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Animatronics expert witness candidates typically have specific knowledge and expertise in mechatronics systems, computer graphics, mechanical engineering, and/or robotics engineering. To locate expert witnesses that can support animatronic technology matters, law firms regularly call on Cahn Litigation Services.

Litigation support by an animatronics specialist could include expert report, expert opinion, and testimony in court. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, counsel may request a testifying expert with prior expert witness experience. An expert witness needs to not only have expertise, an expert witness must possess the ability to explain technology and evidence to lay people, such as a jury. In addition, clients may seek an industry expert for pre-litigation consulting work.

Though animatronic figures have been around for decades, classic movies like Jurassic Park and Star Wars are ground breaking examples of modern animatronics. Amusement parks have used animatronic characters for years. These characters – dinosaur, elephant, robotic pets, Halloween zombie, zoo animals – come to life thanks to animatronics and the experts that create them. Animatronics integrates puppetry, anatomy and mechatronics, and these special effects figures can be controlled by computers and humans. A motion sensor can trigger movement by an animatronic creature, and this type of technology is often found at a theme park.

Often, matters requiring animatronic technology expert witness services involve copyright, patent infringement, trade secret disputes, and forensic animation.

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Animatronics Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Animatronics experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Animatronics landscape.

Expert Witness #256699

This expert has a Masters in Design and a PhD in engineering with course work that spanned product design, safety, industrial systems design, robotics, kinematics and mechanical engineering. This expert's expert witness experience includes intellectual property (patents, trade secrets and trade dress), product design, product liability and mechanical failure analysis, manufacturing system failure, safety analysis, and automotive and motorcycle system failures. This expert is a recognized artist, award winning producer, interior designer, author of a robotics text, journal and conference papers that include automation systems, alternative fuels and automotive engine design, a racing car engine researcher and designer, and the holder of six US patents that include alternative automotive fuels and furniture design. This expert is an Associate Professor in departments of industrial engineering and management systems and in a school of visual arts and design.

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Expert Witness #260937

This expert is a Chair of Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering. This expert was a Distinguished Professor of Computer Science. This expert has published more than 480 papers in the leading conferences and journals in computer graphics, robotics, computational geometry, databases, multimedia, high performance computing and symbolic computation, and received 16 best paper and time of test awards. This expert has also served as a program committee member or program chair of more than 120 leading conferences in these areas. Moreover, this expert has given more than 110 invited or keynote talks at conferences and distinguished lectures at other institutions. This expert has served as a member of the editorial board or guest editor of leading journals in computer graphics, robotics, geometry processing and scientific computing. This expert has won many awards and is a Fellow of ACM, AAAS, AAAI, and IEEE. This expert is a member of SIGGRAPH Academy, and Pioneer of Solid Modeling Association.

This expert has supervised 40 Ph.D. students. This expert's research group has developed many well-known software packages for collision detection, triangulation, GPU-based algorithms, multi-agent simulation, texture compression, solid modeling, solving algebraic systems, etc. These packages have been downloaded by more than 200,000 users worldwide and licensed to more than 60 industrial organizations. This expert's group has actively collaborated with many industrial organizations.

This expert was a co-founder of a developer of physics-based audio simulation technologies.

This expert has filed 12 patents (and granted 9) based on research. This expert has served as an expert witness on many patent infringement and class action lawsuits. This expert has written many expert reports related to patent invalidity and patent infringement and has been deposed a few times.

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