and competitive advantages.

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Expert Witness #257546

This expert is an experienced computer science expert witness, information technology expert witness, web analytics expert witness, SEO expert witness, and SEM expert witness providing research and testimony in the areas of web analytics, keyword advertising, cross screens use, search engine optimization, web searching, online marketing, online branding, online advertising, and related areas. This expert has worked numerous cases, including patent cases, and has testified at deposition, arbitration, and trial.

This expert has produced more than two dozen expert reports, has been deposed a dozen times, and has testified at both trial and arbitration. This expert has been retained by several law firms as an expert witness and has been an expert witness in several jurisdictions.

This expert has subject matter expertise in the domains of online advertising, online marketing, web analytics, and related areas. Specific subjects include, among others, ad replacement, affiliate advertising, benefits of search engines, content advertising, cookie stuffing, co-registration advertising, cross screens, demographic targeting, domain parking, dual screens, how people search, how people view search results, how search engines work, information retrieval, image searching, keyword advertising, online advertising, online branding, online copyright, online marketing, online reviews, online trademarks, pay-per-click, PPC, online reputation management, search engine optimization, SEO, search engine marketing, second screens, SEM, search engines, social media, tracking code replacement, trademark issues in online advertising, trademark issues in web searching, web analytics, web page archiving, web page viewing, web search, and webpage ranking. This expert has worked Inter Partes Reviews (IPR), written and submitted numerous expert reports, been deposed (both in person and remotely), and has testified at arbitration, and at trial.

In addition to expert witness work, this expert has 250 or so authored research publications, with articles appearing in a range of journals and conferences. This expert is a co-author of a book on web searching, co-editor of a handbook on Weblog analysis, and author of a publication on keyword advertising.

This expert is a Professor with a College of Information Sciences and is a principal scientist. This expert has a PhD in computer science, along with master degrees (computer science and international relations).

This expert has served on the research committee for the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO). This expert has received several awards, including an ACM Research Award, application development awards, and other writing, publishing, research, and leadership honors. This expert's research work is highly cited.

This expert is actively involved in teaching undergraduate (information technology (IT) project management, keyword advertising) and graduate courses (searching, retrieval, analytics).

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Expert Witness #257554

This expert has strong experience as an expert consultant on issues related to internet reputation, social media, internet defamation and rehabilitating a digital presence. This expert is a frequent presenter at conferences and private briefings globally on the subjects of SEO and Online Reputation Management. This expert founded a firm providing education on online presence and online reputation management to governments and corporations. This expert is well-published with a list of publications on SEO and ORM (Online Reputation Management).

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Expert Witness #257571

This expert is a Senior Digital Marketing Executive and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Professional with many years of proven search engine optimization and internet marketing experience, social media marketing experience, SEO, Domain Name, and Online Reputation Management Expert Witness. This expert has specific experience in "corrective advertising", this expert has designed and implemented successful plans to clean up or change/correct internet reputation using advertising and/or generating internet content, including social media campaigns. This expert has proven an ability to develop search engine marketing and social media marketing strategies and implement them successfully using search engine optimization best practices.

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Expert Witness #257583

This expert is an Associate Professor with a Ph.D. in Marketing. This expert's primary research interest is in Prosocial consumer behavior. Before academia this expert held positions in industry working for market research firms on this and related topics. This expert is well-published with journal articles and manuscripts. This expert is also a frequent presenter at industry and academic conferences in the consumer behavior field. This expert has been an independent consultant to numerous companies and organizations.

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Expert Witness #275762

This expert founded a marketing and brand reputation consulting group and has become one of the top names in the field. This expert is well-published on Social Media, digital innovation, building strong brands in the digitally connected world, and what it takes to make a lasting impact for Social Currency, among other subjects. This expert provides media content / interviews to Forbes, Business Insider, CNN, USA Today, Bloomberg, Reuters, and various trade publications. This expert has an impressive Rule 26 List, providing over 25 instances of deposition or trial testimony.

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Expert Witness #218652

This expert is an experienced litigation expert with many years of senior level Fortune 100 experience and has been retained by many reputable firms to conduct consumer research and to provide expert testimony. This expert has provided expert testimony in more than 70 legal cases: Lanham Act - Trademark, Trade Dress, Patent; Defamation; Commercial Reasonableness; Personal Injury - Retail Merchandising; Misleading Advertising; Misleading Packaging; Damages; Fraud; and more. State, Federal, Class Action, Civil, Criminal, Courtroom and Arbitration Qualified, this expert has opined across a range of issues including trademark confusion, channel strategy, false advertising (including online advertising), branding and marketing, contracts, survey rebuttals, retail strategy, and trade dress confusion. This expert has been retained for criminal and civil cases regarding individuals, corporations, and class action lawsuits. This expert has created, developed, fielded, analyzed, and reported on thousands of studies. In this expert's work providing expert testimony, this expert has conducted surveys on genericness, likelihood of confusion, secondary meaning, false advertising, dilution and more as it relates to trade dress, trademarks, and patents. This expert has provided about twenty depositions in person, via video, and via telephone. This expert has testified in court nearly ten times in cases involving: Misleading Advertising; Consumer Confusion; Secondary Meaning; Fraud; Commercial Reasonableness; Brand and Reputation Defamation. This expert received an MBA and has experience in branding, management, research and strategy. Early in this expert's career, this expert spent years working in the areas of national brand management and promotional marketing. Once the Chief Marketing Officer for a major retail chain, this expert owns and manages a strategic marketing consultancy where this expert works directly with senior executives of many Fortune 1000 corporations providing a wide range of advanced research expertise including design, analytics and advanced statistics along with case consulting across a range of industries.

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