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Coal, crude oil, and natural gas are common examples of fossil fuels. A fossil fuels expert witness must have a deep understanding not only of fossil fuel, but also of the fossil fuel industry, global market size, and growth rate of the industry’s key players.

Litigation support by a fossil fuel subject matter expert could include an analysis, forensic engineering, expert opinion, an expert report, depositions, and courtroom testimony. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request a subject matter expert with prior expert witness experience. In addition, clients may seek a fossil fuel industry expert for pre-litigation consulting work.

Cahn Litigation is often called on by leading law firms to locate expert witnesses in the energy industry, including in the areas of green hydrogen, fossil fuel, natural gas, electricity, clean energy, nuclear power, gasoline, coal, renewable energy, solid oxide fuel cell, oil, solar, chemical energy, and hydrogen fuel cell technology. Cahn Litigation Services has completed numerous searches for an expert witness in the area of fossil fuel, providing candidates for each case to the specifications provided by the law firm. Whether the case involves greenhouse gases, fossil fuel combustion, carbon emissions, global warming, burning coal, fossil fuel subsidies, climate change, or fossil fuel extraction, Cahn has the experience required to turn the expert witness search around quickly and provide the right balance of expertise and testimony for the job at hand.

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Cahn Litigation Services knows Fossil Fuels expert witnesses that are available for litigation support. Because all of our expert witness searches are customized to attorneys' precise specifications and preferences, attorneys are encouraged to discuss search parameters with a Cahn search specialist.