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Architectural engineering expert witness candidates are typically professional engineers with degrees in archetectural engineering and backgrounds and expertise in structural engineering, construction, and civil engineering. Cahn Litigation Services has been approached by numerous clients to locate expert witnesses, on behalf of either the plaintiff or defendant, that can support architectural engineering matters. Most often the expert witness chosen is member of industry organizations such as the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), American Institute of Architects (AIA), Illuminating Engineering Society (IENSA), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and/or the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

An architectural engineer uses scientific knowledge and technology to design buildings. The structural safety of buildings and the quality of the air inside of them are designed by architectural engineers. Architectural engineers work closely with architect teams, structural engineer teams, civil engineer teams, and construction teams, and are responsible for the overall planning, design, construction and operation, environmental systems (i.e., HVAC, plumbing, lighting, fire protection, acoustics), structural systems, and building materials.

Projects that require the expertise of an architectural engineer include building reconstruction, forensic engineering, or construction defect cases. Equipped with specialized knowledge of construction materials, industry standards, code compliance, waterproofing, corrosion, ventilation, mold, suspended ceilings, interior partitions and structural issues, architectural engineers are sought after for construction ethics issues, civil court litigation, contract disputes, product liability cases, warranty disputes, and related regulatory issues.

Litigation support by an architectural expert witness could include an expert report, expert opinion, deposition testimony, and courtroom testimony. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request an architectural engineer with prior expert witness testimony experience. In addition, clients may seek a qualified expert for pre-litigation consultant work.

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Architectural Engineering Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Architectural Engineering experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Architectural Engineering landscape.

Expert Witness #259442

This expert has prepared and presented claims on behalf of general contractors and specialty contractors, and evaluated and refuted claims on behalf of owners, engineers and contractors.

This expert has had in-depth involvement in efficiently researching and analyzing facts relating to disputes and presenting them in a clear and concise manner. This expert's areas of expertise include critical path schedule analysis, time extension requests, labor productivity analysis, damages calculations and preparation of comprehensive reports. This expert has experience in mediation, arbitration and has provided various litigation support services. This expert has also provided formal presentations for Mediation Settlement Conferences in addition to expert testimony for deposition and trial. This expert's assignments have included projects associated with power generation, penal institutions, commercial facilities and transit systems.

This expert was a Project Architect for a architectural firm that specialized in the construction of public facilities. This expert was a Senior Associate for a construction claims consulting firm. This expert's experience there was the preparation and defense of construction claims related to commercial, industrial and public work projects. This expert also worked as a Project Architect for an architectural firm specializing in the design of commercial interiors and public facilities.

This expert received a B.S. in architectural technology, and a M.S. in civil engineering. This expert also received a J.D.

This expert has qualified as an expert and has provided lectures on the topic of construction claims.

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Expert Witness #260955

This expert is an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. This expert is also CEO and Co-founder of a firm that developed a software platform that automatically enriches and integrates facility operations information such as maintenance records and building IoT with building information models (BIM) to produce a 3D interactive visual information hub that provides facility managers, helpdesk and field technicians with intuitive access to actionable information when they need it most. This expert's research uses modeling and artificial intelligence to help visualize building information with big data. This expert has many years of experiences in software development in this field.

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Expert Witness #226340

This team is a group of seasoned construction professionals providing expert witness services. Their focus is on architectural, building, construction, design and engineering forensics. To ensure proper support, the group maintains an extensive library which includes historical building codes, industry standards, published construction cost estimating guides and a wide array of other necessary resources. Each Associate has real world experience in their respective specialties, and has experience in varied construction methods including traditional, prefab, modular and other processes. All have significant testimony experience in State and Federal Courts.

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Expert Witness #255852

This expert is a licensed architect and general contractor. This expert's career in design and construction spans many years. Highly sought after for extensive experience renovating historic residential structures and deep expertise in construction standards for high-end and historic structures, this expert is an acknowledged expert in construction means and methodologies and has provided expert witness services and testimony for both plaintiff and defense.

This expert has a background in architecture and a love for 18th-century design. This expert has spent most of this expert's career developing luxury residences. Early in this expert's career, as a design/build practitioner, this expert worked on numerous high-end renovations.

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Expert Witness #255847

This expert is the Principal and Architect of Record at a firm specializing in renovation and historic adaptive reuse projects.

This expert has provided expert witness services including testimony in over 300 cases for both plaintiff and defense. Qualified to opine on both the construction and interior conditions this expert was retained on a historic residential hotel matter where this expert discovered that the winter season interior environment was too dry, causing the wood architectural finishes, doors, frames and moldings and the furniture to contract, breaking the finishes and glue joints causing these wood finishes and furniture to expand and break apart in the late spring and summer season when the interior environment was too humid.

This expert is working on two matters where luxury market homeowners were disappointed by the work of their "famous" architects and contractors.

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Expert Witness #260531

This expert is an AIA certified Architect with many years of architectural design and construction administration experience with all building types, including educational, medical, R&D, corporate, commercial, custom residential, multi-family housing, military and industrial projects. Emphasizing use of durable, low maintenance materials including stainless, copper, bronze, zinc, cement-fiber, plastics, composites, specialty sealants & industrial paints. This expert heads a building reconstruction and forensic investigation consultancy that provides visual inspection, intrusive testing, defect analysis, repair recommendations and forensic expert services for both plaintiff and defense parties. This expert brings to the table specialized knowledge of construction materials, industry standards, code compliance, waterproofing, vapor transmission, exterior finishes, corrosion, condensation, ventilation, mold, wood rot, suspended ceilings, interior partitions, and structural issues. This expert's experience includes thousands of visual inspections and hundreds of intrusive tests for construction defect cases, including institutional, commercial and retail structures, housing developments and private homes. This expert also provides reconstruction design, details and specifications focused on solving complex construction problems and developing effective repairs for commercial and institutional buildings.

This expert has served as a third-party neutral construction expert for mediators, arbitrators and courts, and retained jointly by both plaintiff and defense parties. Specializing in complex construction disputes where resolution can be facilitated through clarification of technical issues and extensive case documents. Experience includes complex, multi-party commercial and institutional cases.

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