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Construction engineering expert witness candidates typically have engineering experience in construction management, construction safety, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, earthquake engineering, traffic engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and/or structural design. The expert witness chosen could be a member of an industry organization such as the the American Institute of Constructors (AIC), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA), the Construction Industry Institute (CII), or the International Structural Engineering and Construction Society (ISEC). In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request a construction engineering professional with prior expert witness testimony experience.  Construction engineering encompasses the design, planning, construction and management of infrastructures (i.e., roads, bridges, airports, railroads, buildings, dams). Cahn Litigation Services has been approached by numerous clients to locate expert witnesses that can support construction engineering matters. Example matters include:

Litigation support by a construction engineering expert witness could include failure analysis, structural investigation and condition assessment, forensic engineering, an expert report, expert opinion, deposition testimony, and courtroom testimony. In addition, clients may seek a civil engineer or structural engineer for pre-litigation expert consulting services. Whether the case involves a construction defect, accident reconstruction, or a structural failure, Cahn Litigation Services has the extensive experience required to turn a search for a construction expert around quickly.

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Construction Engineering Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Construction Engineering experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Construction Engineering landscape.

Expert Witness #261593

This expert is Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Computer Science, & Technology Entrepreneurship, Faculty Entrepreneurial Fellow, Excellence Faculty Fellow, and the director of a Real-time and Automated Monitoring and Control lab. This expert received a PhD degree in Civil Engineering and MS degree in Computer Science, MASc in Civil Engineering, and MS and BS in Civil Engineering.

This expert has worked with many national and international construction companies. This expert has several patents and is currently involved with start-up companies which were founded based on the outcomes of this expert's ongoing research projects.

This expert is CTO and founder of a construction software-as-a-service company that offers a visual command center for managing construction sites. This expert has many years of work experience in construction, virtual design and construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) and also the development of innovative software solutions related to BIM and VDC. This expert has more than 16 patents related to Reality Modeling in combination to BIM solutions.

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Expert Witness #261583

This expert serves as Associate Professor of Construction Science and previously held positions as Associate Professor of Construction Management, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering (Construction), and Assistant Professor of Construction Technology. This expert obtained a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (specializing in Construction Engineering and Management) and a M.Eng. degree in Construction Engineering and Management. This expert has several years of boots on the ground in the construction industry working as field engineer and quality inspector in projects ranging from commercial to high-rise buildings.

This expert's research has evolved over the past several years and encompass artificial intelligence (AI), adaptive simulation, and advanced sensing and visualization with applications in urban informatics, smart health and ergonomics, disaster resiliency, and safety and productivity. This expert's work includes grants for:

-  Transforming Teaching of Structural Analysis through Mobile Augmented Reality
-  Real-Time Feedback-Enabled Simulation Modeling of Dynamic Construction Processes
-  Engineering Research Center for AI in Construction (AI-Con)

This expert has conducted research on challenging problems faced by the construction industry including the design and development of one of the first full-scale mobile augmented reality (AR) apparatus capable of visualizing georeferenced construction processes in outdoor environments. This expert has designed and tested several AR applications for construction. This expert's research portfolio also includes state-of-the-art work in artificial intelligence (AI) with applications in the built environment, natural hazards mitigation, and human-technology partnership. This expert has authored 35 peer-reviewed journal articles, 5 books/book chapters, 52 refereed conference papers, 7 technical reports, and 24 poster/oral presentations. This expert has served on national committees associated with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

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Expert Witness #259486

This expert has many years of experience in engineering, construction, project management, and in cost/schedule analysis in the preparation and evaluation of contract claims on hundreds of projects across all market sectors.

This expert's project experience spans the building construction, power generation, transportation, industrial, manufacturing, environmental and infrastructure sectors. This expert has provided technical dispute resolution services in mediation, and expert testimony in arbitration, deposition, and court proceedings. This expert has served as an arbitrator in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as an independent, private, and American Arbitration Association arbitrator.

This expert has given seminar presentations on project management, claims management and CPM scheduling to various industry groups and law firms and has also been a guest lecturer.

This expert earned Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Master of Civil Engineering degrees, and is a licensed Professional Engineer. This expert is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Construction Management Association of America and an associate member of the American Bar Association Forum on the Construction Industry.

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Expert Witness #226340

This team is a group of seasoned construction professionals providing expert witness services. Their focus is on architectural, building, construction, design and engineering forensics. To ensure proper support, the group maintains an extensive library which includes historical building codes, industry standards, published construction cost estimating guides and a wide array of other necessary resources. Each Associate has real world experience in their respective specialties, and has experience in varied construction methods including traditional, prefab, modular and other processes. All have significant testimony experience in State and Federal Courts.

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Expert Witness #260892

This expert has many years integrating Architecture, Engineering and Construction into one single practice. This expert has hands-on experience with over 300 projects and has held directorships with two ENR (like Fortune 500) top 100 contracting firms focusing on design-build, and vertically integrated development. This expert has provided testimony in trials, arbitrations and international tribunals in over 75 complex construction matters. This expert lectures nationally at industry conferences on construction management issues for engineering and construction professionals.

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Expert Witness #257365

This expert is a Ph.D. in Engineering Materials and this expert's work in (specifically) concrete has provided extensive field-experience. This expert is currently President of a consulting firm that provides expertise in concrete production and performance. Previously this expert was Vice President Engineering for a concrete company and before that was a principal engineer with a construction engineering company where this expert had day-to-day responsibilities for the soils, asphalt, aggregate and concrete operations. This expert serves as an adjunct professor in the Construction Management Program at a State University.  This expert is a member of ASTM and the American Concrete Institute. This expert is a registered Professional Engineer. This expert has been an expert witness has experience with depositions and trial testimony.

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Expert Witness #259496

This expert is a Managing Director of a nationally-recognized consultancy. This expert is a management consultant to clients with concerns about all aspects of performance of major capital projects. This expert advises boards and executive management of clients involved with engineering and contracting projects in matters related to enterprise-wide and project risk management, project audit and internal audit, risk assessments, internal investigations, dispute resolution, valuation, business strategies, organizational performance and transformation, and similar critical business process assessments and improvement matters.

This expert has extensive experience as a consultant and expert witness in matters resulting from many types of contract disputes. This expert has performed special investigations in connection with attorney general allegations of fraud and other misconduct involving government agency staff. This expert has served as an expert in construction business practices in a matter involving a construction executive facing criminal prosecution for alleged fraudulent diversion of contract funds. This expert has testified as an expert in jury trials on behalf of owners, contractors, insurers, and others in federal district courts, state and local courts, and in arbitration and mediation venues nationwide. This expert has also provided expert advice to federal agencies.

This expert has served the construction industry for many years, having worked as a project engineer for the US Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), project manager for a major general contractor, marine contractor, utility contractor, and president of a general contracting company. This expert's career has progressed from hands-on construction and engineering field work to construction dispute resolution and management consulting. This expert has managed over two hundred consulting engagements.

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Expert Witness #259442

This expert has prepared and presented claims on behalf of general contractors and specialty contractors, and evaluated and refuted claims on behalf of owners, engineers and contractors.

This expert has had in-depth involvement in efficiently researching and analyzing facts relating to disputes and presenting them in a clear and concise manner. This expert's areas of expertise include critical path schedule analysis, time extension requests, labor productivity analysis, damages calculations and preparation of comprehensive reports. This expert has experience in mediation, arbitration and has provided various litigation support services. This expert has also provided formal presentations for Mediation Settlement Conferences in addition to expert testimony for deposition and trial. This expert's assignments have included projects associated with power generation, penal institutions, commercial facilities and transit systems.

This expert was a Project Architect for a architectural firm that specialized in the construction of public facilities. This expert was a Senior Associate for a construction claims consulting firm. This expert's experience there was the preparation and defense of construction claims related to commercial, industrial and public work projects. This expert also worked as a Project Architect for an architectural firm specializing in the design of commercial interiors and public facilities.

This expert received a B.S. in architectural technology, and a M.S. in civil engineering. This expert also received a J.D.

This expert has qualified as an expert and has provided lectures on the topic of construction claims.

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Expert Witness #260804

This expert is a land use / land planning expert with a particular focus on planned communities. Development and management of thousand-acre tracts requires specific expertise in mineral rights easements and leases, permitting, entitlement, use priority, and environmental sensitivity. This expert has specific experience in civil construction projects including roadways, well construction, pipeline laying, trench safety, and excavation. This expert provides technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony toward the resolution of commercial claims and personal injury litigation involving land planning, permitting, real estate acquisitions and development, construction practices, premises and construction site safety, civil engineering, and project management. This expert has expert witness experience.

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Expert Witness #255174

This expert earned a BS in construction engineering (Civil) and holds various certifications and licenses in Blasting, Explosives, and Seismographic Operations. This expert has been an independent consultant focused on controlled blasting techniques with specific experience in highway construction, municipal projects and commercial and private development site work. This expert has provided Litigation Support as an expert witness for cases in 11 states and brings experience as an estimator and Cost Engineer. This expert has been a subject matter presenter at industry conferences and holds membership in the International Society of Explosive Engineers.

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