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Programming expert witness candidates typically have extensive experience in computer sciencesoftware engineering, and/or computer forensics. The chosen expert may be a member of an industry organization such as the Association of Software Professionals (ASP), the Developers Alliance, or the IEEE Computer Society Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE). In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request a computer engineer or programmer with prior expert witness experience. 

Often, matters requiring programming expert witness services involve intellectual property, such as patent infringement litigation, software copyright or trade secret disputes. A computer programming expert could also be called in to consult on technical or implementation issues, which could require digital forensics work. Litigation support by a software expert could include computer software analysis, reverse engineering, an expert report, and expert testimony in the courtroom. In addition, clients may seek a software industry expert for pre-litigation consulting work. Leading litigation law firms call on Cahn Litigation Services to locate expert witnesses that can support software matters, including those involving programming. Whether the case involves:

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Programming Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Programming experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Programming landscape.

Expert Witness #238562

This expert is a Professional Engineer with Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Civil Engineering degrees and certificates. This expert has a good deal of ladder logic experience within the context of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Computer Numerical Controls (CNC). As Project Engineer at a Control Systems company, this expert had sole responsibility for designing, installing, programming and startup of CNC for manufacturing machine equipment, including selection of components, ladder logic programming, modification of machinery, and machine design. This included programming the parameters specific to the machine (speed of motion, range of motion, alarms, timers, custom self-checks, home programming, etc.) to make the machine "part program ready" for the custom programming done by each customer to produce the specific parts desired. As Project Engineer at a manufacturing company, this expert was engaged in the design, manufacture, installation and startup of robotic pick and place machinery, performing all engineering calculations necessary in the design of these robotic machines and programming the PLCs during the initial installation period. This expert has also dealt with the design and construction of industrial material handling systems, such as conveyors, piping systems, crane, monorails, robotics, PLCs, hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical controls. This expert holds two U.S. Patents and is working on two others. This expert has extensive expert witness experience having been deposed over 100 times and has testified in court ~15 times.

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Expert Witness #259075

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and currently serves as an Associate Professor of Computer Engineering. This expert's research interests are code generation and optimization, compilers, and the interaction between hardware and software. The main goal of this expert's research is to make programs run faster and use less resources. This expert is interested in all aspect of compiler optimizations and transformations, both statically and dynamically. This expert specializes in code generation techniques that combine machine learning and architectural models to automatically deliver higher quality code, as well as compilers for non-traditional executing engines, such as SAT solvers and virtual machines.

This expert has conducted research in the area of GPUs for many years. This expert's research covers several key aspects of GPU programming, including software development, code optimization, architecture and system software. This expert has published over 20 papers on GPU programming, and received two equipment grants to support his research.  

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Expert Witness #259086

This expert holds a PhD in Computer Science and serves as a full Professor of Computer Science. Research interests include:

-  processor architecture design and optimization
-  speculative execution, profile-guided optimization
-  finding and exploiting instruction-level parallelism

This expert has experience in both the programming and microarchitecture of GPUs. As part of this expert's teaching load, this expert instructs students on both GPU programming and GPU design. This expert covers CUDA in one of the undergraduate classes. This expert taught classes on parallel programming which included GPU programming (CUDA). Further, this expert uses GPU architecture in undergraduate architecture class as an example of a SIMD architecture. Many of this expert's previous consulting assignments have involved GPUs.  

This expert does have extensive litigation experience having written numerous detailed expert reports on infringement, non-infringement, validity, and invalidity, and constructed patent claim charts. This expert has also written declarations in support of various matters. Further, this expert has analyzed and traced a variety of source code (both hardware RTL and software source code) to map infringement as part of numerous source code reviews on very large repositories of code; deciphered decades-old designs from schematics and microcode; investigated products and systems; preformed profile and tear down of a variety of software and hardware systems, and architectural simulation of patented designs.   This expert has:

-  Testified at trial in the ITC
-  Testified at district court
-  Testified at an arbitration
-  Deposed in thirteen different matters
-  Presented Markman tutorials

This expert also has an excellent track record of collaboration with attorneys in helping to educate them on technical details.

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Expert Witness #222853

This expert has extensive experience with switches, Link Aggregation groups and failover techniques/algorithms. This expert understands the functions that occur at all networking layers from working in a networking hardware development group and then a networking architecture group developing new protocols and participating in the international standards organizations. In addition, this expert has a number of patents related to networking technologies.

This expert’s experience includes being a network architect and working within the standards bodies to develop the protocols. Among the standards groups this expert participated in were the ANSI standards, IEEE (802.11 – WiFi), DOCSIS (Cable TV data), and the International Standards Organization (ISO). This expert holds several patents associated with various networking protocols, devices, and programming.

This expert is a skilled engineer that has designed integrated circuits, circuit boards, and systems combining the elements to implement the desired functions. Among this expert’s designs is a high-speed packet switch that implemented connections and processing for a wide variety of networking protocols. This expert is proficient in 13 programming languages, has done code inspections for clients, and understand the trade-offs between hardware and software.

No stranger to the litigation process, as an expert witness this expert has been deposed and testified at trial in several large patent infringement suits and has also participated in several IPRs.

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Expert Witness #222723

This expert holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. This expert serves as CTO of highly successful technology consultancy specializing in technology IP and expert witness in such areas as telecommunications, wireless networks, and signal processing. This expert provides world-class expertise and experience working with leading law firms, expert witness services, patent analysis, prior art search, source code review, hardware review, patent infringement, patent invalidity, trade secret disputes, and related matters. This expert has many years and 30 cases of experience as an expert witness. This expert has been deposed 14 times, testified 4 times in Jury trial and 2 times in ITC trial, worked on Inter-Partes Review (IPR) and Ex Parte Reexamination petitions, and wrote numerous reports.

Specializing in Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Speech Coding and transmission, this expert has developed associated algorithms and software products, as well as hardware and software related services for the past 31 years. This expert is very familiar with most if not all speech coding techniques for various applications.

As a part of continuous self-education and research interests, which includes the evaluation of emerging standards and technologies, this expert has performed extensive research on the subject of location measurement (including triangulation) in wireless and cellular networks, including Uplink -Time Difference of Arrival (U-TDOA), Time of Arrival, Time Difference of Arrival, and Angle of Arrival (AOA) methods. This includes various DSP techniques for resolving ambiguity in signal detection, as well as closed-form solutions and the probabilistic estimation and recursive algorithms such as Least Mean Squares (LMS), Recursive Least Squares (RLS), and Kalman filtering.

This expert has performed extensive learning and research of the subject of GPS and location measurement (including triangulation), dynamic programming, recursive algorithms, computer graphics algorithms, numerous industry standards including telephony networks, traffic messaging, databases and web programming languages. This expert is highly familiar with 3GPP GPS and location measurement, protocols, channels, and LBS standards.

- This expert's experience and training have included substantial exposure to the field of Geographic Information Systems. For example, this expert worked for an army to develop improved navigation methods using topographical maps, aerial photos of geographic areas and three-dimensional derivations of aerial photos.
- This expert developed an iterative algorithm, based on dynamic programming, for searching for the best route on a time grid, that was used to warp waveforms, as part of this project of implementing a time-warping speech recognition system. Each such route, or time-warping function, was associated with a cost function that was minimized through the search process yielding the optimal route or warping function.

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Expert Witness #259373

During many years as a university professor, this expert taught many classes in User Interface Design and related areas, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. All of these were courses that this expert both introduced and developed. These courses addressed specifically GUI, Gesture-based input, and Conversational user interfaces. In addition to these specialty courses, this expert also taught courses on Object Oriented Programming, Applications Programming, and Operating Systems (among others). These courses covered topics including Database queries and Client/server communications architectures. In addition this expert consulted with companies during his academic career, providing GUI design and development services. This expert's research work and work with graduate students in Visual Languages and End User Programming included a significant aspect of user interface design.

This expert has been providing expert witness and consultant services in support of intellectual property litigation relating to computer software and hardware for many years. The cases worked on span a wide and diverse range of application areas including as video games, medical equipment, automotive technologies and cellular telephones. This expert is particularly adept at taking large, complex bodies of source code, quickly and accurately forming an in-depth understanding of the operation of the systems, and then determining the relationships between the systems and the claims of relevant patents (in the case of patent litigation), or between the systems and other systems (in the case of trade secret or copyright litigation). This expert has been involved in analysis and report writing with respect to both validity and infringement, been deposed in eleven matters, and testified at trial in three cases. In one particularly large case this expert worked closely with six other experts and served as liaison between the attorneys and the other experts, helping each group to understand the constraints and requirements of the other.

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Expert Witness #218702

This expert has many years of development and operations experience in high technology companies. This expert has made hands-on technical contributions to numerous business software application development efforts. This expert’s knowledge and experience extends over three principal areas: (1) Architecture and design of complex web-server and client-server business software systems, (2) detailed design and coding techniques for business software applications, and (3) software project management and development contracts. This expert’s detailed programming knowledge encompasses Java, C, C++, ASP, Python and Visual Basic languages, as well as assembly language for Intel and 68K microprocessors and real-time DSP applications. This expert has also managed programming teams that created applications for mainframes. This expert’s networking experience includes TCP/IP router development for Ethernet LAN's, fiber optic links, and wide area networks. This expert has managed many client-server and web-based ERP business solutions projects for Financial, Inventory, Order Entry, Shipping, Supply Chain and Manufacturing core modules. This expert has worked on semiconductor manufacturing systems involving yield prediction and supply chain management using statistical forecasting. This expert has direct experience with Oracle 8.05, 8i and 9i as well as SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000 for both transactional and data warehouse systems. This expert has also held responsibilities for internal network operation, intranet, and public access web server IT functions in several corporations. In this role this expert gained a detailed understanding of security issues such as SSL, user authentication, network security, firewalls, hacking countermeasures. This expert is also knowledgeable about email servers, backup and restore procedures, and service level agreements for customer-outsourced data in ASP systems.

This expert holds a B.S. degree with 1st Class Honors, an MSEE, and a Ph.D. also in Electrical Engineering. This expert has extensive litigation experience including deposition and courtroom testimony, claim construction for Markman hearings, infringement and validity rebuttal reports in support of plaintiffs, as well as numerous non-infringement and invalidity reports on behalf of defendants.   

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