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Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Accident Reconstruction experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Accident Reconstruction landscape.

Expert Witness #234032

This expert brings to the table many years of automotive industry and consulting experience in the design, development, testing, and analysis of domestic and foreign automotive products and components. This expert's experience gives a broad level of expertise, including the design, performance, testing, and manufacturing of vehicle body systems and components, energy absorbing frame elements, bumpers, roofs, closures (doors systems, hoods, trunk lids, folding tops), seats, trim and sealing systems. This expert has conducted and/or witnessed and analyzed the results from more than 200 full-scale vehicle crash tests in new product development, FMVSS and foreign certification, accident reconstruction validation, and research. This expert has also conducted numerous developmental and FMVSS certification tests on component-level items such as roofs, door beams and structures, door latches, door hinges, seat belt anchorages, and bumper systems.

This expert's experience with folding roof systems extends back many years when this expert was responsible for development and testing of a manual folding top system. This expert was responsible for the design and development of a luxury car manual folding top and a sports car manual folding top. This expert was contracted full-time as Director of Engineering to develop a power folding hardtop roof system. Sometime later, this expert was engaged as an expert in an IP matter involving the design of a folding roof system, including patent validity and infringement analyses and reports.

This expert has worked on several patent cases involving the design and function of mechanical systems on automotive products and vehicles.

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Expert Witness #255754

This expert holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and is a licensed registered Professional Engineer (PE). This expert brings to the table many years as a consultant, specializing in both the design and the forensics aspects of engineering design for consumer and industrial machine systems. As President of a highly sought-after consultancy, this expert provides on-site product testing and laboratory services as well as computer animation and simulation, accident reconstruction and safety audits.

This expert has prior litigation experience and has worked as an expert on patent matters. This includes the evaluation of pivoting/extendable/ expandable/telescoping devices. This expert was involved in the evaluation of patents on an extensible boom and traversing boom system for telescoping rough terrain lift trucks. This dispute focused on the method in which the extendable carriage system framework mechanism functioned. In forensic work, this expert has reviewed and researched hundreds of patents, and written reports regarding all sorts of pivoting and extendable mechanical devices, including rotating and extending dock levelers, extendable/telescoping ladder systems (household and truck mounted), extendable boom lift trucks, scissor lifts, etc.

In addition to work as a consultant, this expert serves as adjunct faculty. Through this expert's teaching experience, this expert has become adept and taking complicated mechanisms and devices and making them easy to understand for the lay person.

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Expert Witness #252122

This expert is a Mechanical Engineer, licensed Professional Engineer and member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and ASME. This expert has been qualified as an expert in vehicle engineering, crashworthiness, vehicle repair, and accident reconstruction, in State and Federal courts.

This expert occupied a variety of engineering positions with automobile manufacturers. This expert’s expertise covers a diverse body of work in all aspects of vehicle design and manufacture, from cradle to grave. This expert designed and engineered systems for vehicles before a single prototype had been built, tuned and validated systems on prototype vehicles, assisted the manufacturing plant to resolve manufacturing issues while building 300 -700 vehicles a day, and made improvements to enhance vehicle quality after the start of manufacture.

This expert was responsible for the design and engineering for a diesel fuel system. This included fuel tank design, filler tube, fuel supply and return lines, thermal management, and impact energy management. This expert ensured fuel system met FMVSS 301, Fuel System Integrity, to prevent post-impact fuel-fed fires, and addressed quality and reliability issues in current production parts. This expert designed and released future model parts, supported prototype builds, and planned and executed trips to test functionality in extreme climates. This expert was also responsible for quality enhancements to all products’ fuel systems.

In addition, this expert is the inventor on two (2) US Patents dealing with vehicle fuel tank design and engineering and is published in the field.

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