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Software expert witness candidates typically have extensive experience in computer science, software developmentcomputer forensics, electrical engineering, telecommunications, and/or information technology. A software engineer has expertise in programming languages, software development, and computer operating systems, and applies engineering principles to create software systems. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request a testifying expert with prior experience. In addition to technical expertise, a software expert witness must possess the ability to explain complex software issues to a judge and jury.

What types of cases use software expert witnesses?

Often, matters requiring software expert witness services involve intellectual property, such as patent infringement litigation, software copyright, or trade secret disputes. A software forensic expert can analyze complex software source code to determine if there is evidence to reveal intellectual property infringement or theft. A software expert could also be called in on breach of contract disputes or to consult on software product technical issues. Representative matters where Cahn Litigation Services has searched for experts include:

Litigation support by a software expert witness could include computer software analysis, expert report preparation, expert opinion, and expert witness testimony in the courtroom. In addition, law firm clients may seek a computer scientist or software industry expert for pre-litigation consulting work. Cahn Litigation Services is frequently called upon by law firm clients to locate software engineering expert witnesses.

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Software Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Software experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Software landscape.

Expert Witness #261601

These experts represent members of a software expert witness team that provides source code reviews and technical support for product liability, patent infringement, software copyright, and trade secrets theft litigation.

Services include:

-  Software source code discovery assistance
-  Source code review and analysis of related design documents
-  Run-time simulation and software analysis
-  Expert reports and depositions
-  Expert testimony at bench and jury trials

Known as leaders in electronics and software development for safe and secure technology, these expert witnesses are professional engineers, software developers, and academics who are up-to-date and knowledgeable in both the theoretical and the practical applications of best-in-class hardware and software design. Their software analysis teams are custom-staffed with professional software development experts to meet the technical needs of each case. Teams range from a single software expert witness assigned to provide services from discovery through testimony to multi-person teams led by a testifying expert for more complex technology. Teams are staffed with key topic experts who use the most effective and cost-efficient analysis methodologies. The software analysis process that these experts follow allows clients to receive the highest level of technical support and analysis quickly and cost-efficiently.

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Expert Witness #243631

This expert is an experienced consultant, computer industry executive and software developer. In this expert’s international consulting practice, this expert has been engaged more than 200 times by clients seeking to select and implement new business computer systems (including hardware, software, networking, computer services, etc.) and/or needing assistance in dealing with major information and communications technology decisions, nearly all of which dealt with the evaluation, selection and implementation of ERM software, including several where the software needed to handle some sort of dispatching functionality. This expert has been engaged nationwide more than 100 times as a testifying and/or consulting expert in computer technology related cases by counsel on all sides of computer related disputes (including customers, vendors, implementers, patent holders, alleged patent infringers, former employers, current employers, etc.). Half or more dealt with the implementation and/or functionality of ERM type software. One of these dealt specifically with dispatching related software and dispatching functionality was an issue with some others. This expert has testified in Federal and state courts, including extensive courtroom and AAA arbitration hearing testimony throughout the United States and overseas. This expert’s areas of expertise include disputes related to:

Systems and software non-performance, including computer systems and software defects (ERM, CRM, SCM, etc.), including systems implementation issues.

Patent, trade secret and copyright (intellectual property) litigation related to business-oriented systems and software.

Software licensing and systems contracting.

This expert has worked as a computer and management consultant, and has executive level experience in software development, project management, and computer/software sales and marketing. This expert is one of fewer than 15 consultants in the world to have earned designation as both a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and a Certified Computing Professional (CCP).  

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Expert Witness #223022

This expert is the president of a premiere contract research and development firm and president of a leading provider of software intellectual property analysis. This expert is considered a pioneer in the fields of analyzing and synthesizing software source code, having created a program for synthesizing operating systems and a program for detecting software intellectual property theft.

This expert is the founder and former President of a Remote Backup Services firm. Having invented the concept of remote back-up, this expert set-up a remote backup system with a central file server and communication lines including ISDN. This expert also wrote the remote backup software for DOS, Windows, and OS/2 including a GUI, a backup scheduler and file compression, encryption, and communication routines. In addition, this expert has written several journal articles dealing with back-up/restore software and technologies and served as an expert witness in a major back-up software patent matter. This expert was responsible for analyzing the patents, examining the software and writing reports. This expert did not get to testify in this particular matter.

This expert teaches engineering and business courses at conferences throughout the world and is an experienced and well-regarded expert in intellectual property disputes related to software source code, microprocessor design, networking, and other technologies. This expert holds a number of patents and earned two bachelor's degrees, in physics and electrical engineering, and a master's degree in electrical engineering. This expert specializes in software development, software plagiarism detection, intellectual property, patent infringement, copyright infringement, trade secret infringement, embedded systems. This expert has extensive expert witness experience and has been deposed and testified.

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Expert Witness #216323

This expert holds a PhD in Robotics and Automation, is a Professional Engineer, and brings to the table many years of experience in automation systems with specific expertise in instrumentation, control, and software related to electro-mechanical systems. This expert has successfully applied these core strengths in numerous industries including: manufacturing; medical and biomedical; nanotechnology and semiconductor. A former Chief Scientist of a robotics research group and technical architect of multi-million dollar projects with Fortune 500 companies and Federal agencies, this expert has written five copyrighted software systems. This expert has worked extensively with:

-  factory automation and factory automation software
-  process control
-  computer controlled machines
-  robotics software and manufacturing software
-  software source code languages for programming machines
-  designing machines and motion control systems
-  programmable logic controllers and their software

This expert has courtroom experience with analyzing software in theft of trade secrets and patent cases. This expert accepts a small number of litigation support engagements to complement regular work as a professional engineer designing automation and machine control systems.

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Expert Witness #125102

This expert holds a PhD in Computer Engineering and is an Adjunct Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. This expert instructs graduate level seminars on embedded computer architectures, and their relation to compiled languages, and embedded software systems. This expert is also an avid technologist, entrepreneur, founder of a highly successful technology consultancy and managing director at a private equity angel investing firm. This expert is involved in IEEE / ACM Design Automation Conference’s Embedded Software and Systems Track and the IEEE Real Time Systems Symposium.  Previously, this expert held industry roles with major US semiconductor companies in the areas of computer architecture, high performance software, and related systems; formerly, chief architect of hardware and software systems for Fortune 500 semiconductor companies.

This expert is the architect of open source computer architecture simulation environments used for hardware/software system design at various US universities. This expert is also the named inventor on multiple US patents, including client/server computing and embedded operating systems.

This expert has extensive experience with testimony (validity/infringement and related), depositions, expert report generation and investigation of computer video hardware and video software systems such as computer operating systems and systems software. Additionally, this expert has extensive experience in reverse engineering and source code review of multi millions of lines of software and hardware source code.

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Expert Witness #215711

This expert has many years of experience in computer science, software development, embedded systems, networking, enterprise software systems and digital audio signal processing. This expert has specific experience with MPEG audio compression and MPEG source code, and has conducted large scale software architecture/Analysis in C++ and other programming languages. Holding a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in digital audio technology, this expert spent years as a Researcher and Lecturer for graduate and undergraduate courses in computer science and digital audio at a prestigious university. As part of DMA thesis work, this expert conducted foundational research in digital audio that led to hardware and software systems to compute digital audio in real time. A former software architect for multinational conglomerate corporation charged with the development of an audio media recording system, this expert is now consulting for high technology companies across the globe on the software and hardware surrounding audio processing systems, including read-time music systems. This expert has sustained a long and successful career at the cutting edge of software development and design using multiprocessor/multi-core architectures for signal processing and control. This expert has experience as an expert witness on numerous cases, has testified before a jury, at Markman claim construction hearings, and has been deposed numerous times on cases involving patent litigation, trademark infringement, copyright litigation and inequitable conduct. Most of the cases have involved digital audio hardware and software technologies.

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Expert Witness #254669

This expert is an independent CNC Software consultant. This expert's firm is one of the premier CNC software consultancies. After utilizing CNC machinery in a successful furniture design business, this expert made the leap to the software end, helping others in manufacturing. This expert and staff provide services in every aspect of the CNC process from spec'ing and purchasing the CNC machine, matching it with the right software, or programming software if none exists, to maintenance and training of the customer. This expert is a frequent presenter at colleges.

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Expert Witness #211494

This expert earned a Ph.D. and has additional graduate coursework in Economics, Statistics and Econometrics. This expert was the founder of a financial software company providing software solutions to many banks. This expert is an Executive Professor, teaching multidisciplinary courses that include topic coverage of software architectures, software project implementations, Information Technology investments, Mobile E-Commerce and IT assessments. This expert is currently an Independent Consultant to financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies, and provides litigation support in intellectual property and other matters. As a consultant, this expert implemented software solutions for credit analysis, retail and commercial banking functions. This expert has been selected as the lead consultant and testifying expert in approximately fifteen litigation matters; this expert has a dozen depositions and two trials.

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