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Electronics expert witness candidates are typically professional engineers with an advanced degree in electrical engineering or  software engineering. An expert witness should not only have substantive technical expertise, but also possess the ability to explain technology and evidence to a judge and jury. In high profile cases, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, law firms may require previous expert witness testimony experience. The chosen expert witness could be a member of an industry organization such as the IEEE.

The term electronics encompasses the physics, engineering, technology and applications that deal with electrons. Electronics is used in information processing, telecommunication, and signal processingSemiconductor device technology is a branch of solid-state electronics. An electronics expert witness could provide expertise in intellectual property matters such as a patent infringement litigation or a trade secret dispute. A forensic engineer can reverse engineer components to prove (or disprove) intellectual property infringement or theft. Product liability and personal injury cases also frequently require the expertise of an electronics expert witness.

In a litigation support scenario, a technical expert can expect courtroom testimony, as well as other expert witness services such as a prior art search, failure analysis, expert report preparation, forensic engineering, and related consulting activities. Counsel may also request an electrical engineer with electronics industry experience for pre-litigation expert consulting work. Over the years, Cahn Litigation Services has been approached by many attorney clients to locate expert witnesses that can provide litigation support for matters involving electronics products and technology. Whether a case involves:

Cahn Litigation Services has the experience required to turn an expert witness search around quickly and provide qualified expert candidates with just the right balance of expertise and testimony to support each unique project.

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Electronics Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Electronics experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Electronics landscape.

Expert Witness #208099

This expert has extensive technical expertise in the areas of analog electronics, analog circuit design, power electronics, electronic power supplies, DC-DC power converters, feedback control systems, and electromechanical systems. This expert holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. At a prestigious technology university, this expert's research studies were in Electronic Power Conversion and Feedback Control Systems. This expert's thesis represented pioneering work in the field of power electronics and related feedback system theory. As a currently active and practicing engineer, this expert brings to the table many years of experience in analog circuits, power electronics, power supplies, feedback control systems, and electromechanical systems. This expert has an extensive list of technical publications, and has given lectures on feedback systems and power electronics at major universities and at power electronics conferences. This expert is a Life Member of the I.E.E.E. This expert holds sixteen patents in the field of electronic power conversion, and has served as an expert witness, having written dozens of expert reports and declarations in cases involving patents in the field of analog and power electronics. This expert has been deposed numerous times, and has trial experience.

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Expert Witness #250076

This expert brings to the table many years of experience and is an internationally recognized electric motor and motor drives expert. This expert has developed six university graduate and undergraduate courses in this technology, written several books on automotive motor drives and electrical systems, published over four hundred research papers in the area and served as a consultant to industry on motor and drive technologies. Further, this expert has over two dozen patents related to this technology, has worked with many automotive and supplier companies on automotive motors and their applications, and has represented companies in IP cases, as an expert witness.  This expert has served both on the plaintiff and defendant sides with success and has been deposed and testified in court dozens of times. This expert received B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering.

This expert is the author of over 400 publications in pulsed-power supplies, high-voltage engineering, power electronics, motor drives, and advanced vehicle systems. This expert has over 23 granted or pending US and EC patents. This expert's current research work is in power electronics, motor drives, hybrid vehicles and their control systems.

This expert has been a member of IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) AdCom, IEEE-IAS Industrial Power Converter Committee and the IEEE Myron Zucker Student-Faculty Grant program. This expert is a Life Fellow of IEEE, an IEEE Industrial Electronics Society and Vehicular Technology Society Distinguished Speaker, IEEE Industry Applications Society and Power Engineering Society Distinguished Lecturer. This expert is a registered professional engineer.

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Expert Witness #246479

This expert is the founder and Principal Engineer of a nationally recognized consultancy specializing in Power Electronics and Power Delivery. This expert has deep expertise in the design and implementation of power electronics systems including protocols that support power & data concurrently, such as USB/PoE/HDBaseT/etc. This expert is very familiar with the USB standards, having worked as a Tier 1 power vendor to major OEMs. This expert has extensive experience in application power solutions, and many other aspects from design through manufacturing & implementation as well as through worldwide distribution and customer experience in the field. This expert has designed/architected numerous power electronics solutions for many types of systems that have implemented USB as well as evaluated appropriate supplier components, tested/debugged/qualified systems, and improved manufacturing/quality processes that facilitate putting high-quality, high-volume electronics into the field. This expert brings to the table a unique, global perspective in the area of power electronics having experienced all aspects of the field from engineering to supply chain & manufacturing to business/sales/marketing to customer experience and WW global logistics so this expert can relate all the pertinent motivations/detractors of a technical analysis against all these factors as well as provide unique perspective on how all these constituents may be impacted. This expert has not served formally as an expert for litigation, though this expert has received some training and provided some inside consultation. Further, this expert has been deposed, as a former employee in roles of both witness and plaintiff. This expert is comfortable with this process and has some understanding of how to approach a deposition given the desired outcomes of the different Plaintiff & Defendant attorney perspectives.

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Expert Witness #250600

This expert has an extensive background in the physical sciences and mathematics: engineering and science degrees plus many years in the high-technology defense/aerospace industry. This expert's forensic experience includes cases dealing with electric circuits, electric shock, lightning damage, electrically ignited fires, wire and radio communications, radio interference, cellular and wireless telephone technology, audio and video reproduction, surveillance and tracking systems, industrial machinery controls, traffic radar and lidar, automotive electronics, and other electrical and electronic equipment.

One project required this expert to examine and disassemble a free-standing ATM in a laboratory in order to find the design flaw that led to its occasional malfunction (and of other similar ATMs).

This expert's expertise in electronic computing and controls includes:

-  thorough training in electrical engineering and the physical sciences,
-  wide-ranging practice in the lab, in the field, and in the courtroom,
-  ability to constructively investigate and illuminate the capabilities and limitations of equipment operating, or failing, in the physical world.

This expert's training and experience with hundreds of incidents involving failures, mis-designs, and malfunctions allows this expert to understand and analyze the "next new thing" -- from smartphones to the smart grid -- accurately and efficiently.

This expert has contributed to a variety of legal matters all based on electrical equipment and electronic computing and controls technology including: electric shock, electrical wiring, electrical fire and lightning damage, audio and video recording, radio broadcasting, traffic radar and lidar, electronic control circuitry, cellular phone localization, electronic surveillance, consumer electronics capabilities, automobile control systems, radio and telephone communication, electrical accidents, and industrial machinery.  This expert has been deposed 30 times and testified in state and federal courts 30 times (different cases).

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Expert Witness #259822

This expert holds a B.S. through Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering & Materials Science and has a history in the Automotive Industry. This expert leads a highly successful and well-respected consultancy providing support to intellectual property litigation in the automotive electronics field.

This expert spent most of this expert's career specializing in Automotive Electronics Systems and Electric Vehicle hardware design and manufacturing, and served as Department Head of Advanced Instrumentation and Display, Director of all Advanced Development and Systems Integration, Vice President of Engineering Design and release of product designs for the Asia/Pacific market, and Managing Director of a Multi-Media Product and Systems product line. This expert has consulting experience working for Tier One (supplying directly to a vehicle manufacturer) and Tier Two (supplying to a Tier One) engaged in automotive electronic device and systems design for the North American market but with the primary supplier client-based in Asia/Pacific, North America, or Europe.

-  In almost all of these design projects this expert had to be aware of both the radiation that these new products emanated across the electromagnetic spectrum and also the potential effect of radiation that impinged on these products/systems coming from other electronic devices/products/systems in or around the vehicle in question.
-  Mechanisms to deal with EMI covered the normal and typical wide range of solutions including: solutions on board circuit board designs, system shielding in wiring of various sorts, and shielding in wrap-around metal boxes for various subsystem boxes with electronic products contained therein.
-  The product/systems range that this expert dealt with included audio systems, infotainment (e.g. including navigation) systems, telematics systems including analog and digital telephony, instrumentation systems and displays in front of the driver and along the car midline between the driver and passenger, many safety products and systems including stability control, air bag, anti-skid braking, forward looking object detection/warning/avoidance systems (lasers and optical systems), tire pressure monitors, engine and transmission control systems, electric vehicle electronic systems, etc.

This expert has extensive expert witness experience. This expert has worked for both Defendants (60%) & Plaintiffs (40%), and experience with IPRs, PGRs, and in District Court. This expert has taken on 19 expert cases, 9 w/one or more IPRs/PGRs, worked with 23 different law firms, performed prior art searches, authored dozens of written declarations and reports, and provided 10 Depositions/Testimony.

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Expert Witness #257934

This expert's multidisciplinary expertise and many years of broad technical experience cross-cuts fields of electrical engineering, optics, materials engineering, and physical sciences. From an electrical engineering perspective, this expert has extensive experience in solar cells, light-emitting diodes and displays, capacitors, memories, transistors, sensors, and circuits. This expert's materials background includes organic and inorganic semiconductors, metals, nanomaterials, biomaterials, thin-films, and material interfaces. This expert specializes in device physics, materials and thin-film processing, device fabrication, improving functional performance, analyzing failures, and understanding process-structure-property-performance relationships across material, component, device, and system levels. This expert's characterization tool skill-set includes a wide range of electrical, optical, microscopic, and spectroscopic techniques.

Prior to becoming a consultant, this expert was a university professor as head of the Nano Architectonics and Organic Electronics Laboratory, and also worked a National Laboratory. During this period, this expert developed new materials processing approaches and optical architectures to improve efficiency of thin-film solar cells. This expert's photovoltaic material expertise includes conjugated polymers/molecules, cadmium telluride, perovskite, and silicon material systems. This expert also made multiple contributions in the area of defect characterization in semiconductor thin-films. Other key works include projects on titania based memory devices, optical and bio(chemical) sensors, organic thin-film transistors, organic light-emitting displays, and photonic components such as waveguides, anti-reflection coatings, transparent electrodes, and plasmonic structures. For characterization purposes, this expert has extensively utilized a wide range of electrical, optical, microscopic, and spectroscopic techniques. During doctoral studies, this expert worked with materials such as organic semiconductors, quantum dots, carbon nanotubes, nanotemplates, and biomolecules on developing functional hybrids and embodiments pertinent to consumer electronics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology.

This expert has assisted clients in developing metrology solutions for opto-electronic thin-films, investigating performance bottlenecks in solar cells, and characterizing new synthetic materials for consumer electronic device applications. This expert has also consulted for edtech clients and has experience teaching courses on electric circuits, semiconductor materials and devices, flexible electronics, and energy systems. This expert has published 50 peer-reviewed research articles in top international journals and presented work in major international conferences. This expert has received several awards and honors, including the nationally prestigious US National Science Foundation CAREER Award.

Most of this expert's consulting work is non-litigation failure and design, however, this expert is currently working as the testifying expert on an unrelated solar matter. This expert has written expert reports.

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Expert Witness #121557

This expert holds a Ph.D. in electronics engineering and control systems. This expert began work with encryption and cryptographic systems in the Air Force. This expert trained on and serviced a large range of military cryptographic systems. This expert developed an in-car video surveillance system for Advanced EDR. As part of the system this expert developed the cryptographic system for encrypting the video surveillance information which included video, time and date of incidences, GPS location data, and other related incident information. The purpose of encrypting the information was to prevent tampering with the surveillance information. This expert has extensive experience as an expert witness in several cases involving encryption in database technology. This expert successfully reverse engineered several database products that used encryption, working successfully with the client and legal team on the related infringement cases. This expert is working on another matter that involves video surveillance systems which use various forms of encryption to ensure evidence is not tampered with. The named inventor on six U.S. patents, this expert has provided testimony at deposition and trial.

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Expert Witness #226782

This expert is the principal of a successful computer consulting firm with extensive experience in innumerable aspects of technology, interfaces, products and systems, primarily for consumer electronics. Among this expert’s areas of specialty is USB technologies. This expert has been a software developer, project lead, industry analyst, seminar leader, technical marketer and technical writer. This expert has participated in over 80 conferences and industry events as a speaker, session chair, conference chair and conference advisory board member.

This expert has been retained as an expert witness and/or expert consultant in nearly one hundred engagements, including IPRs, involving patent, trade secret, copyright and patent portfolio reviews. This expert has written in excess of 30 expert reports, been deposed 21 times and has testified at trial eight times. Several of these have dealt with USB technologies. This expert has studied the USB specs extensively, and has performed USB bus analysis re: state transitions and bus operation. This expert has also performed product teardowns of various consumer electronics devices to study bus and circuit operation.

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Expert Witness #250772

This expert is Director of the Advanced Vehicle Systems Research Program at a research university. This expert is an expert in automotive drivetrain technology and extensively studies, publishes and teaches on oscillation, vibration and flexure of drivetrains. This expert's primary focus is on electrical and mechanical systems including imbalance issues, and the attendant noise and vibrations that occur, specifically the dynamics and analysis of mechanical vibrations on rotating and linear devices. This expert is a member of the society of Automotive engineers (SAE) and is a registered Professional Engineer. This expert has experience as an expert witness, having testified approximately a dozen times in court, and providing upwards of twenty depositions, primarily in patent matters.

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Expert Witness #259867

This expert has many years of experience with control systems for electromechanical and mechatronic systems for a variety of applications, including robotics, industrial machines, and industrial processes. This expert’s experience encompasses embedded systems, microcontrollers, microprocessors, sensors, actuators, electronics, systems, algorithms, software, firmware, robotics, mechatronics, vision processing, artificial intelligence, and control philosophy. This expert’s Ph.D. thesis was related to advanced control algorithms for electromechanical systems. This expert’s Master’s thesis was for improving automated performance of remotely controlled mobile robots, and related work included mechanical, electrical, sensor, and computer hardware modifications along with advanced algorithm development. As laboratory manager for a Center for Automation and Intelligent Systems Mechatronics laboratory, this expert’s responsibilities included developing and maintaining hardware and algorithms for various industrial and research robots.

This expert is a named inventor on eight U.S. patents. With specific testimony on robotic systems, this expert has provided expertise for intellectual property matters that addressed claim construction, patent infringement, patent validity, and trade secrets in various venues including Inter Partes Reviews, U.S. court trials for patents and trade secrets, International Trade Commission, and Markman - Claim Construction. This expert holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, and a Ph.D. (electrical engineering). This expert also holds an MBA.

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Expert Witness #266379

This expert has a background in electronics, software, and systems design. This expert’s career journey includes designing lab instrumentation, medical devices, smart battery systems, ultrasonic welding and cleaning, and semiconductors. This expert’s engineering consultancy worked in multiple industries with varied applications: including LED lighting, sensors and motor control, medical devices and consumer devices. Every job change has been an industry change: from lab instrumentation to medical devices, from ultrasonic plastics welding to smart batteries, from sensor design to semiconductors. This expert’s varied experiences and interests give a unique and valuable perspective on problem solving both technically and in business. This expert has spent most of a career in OEM product development, focused on embedded systems, experiencing the role of engineering in many different markets: from consumer electronics to industrial controls, from medical products to LED lighting, and much more. This expert is a named engineer on 5 patents and has done his masters work in Computer Science, holds a Six Sigma Black Belt, and is a certified Scrum Master.

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