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Oil and gas expert witness candidates are typically have extensive experience in gas pipelines, energy strategy, safety engineering, energy pricing, chemical engineering, drilling, crude oil, natural gas, renewable energy, and/or a background in the petroleum industry or at an oil company. The chosen expert witness chosen could be actively involved with an industry organization such the American Society of Gas Engineers (ASGS), Natural Gas Council, the US Oil & Gas Association, the American Gas Association (AGA), Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE), and/or the Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA). 

Oil and gas experts are often sought after for cases involving product liability, failure analysis project, environmental issues, intellectual property disputes, contract disputes, catastrophic incidents, natural gas regulatory matters, and assisting investigators with an accident investigation. Expert witness services by an oil and gas expert could include arbitration, forensic engineering, deposition, an expert report, expert opinion, asset valuation, expert testimony, and courtroom. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request an expert with prior expert witness testimony experience. In addition, clients may seek a professional engineer or petroleum industry expert for pre-litigation consulting work.

Cahn Litigation Services has years of experience locating expert witnesses, on behalf of either the plaintiff or defendant, that can support oil and gas matters. Representative matters that Cahn Litigation Services has sourced expert witnesses for include:

Cahn Litigation has the experience to turn a search for an expert witness around quickly. The firm has an earned reputation for providing candidates suited to each unique project.

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Oil and Gas Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Oil and Gas experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Oil and Gas landscape.

Expert Witness #261156

This expert is a partner in a law firm and an experienced oil and gas litigator. This expert earned a JD and is Board Certified in Oil and Gas. This expert is involved in the Oil, Gas and Energy Resources Law Section of a State Bar. This expert is involved in an Oil and Gas Pattern Jury Charge Committee. This expert has authored and presented numerous papers at industry and legal conferences, establishing this expert as an authority in mineral rights/land use issues as they pertain specifically to oil and gas.

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Expert Witness #252303

This expert has a Ph.D. and is a gas and oil engineer and expert witness with hands-on industry experience with large industry players. A former full professor of oil and gas engineering, this expert was department head of three departments of Petroleum and Geological Engineering during this expert's tenure. This expert holds multiple patents and is well published. This expert has significant experience as an expert witness in Fracking and other cases involving oil and gas engineering.

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Expert Witness #266784

For multiple clients this expert has headed up oil and gas related projects including electrification of fields which involves converting them from gas lift, engine driven beam pumps, or other internal combustion engine driven equipment, to ASD driven electrical equipment. This expert was the Manager of Electric Infrastructure for a large, independent oil and gas producer where this expert constructed and maintained hundreds of miles of overhead lines serving exploration and production equipment. The majority of the equipment were large electric motors being driven by adjustable speed drives (ASDs), similar to what is used in electric fracking systems. This expert is heavily involved in the IEEE Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee (PCIC). This committee is responsible for IEEE standards projects involving electrification and electrical systems in the oil and gas industry. Many of these standards revolve around the interface of electrical motors and ASDs in the oil and gas industry. This expert has published five books, six magazine articles and over 40 other technical papers and articles. This expert has been involved in several hundred litigation related matters. This expert received a PhD in Engineering Management, along with a B.S. in electrical engineering, and a M.E. in Technology Management.

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Expert Witness #261284

This expert began a career in the oil and gas industry, where this expert worked as an Engineer in the Materials Technology Group diagnosing corrosion and water treating issues in upstream production facilities. This expert then became a plant engineer at a large gas processing facility, where this expert was responsible for the support of various gas processing units and gas compression facilities.

This expert worked as a Process Engineer in the Process Engineering Division. This expert developed conceptual designs for onshore production facilities and pipelines to process and transport high paraffin crude oil in arctic environments. This expert was assigned to a subsidiary where this expert performed general process troubleshooting and optimization, technical service work, and project economic analysis for offshore platforms.

This expert then moved to an assignment as Process Engineer on the gas offtake team, responsible for evaluating alternatives for transporting and processing gas. This expert was responsible for performance testing equipment, evaluating expansion projects and performing a rebuild on a fire-damaged offshore platform. This expert provided technical and project support to evaluate asset acquisition opportunities. This expert was responsible for leading a multi-discipline engineering team through the detailed engineering and construction phases of the project.

This expert became the Leader of New Developments, where this expert was responsible for providing concept selection and economic evaluation of all major projects. As part of this effort, this expert and team developed the Development and Production plans and worked closely with various governmental bodies and partner organizations to obtain approvals for these plans and for developing Field Development Plans. This expert became Project Manager for a multi-platform shallow water oil field development. This expert was responsible for leading a team through concept selection, pre-project planning, and scoping and bidding of the Front-End Engineering Design contract.

This expert implemented industry-standard project Front End Loading principles, practices and discipline to the asset by mandating the use of standard designs and a competitive bidding process to reduce costs. This expert developed contracting strategy to reduce costs and execution cycle time while leveraging company resources to maximum benefit, and instituted procedures to ensure safety and integrity of new facilities, and incorporated procurement and planning into the team.

This expert was responsible for completing construction and the start-up of a major gas plant designed to recover methane and helium from a high-acid gas feed stream. This expert also completed a study to determine the cost and schedule to replace the existing gas plant with a Selexol process designed to recover carbon dioxide (CO2) and reject hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from the feed gas. This expert began a consulting career, where this expert had a variety of diverse assignments involving insurance claims, construction disputes, gas transmission issues, oil and gas field operational issues.

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Expert Witness #260052

This expert is a CPA with a national oil and gas practice. This expert got a start rough-necking on oil and gas drilling rigs. This expert is a member of national and local Gas Associations and has a focus on regulatory accounting and finance. As Rate Manager for a Gas Company this expert assisted a number of water, wastewater, and gas distribution clients with rate case filings before various regulatory authorities in a number of states and is familiar with rate design issues. This expert contributed to multiple projects pertaining to the then pending merger with a large publicly traded corporation. This expert has provided testimony in numerous proceedings.

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Expert Witness #244692

This expert has many years' experience in Oil & Gas Operations, and is a recognized pioneer in horizontal, Managed Pressure Drilling, Underbalanced and Casing Drilling. This expert is a registered Professional engineer, holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and is presently President and CEO of an Oil and Gas consulting firm. This expert presents frequently at industry conferences, and consistently works for clients that are well-known in the industry.  

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Expert Witness #266727

This expert has worked in industry and academia for many years, and is currently a professor of electrical engineering. This expert has significant industrial experiences in electric motors and their controls, and has worked for several oil and gas companies. This expert’s main research interests include motors and generators, analysis and design of electrical machines, multi-phase variable speed drives for traction and propulsion applications, condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of electric machinery, magnetic gear integrated electric machines, sensorless control of electric machines, and PWM effects on electric machinery and their mitigation techniques. This expert is very familiar with various tools used in the oil and gas industries such as electric submersible motors and pumps, diagnostics tools for downhole applications, pump jacks, submersible compressors and motors, subsea power systems cables and transformers, subsea power distributions, floating production storage, and offloading (FPSO). This expert has been involved in a number of IPRs and invalidity and non-infringement reports, has been deposed 15 times, and has testified at the ITC on several occasions. This expert has published 500 technical papers, presented more than 95 invited lectures all over the world, and has 29 issued and pending US patents. This expert earned PhD, MS, and BS degrees in electrical engineering.

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Expert Witness #261290

This expert began a career supporting operations in an integrated petrochemical complex. This expert held engineering as well as business management positions. This expert moved up the oil and gas value chain, into the midstream sector. As Manager of Natural Gas Engineering and Project Management, this expert led the development of a midstream infrastructure to support the growth in upstream operations a shale play. As Director of Engineering and Pipeline Operations, this expert led the pipeline design, engineering, construction, and commissioning as well as operations and maintenance activities. Development activities included pipeline, gathering, and storage assets for crude oil and gas. This expert draws on diverse experiences in the midstream and downstream sectors to provides analyses of both technical and economic issues and advise clients regarding interests in the energy sector.

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Expert Witness #261260

This expert brings to the table many years of engineering, operations, and commercial experience in the energy industry, including refining, chemicals and natural gas processing. This expert has advised producers, midstream service providers and private equity firms in evaluating acquisitions and grass roots investments. This expert has analyzed royalty payments and associated deductions for oil and natural gas production and developed unbundling cost allocations for natural gas processing and transportation systems. This expert has assisted with startups, troubleshooting and incident investigations for domestic and international facilities.

This expert has led audits of operating and measurement practices, including tests for adherence to contract requirements and standard practice. This expert has performed numerous valuations and due diligence associated with acquisition or divestiture and investigated accidents, including explosions, fires and injuries, for operating companies, as well as legal and insurance clients.

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Expert Witness #252262

This expert is a Petroleum and Drilling Engineering expert, bringing to the table many years of extensive experience in the areas of the operation and maintenance of oil drilling rigs. This expert has designed and supervised many drilling projects as an engineer, rig supervisor, and drilling manager. This expert’s expertise in rig design includes projects for new and refurbished onshore and offshore rigs, making this expert well aware of the various rig components, how they work, and issues that occur during a drilling operation. This expert is the Principal of a well-respected and highly successful consultancy specializing in oil and gas matters.

This expert designed well projects for various fields and zones within these oil and gas fields. This expert supervised drilling rigs for an ongoing development program and designed and oversaw drilling programs for a wide variety of development and exploration wells. This expert oversaw rig operations, new facilities installations, and production optimization. This expert designed development drilling programs to build on existing production, as well as oversaw expansion into new fields This expert has been in charge of drilling new wells, well completions, and increasing production of existing wells. This expert’s extensive experience with well operations has made this expert familiar with the equipment required to do the work.

This expert has an extensive litigation background having worked on over 50 cases while providing expert reports, depositions, and trial testimony.

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