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Mechanical engineering expert witness candidates are typically licensed professional engineers with extensive experience and an advanced degree (e.g., a PhD) in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, civil engineering, metallurgical engineering, structural engineering, biomechanics, automotive engineering, and/or human factors.

An expert in mechanical engineering could provide expertise in intellectual property matters, including patent infringement or a trade secret dispute. It could be an Inter Partes Review (IPR) in the PTAB (where the only expert testimony is through a deposition), or a patent case or proceeding in the International Trade Commission (ITC). A mechanical engineer might provide expert opinion in a matter such as a product liability case, accident investigation, breach of contract, or provide testimony in a personal injury case. Litigation support could include expert witness services such as expert report preparation, failure analysis, design defect analysis, accident reconstruction, forensic engineering, and expert witness testimony in the courtroom. A law firm may request a biomechanical or mechanical engineer for pre-litigation consulting services.

Cahn Litigation Services is frequently called upon by law firms to locate an expert witness that can support litigation issues that require engineering services and expertise. Cahn Litigation Services has many years of experience, and has completed numerous searches for an expert witness, providing candidates for each case to the specifications provided by the attorney in charge. Mechanical engineering matters encompass a vast range of disciplines. Representative matters where Cahn Litigation Services has searched for experts include:

The firm has an earned reputation for providing candidates with the right balance of technical expertise and testimony for the job at hand.

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Mechanical Engineering Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Mechanical Engineering experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Mechanical Engineering landscape.

Expert Witness #256094

This expert received B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Metallurgical Engineering. This expert is a Professor Emeritus, Department of Materials Science and Engineering. This expert is a member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and Fellow of five professional societies in materials engineering, mechanical engineering, and automotive engineering: TMS, ASM International, ASME, SAE, and AIME. This expert was a Staff Research Scientist where this expert specialized in sheet metal forming, including dies and tools, sheet metal properties, measurement of mechanical properties, at metal plasticity. This expert continued work in those areas and added in finite element modeling of metal forming operations, steel and aluminum properties and grades, springback, friction and wear, and fundamental properties related to those applied phenomena. This expert's research work and publications are approximately half in metallurgy/materials and half in mechanical engineering. This expert has taught courses, both graduate and undergraduate, on materials, material properties, mechanical testing, metal plasticity, and other related topics. This expert's group performs a variety of research related to large-strain deformation, dislocation mechanisms, forming, finite element modeling and new experimental methods. This expert is the author of more than 300 technical articles, 2 proceedings volumes, 2 combined proceedings and authored books, and 2 text books in these areas. This expert has presented over 100 international and invited papers, and has advised 24 masters theses and 29 doctoral dissertations. This expert serves as a consultant to industry with regard to mechanical and materials engineering, particularly regarding die forming, sheet materials, and their automotive applications.

This expert has extensive expert witness experience including report writing, over a dozen depositions and four occasions of courtroom testimony. This expert has specialized consulting in intellectual property litigation, but not exclusively. This expert's work is generally in metallurgical and/or mechanical engineering, including sheet metal forming, metal processing, welding equipment design, and automotive component design and manufacturing.

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Expert Witness #231361

This expert is a licensed professional engineer and expert witness who holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. This expert has many years of professional experience in mechanical engineering, consumer product design, research and development, forensic investigation and litigation support. Additionally, this expert holds over twenty patents.

Prior to focusing on work as a forensic mechanical engineer and serving as an expert witness, this expert led an accomplished engineering career designing and developing innovative mechanical components and high-pressure equipment and conducting failure analyses over a broad variety of situations, most of which led to patents. This included designing and developing high-volume machined metal and injection-molded plastic parts, low-pressure seals, springs and stampings as well as manufacturing processes for composites, plastics and adhesive bonding. Working in research and development for major corporations in the aeronautical, petroleum, fluid power and automotive industries, as well as serving for over a decade as a forensic expert witness, this expert draws on a comprehensive background of diverse engineering experience to assist clients with cases involving evaluations of consumer products and commercial, industrial and agricultural equipment for products liability issues and patent disputes, including significant deposition and courtroom testimony experience.

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Expert Witness #251086

This expert is President, CEO and Principal Engineer for a highly sought-after engineering consultancy. A Graduate Mechanical Engineer with many years of professional, domestic and international engineering system design & material defect analysis experience, this expert has been called upon to examine and investigate numerous design, fabrication and operational issues related to various processes being performed, items being fabricated and parts being produced in volumes and at rapid rates. These have included the designing and overseeing of the installation of 83 brand new production lines of machinery and equipment for the production of diapers and various feminine hygiene products. Additionally, this expert has investigated the assembly line and product defect failures associated with juice packet spout application failures which caused excessive product leakage and large storage issues. Such design and product assembly processes relied heavily on photoelectric cells, high speed counters, adjustable guideways and multiple mechanical assemblies that directed parts into specific positions in order to be mated up with other components all at excessively high speeds. These efforts ranged from the insert of the raw materials to the folded or packaged finished product ready for shipment. Over the course of this expert's years of design, fabrication, construction and project management work combined with years of mechanical investigation and testing experience, this expert has centered work around mechanical system and material component analyses. Retained by both national and international insurance organizations, plaintiff and defense law firms and private industry to perform mechanical equipment assessments and causation evaluations, this expert has extensive prior litigation history including deposition and courtroom testimony.

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Expert Witness #210598

This expert, besides being a Full-Professor of mechanical engineering, has performed engineering analysis and provided expert witness testimony and consulting, including validity/invalidity arguments in patent infringement litigation, in the areas of Mechanical Design, Stress Analysis and Materials. The focus of this expert's graduate research was on vessels (read pipes) under high pressure and flanges (read couplings) to join the vessels. This expert has also been involved in cases involving various types of piping as well as the failure of clamps and couplings used for connecting piping under internal pressure. As a Professor of Mechanical Engineering with specialization in the areas of design, materials science, and failure analysis, this expert teaches concepts needed for design of couplings.

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Expert Witness #218101

This expert is a Registered Professional Engineer with many years of experience in the biotechnology field. This expert holds PhD and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering, is an ASME Fellow, and an IEEE Senior Member. This expert is also a member of ASM International (the Materials Information Society) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). Currently, this expert is the Principal and Founder of an engineering consulting firm that focuses on providing support for early stage medical device and technology companies. Specializing in mechanical engineering design and behavior of biomedical devices, shape memory metals, bio-absorbable polymers and MEMs, this expert consults actively in these areas, as well as in failure analysis and reliability. This expert has extensive experience in the use of finite element analysis and simulation of structures, heat transfer, fluid flow and Mechanical Design for Reliability. This expert led the design and development of diagnostic and therapeutic devices, and has skills honed in researching and analyzing IP and competing technologies.

This expert has direct experience with implantable, cardiovascular stents, with early work related to finite element analysis and fatigue life prediction as part of the client company's FDA IDE submission. Early projects were generally balloon expandable coronary stents and the analysis went through the steps of roll-down from the as-manufactured geometry, balloon expansion, balloon deflation, and coronary cyclic pressure fluctuations. This expert also worked with self-expanding stents. Other projects involved devices such as stent-grafts for AAA application and stents for other applications such as renal, etc. Failure analysis projects involving stents came along periodically with issues such as fatigue failures during life testing, corrosion, or other metallurgical issues. Litigation projects involving stents followed. The cases were generally patent matters involving various aspects of stent technology and design. This expert has served as a testifying expert witness in medical device patent litigation and has provided deposition and trial testimony for a total of 18 IP cases, 7 IP Depositions (>20 depositions total), 1 IP Trial (4 Trials all together), and 7 IPR Declarations. This expert has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the Mechanical Engineering Department at a prestigious universities, including courses on Materials, Manufacturing, and Mechanical Design.

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Expert Witness #239669

This expert is a highly educated mechanical/textile engineer with experience in industry and academia. This expert holds a Bachelor of Textile Engineering, a Master of Science in Textile Technology, and a Doctor of Science in the field of mechanical engineering. This expert has been a faculty member of a School of Textile Engineering, a senior engineering researcher, Dean of Engineering and Textiles, Executive Dean for Research and was Dean for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This expert currently is Professor of Engineering and Director for Undergraduate Affairs in a College of Engineering.

This expert was a Principal Investigator for a military Laboratory for Engineered Human Protection where this expert led a research team in the development of a new class of chemical protective garments for soldiers. This expert testified to the US Senate Subcommittee of Consumer Protection, Product safety and Insurance on the subject of apparel product safety. This expert established an Institute for Textile and Apparel Product Safety, a Biomedical Textile Structures Laboratory, and a Composites Institute for Education and Research.

-  As textile researcher this expert conducted research on structures made from aramid fibers.
-  This expert currently serves as Senior Associate Dean of Engineering and Professor of Mechanical Engineering and has taught courses in engineering design.
-  This expert has 13 US patents dealing with a wide range of textile structures and manufacturing.
-  This expert is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and a Fellow of the Textile Institute.
-  This expert has many years of experience serving as an expert witness in a wide range of litigation involving textiles, including on bullet proof ballistic vests.

This expert has extensive expert witness experience in all phases of patent litigation, including IPR, and is in very high demand.

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Expert Witness #235054

This expert is an independent mechanical engineering consultant, expert witness and Professional Engineer. This expert has a Ph.D. in Mechanical engineering and an MS in Manufacturing Systems engineering, as it applies to the automotive industry. For many years this expert has served on the adjunct faculties of universities and a college. This expert is well-published in automotive and machining subject matter, and is a frequent presenter at symposia, professional development seminars, and at industry conferences. This expert has testified five times at trial and participated in over 30 depositions.

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Expert Witness #262302

This expert has experience with many types of fasteners, and has taught mechanical engineering for many years. This expert has consulted in hundreds of cases related to mechanical engineering, has testified in approximately 500 depositions, and about 150 times in state and federal courts. Several dozen cases have involved issues of intellectual property such as patent infringement, trademark, trade dress and trade secret where electromechanical inventions and products are involved. Much of this expert's patent opinions have been in the consumer product space. This expert has consulted with government agencies in engineering research and with private industry in product design and analysis. This expert holds Ph.D. and M.S. in Engineering Mechanics.

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Expert Witness #266094

This expert is currently a professor in a department of mechanical engineering. This expert has taught and designed lifting mechanical mechanisms for many years. This expert has been involved in many in patent infringement, patent invalidity and product liability matters, and is a Licensed Professional Engineer and Certified Manufacturing Engineer. This expert is a named inventor on 20 patents, and is well-published. This expert has over 100 presentations at major conferences and over 30 invited presentations at conferences and universities. This expert received a postdoctoral degree in Applied Mechanics, as well as a PhD in Mechanics, and M.S. and B.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering.

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Expert Witness #248180

This expert holds a PhD in Precision & Microsystems Engineering, Mechatronic System Design and serves as Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and of Optics. Specializing in machine design, instrumentation and metrology, particularly surrounding opto-mechanical machines/instruments and machines for manufacturing, this expert is published widely on surround custom instruments & systems that have been built and qualified for research purposes. Additionally, this expert teaches elements of machine design for manufacturing. In addition to academic experience, this expert has worked in the industry for an optics manufacturing equipment company. This expert has served as an expert in litigation.

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