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Digital media expert witness candidates usually have extensive experience in computer science, search engine optimization (SEO), information technology, internet marketingstreaming videosocial media, marketing strategies, and/or software engineering – all dependent on the specific technology involved in the case. Digital media encompasses software, digital images, digital video, video games, websites, social mediadatabasesdigital audio, electronic documents and electronic books. A digital media expert witness must have a solid understanding not only of the target technology, but also of the digital media market, market share of industry leaders, and the competitive landscape. A successful expert witness needs to have expertise, as well as the ability to explain technology and electronic evidence to lay people, such as typical jurors.

Cahn Litigation Services is often called upon to locate a digital media expert witness to support legal cases in the intellectual property realm, such as patent infringement litigation, trade secret disputes, trademark infringement, or copyright allegations. Expert witness services by a digital media expert could include reverse engineering, a prior art search, expert report preparation, arbitration, depositions, and expert witness testimony in the courtroom. In addition, clients may seek a digital media expert for pre-litigation consultant work. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, the law firm may require a testifying expert with prior expert witness experience. Whether the case involves:

Cahn Litigation Services has the experience to efficiently and quickly locate expert candidates to provide litigation support.

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Digital Media Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Digital Media experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Digital Media landscape.

Expert Witness #215712

This expert has many years of experience in computer science, software development, embedded systems, networking, enterprise software systems and digital audio signal processing. This expert has experience with remote control management of media content regarding management of media content in a database coupled to a graphical user interface for media selection. This expert is familiar with the inner workings of modern media distribution/selection systems such as iTunes and the iTunes Music Store. This expert has consulted for companies that perform remote media distribution. Holding a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in digital audio technology, this expert spent years as a Researcher and Lecturer for graduate and undergraduate courses in computer science and digital audio at a prestigious university. As part of DMA thesis work, this expert conducted foundational research in digital audio that led to hardware and software systems to compute digital audio in real time. A former software architect charged with the development of an audio media recording system, this expert is now consulting for high technology companies across the globe on the software and hardware surrounding audio processing systems, including read-time music systems. This expert has sustained a long and successful career at the cutting edge of software development and design using multiprocessor/multi-core architectures for signal processing and control. Over many years of experience as an expert witness on numerous cases, this expert has testified before a jury, at Markman claim construction hearings, and has been deposed numerous times on cases involving patent litigation, trademark infringement, copyright litigation and inequitable conduct. Most of these cases have involved digital audio hardware and software technologies.

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Expert Witness #248343

This expert has designed and analyzed the microelectronics and software for systems managing media remotely and performing music downloads for many years and is an award winning inventor for innovative digital audio engineering design and valuable contributions to the advancement of audio engineering. This expert has been involved with the technologies behind the remotely-managed media and uploaded and downloaded music files. This expert has designed cable TV multiprocessing systems for managing media remotely and performing music downloads. Most of the microelectronics circuits this expert has designed at the transistor/resistor/capacitor and chip level involved amplifying signals, controlling impedance and output speed characteristics, and included the design of timing circuits, level converters and latching digital signals. While on the Editorial Board of a renowned publication for electronics engineers, this expert analyzed the internal design of memory chips (including memory bit cell arrays) and state-of-the-art integrated circuits for processing and storing media. This expert has worked on the engineering design of audio signal processors and memory systems, including emitter-coupled design with controlled impedance, as well as user interface design for content selection and control. Further, this expert has designed user interfaces for media content selection and control. This expert also has designed and developed processors and memory systems as well as high fidelity digital-to-audio and audio-to-digital conversion circuitry, included timing circuits, impedance control, level control, signal amplification, latches and memory design. This expert has worked on the engineering design of a multiprocessor media server. This expert has analyzed hundreds of patents and has researched, reverse engineered and analyzed microelectronics and software.

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Expert Witness #225732

This expert is a Ph.D. and former Fulbright Scholar with many years of involvement in digital audio, digital music, digital signal processing and processor architecture. This expert is a successful independent consultant and assists in high-level languages and assembly language used for audio and music software and signal processing.

This expert has many years involvement in hi-tech litigation including patents, copyright, trade secret, and class action. This expert has 17 depositions, 3 times testifying at trial, 5 sets of IPR declarations covering topics such as:

cell phones, mobile devices, handheld devices (e.g. medical), computers, laptops

user interfaces

processor architecture

file downloading, file streaming, client/server

media: audio, music, speech, video

digital signal processing, mathematics, algorithms

software and source code (C, C++, Java, HTML, XML, Javascript)

This expert specializes in litigation involving cell phones, car stereos, software, media streaming, mathematics, and user interfaces. This expert has been involved in matters that have specifically dealt with cell phones interacting with automobile head units.

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Expert Witness #255904

This expert is President and Founder of a highly successful and sought-after consultancy providing consulting services on the business, development and implementation of new digital media products, services and technologies. This expert has worked with digital media including CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming video to communicate, educate and entertain.

This expert brings detailed understanding of the workings of the new technologies to the creative talent who want to use them. As an expert witness, this expert has reviewed patent infringement claims and prepared legal briefs, declarations and delivered depositions. This expert has a working knowledge and skills to resolve issues with workflow (e.g., producing Blu-ray or UltraHD), video codecs (AVC/MP4/H.264, HEVC/H.265, audio codecs (e.g., from Dolby, DTS, Fraunhofer) as well as skill in programming/software development (C/C++, Python, VBA, JavaScript, PHP, Java, IDE's, various software/product lifecycle methodologies) and industry standards (CEA- 861-F/HDMI, DVD, Blu-ray).

This expert delivered mastering services to those creating CD-ROMs, implemented IS0-9002 at a software manufacturer, and introduced a process for manufacturing customized short run CD-ROMs. This expert founded a consultancy to focus on the "new" technology of DVD. As president and founder, this expert has produced/authored over 1,000 different DVD titles. This expert served as a Director of R&D where this expert defined, developed and implemented encoding, authoring and mastering processes and tools for Blu-ray (and HD DVD). This expert also led the team developing and supporting the BD-J authoring environment which allowed non-programmers to author Blu-ray titles.

This expert has co-authored two books on Blu-ray and is very fluent in sharing firsthand experience in the business of creating new media.

This expert has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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Expert Witness #248881

This expert is a globally recognized authority on technology issues pertaining to intellectual property in the digital age. This expert has contributed to standards initiatives related to content identification, metadata, and rights. This expert has served as an expert witness in litigations related to copyright, digital content and security technologies, in federal court and before the Copyright Royalty Board and the PTO. This expert has testified before and advised public policy entities on digital copyright and technology issues on three continents. This expert is author of a book on DRM, and several whitepapers, book chapters and journal articles on technologies related to digital media and copyright.

This expert has been an invited speaker at many conferences, including the World Economic Forum; National Association of Broadcasters annual conference; Congressional Internet Caucus State of the Net conference; the ACM Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference; International Copyright Technology Conference, Digital Book World, Progress and Freedom Foundation Summit; and Globes Business Conference. This expert has been quoted in publications worldwide and has appeared on news outlets.

This expert was Chief Technology Officer of a knowledge destination web site for lifelong learners backed by scholarly institutions. This expert defined the content and e-commerce technology architecture and built its technology infrastructure. As Director of Publishing Systems at a publishing company, this expert implemented content management systems for many of the company's newspaper, book, and professional information publishing businesses, and performed technical due diligence on acquisition candidate companies. This expert's career in digital media began at a bond rating agency, where this expert developed a pre-web-era architecture for electronic publishing of credit reports. This expert holds a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and an M.S. in Computer Science.

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