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Natural gas expert witness candidates are typically professional engineers or financial analysts with expertise and extensive experience in pipeline safety engineering, energy strategy, gas exploration, petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and/or the natural gas energy industry. Cahn Litigation Services has been approached by numerous clients to locate expert witnesses, on behalf of either the plaintiff or defendant, that can support natural gas matters. Most often the expert witness chosen is member of an industry organization such the Natural Gas Council, the US Oil & Gas Association, and/or the Natural Gas Supply Association. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request a professional with prior expert witness testimony experience. 

Natural gas is a non-renewable energy used as a source of energy for heating, cooking, and electricity generation. Because of its low density, natural gas is difficult to store and transport. Cahn Litigation services has searched for natural gas subject matter experts for many cases including:

Litigation support by a natural gas expert witness could include arbitration, forensic engineering, accident reconstruction, an expert report, expert opinion, expert testimony, and courtroom testimony. In addition, clients may seek an oil and gas industry expert for pre-litigation consultant work.

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Natural Gas Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Natural Gas experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Natural Gas landscape.

Expert Witness #227074

This expert holds a PhD in Metallurgy and brings to the table many years of experience in the areas of materials engineering, failure analysis and engineering investigations. This expert’s doctoral research dealt with safely containing hazardous, explosive materials and this is also true for much of this expert’s industrial consulting work. This expert has direct experience with grey cast iron in terms of pipeline corrosion and prediction of fatigue life in cast iron vessels.

This expert’s code related work has involved pressure vessel and pipeline codes. This work has involved assessing old cast iron pressure vessels for conformance to current codes. Below is a summary of example work experience:

Cast iron experience:

  1.  Life estimate for buried pipe
  2. Water main failure in river crossing
  3. Stray current induced corrosion failure

Metallurgical/Fatigue Life for gray cast iron:

  1. Remaining life prediction for very old dryers
  2. Fitness for service on old paper mill dryer drums
  3. Failure prediction in check valve bodies
  4. Failure of brake drums

Code Experience:

  1.  Repair procedures for damaged batch digesters
  2. Life prediction for dryers and dryer drums
  3. Butane gas line explosion
  4. Steam piping analysis and failures
  5. Refrigeration line failures
  6. API/ASME 579 Fitness for Service experience

Risk for Natural Gas Transport:

This expert’s graduate course work and dissertation dealt with preventing explosions (liquid natural gas). Much of this expert’s professional experience has involved efforts to prevent explosions or determining why explosions occurred. This is a poorly understood problem and one that many companies are ignoring. This expert has directed NDT or inspection efforts in a number of different applications.

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Expert Witness #235964

This expert is an Energy Economist with strong public utility experience and a solid understanding of Utility rate design, Pipeline rate design and how they work together. This expert regularly provides advice on cost allocation, pricing, cost of capital and regulatory accounting policy reform, and market design issues to utilities, private energy firms, independent system operators and energy regulatory commissions both domestic and international. This expert has provided expert testimony before state public utility commissions on electricity and natural gas rate design, marginal cost analysis, electricity rate structures, reforms to tariffs for customers with distributed generation and net metering and efficient power contract design.  

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Expert Witness #236398

This expert is President and founder of highly sought-after energy strategies consultancy. This expert has many years of experience and provides a multi-disciplinary approach to each consulting engagement. This expert received a PhD in Managerial Economics, an MBA in Marketing and BSEE & MSEE degrees in Power Systems. This expert is a Professional Engineer and Senior Life Member of IEEE. This expert is an author of numerous papers and journals, and a frequent speaker at professional conferences. This expert was also an Adjunct Professor. This expert has led in the development of risk management best practices as they relate to energy portfolio management, counterparty credit risk and long-term purchase power (PPA) agreement review. This expert supported the development and implementation of comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management programs, where he also serves as the Chief Risk Officer. This expert has also been actively involved in the development and continuous improvement of competitive wholesale electric markets.

Areas of Specialization:

Enterprise risk management, risk and uncertainty analysis, strategic planning, executive management consulting, regulatory economics, energy planning and forecasting, prudence review, management audits and assessment, wholesale market practices and procedures, energy trading and power contract management, counterparty credit risk assessment, merger and acquisition analysis, and emerging energy technology market valuation.

ISO Wholesale Market Experience:

-  Performed a comprehensive risk management review with a focus on operations management, IT platform development, bench testing and reliability analysis. Also supported the development of the organization's enterprise risk management program.
-  Performed a comprehensive management audit with focus area on market integration, transmission planning and distributed generation based distribution planning.
-  Performed a comprehensive management audit with focus area on the company's interface with the MISO, transmission planning coordination with ITC which had recently acquired the transmission network and cost impacts associated with windfarm interconnection to the MISO markets.
-  Performed a comprehensive assessment of an energy's application to transfer its wholesale market participation from SPP to MISO. The focus was on transmission constraints, congestion management and the impact of the proposed sale of its transmission network to ITC.
-  Supported senior management perform a strategic assessment of the benefits associated with its transformation from a wholly owned utility entity to a publicly traded corporation based on shareholder value and FERC based returns approved for the MISO.
-  Retained to develop and lead two two-day conferences on energy and capacity procurement, contracts and risk management. The focus of the first conference was on state agency requirements including such entities as state hospitals, penal institutions and university dormitories. The second conference was designed for a State university system.
-  Developed an energy procurement strategy for both natural gas and electricity.

This expert has testified over 50 times before public service commissions; two arbitration panels, and a State Legislature Energy Committee.  

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Expert Witness #255894

This expert brings to the table many years of experience in the areas of materials engineering, failure analysis and engineering investigations. This expert holds both a BS and MS in Materials Engineering. Specializing in the determination of root cause and problem resolution, with extensive experience designing and conducting field and laboratory testing, this expert's work has encompassed metallurgy, property/structure relationships, stress states and corrosion of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials from across a broad range of industries. Much of this expert's background centers around the areas of materials characterization, fractography, metallography and mechanical testing.

Although this expert's work has supported a broad spectrum of industries, this expert has worked with natural gas suppliers/distributors for most of this expert's career. This expert's work within the natural gas industry has been generally associated with large, catastrophic incidents, with state regulatory agencies involved, where this expert was tasked with identifying root cause. However, this expert has also been involved with evaluation and replacement programs, including the fit-for-service evaluation of cast iron pipes sections removed from existing lines.  

This expert has provided litigation support to select clients for many years, with this expert's first project assisting a subrogation specialist successfully resolving a dispute regarding the fracture of a cast iron fire hydrant line that flooded the bottom floor of a building. This expert's litigation support clients have represented a wide range of industries, including natural gas. This expert has been involved with over 100 litigated or pre-litigation matters, and has provided deposition testimony approximately thirteen times.

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Expert Witness #260052

This expert is a CPA with a national oil and gas practice. This expert got a start rough-necking on oil and gas drilling rigs. This expert is a member of national and local Gas Associations and has a focus on regulatory accounting and finance. As Rate Manager for a Gas Company this expert assisted a number of water, wastewater, and gas distribution clients with rate case filings before various regulatory authorities in a number of states and is familiar with rate design issues. This expert contributed to multiple projects pertaining to the then pending merger with a large publicly traded corporation. This expert has provided testimony in numerous proceedings.

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Expert Witness #261260

This expert brings to the table many years of engineering, operations, and commercial experience in the energy industry, including refining, chemicals and natural gas processing. This expert has advised producers, midstream service providers and private equity firms in evaluating acquisitions and grass roots investments. This expert has analyzed royalty payments and associated deductions for oil and natural gas production and developed unbundling cost allocations for natural gas processing and transportation systems. This expert has assisted with startups, troubleshooting and incident investigations for domestic and international facilities.

This expert has led audits of operating and measurement practices, including tests for adherence to contract requirements and standard practice. This expert has performed numerous valuations and due diligence associated with acquisition or divestiture and investigated accidents, including explosions, fires and injuries, for operating companies, as well as legal and insurance clients.

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Expert Witness #261279

This expert has worked in the energy industry for many years completing assignments encompassing the entire energy value chain. This expert was responsible for reservoir engineering evaluations associated with exploration and development projects, assessment of the economic value of acquisition and divestiture activities, analysis of natural gas shut in strategies, pipeline/plant engineering design, pipeline/plant construction and operations management of existing production properties. This expert was in domestic crude oil trading and marketing. In the crude trading group, this expert evaluated transportation logistics, analyzed the operations of refineries, assessed the commercial aspects of potential mergers and asset trades, and formulated options and futures strategies.

This expert has been involved in a wide variety of assignments and is frequently retained to advise clients on both technical and commercial issues related to mergers, asset transactions, project development and start up, bankruptcy/workout, and dispute resolution. This expert has experience in the transportation, processing, refining, marketing, and electrical generation sectors.

Throughout the course of this expert's consulting career, this expert has advised clients on both technical and commercial issues related to mergers, asset transactions, project development, business start-ups, bankruptcy/workout, and dispute resolution.

This expert has experience in the transportation, processing, refining, marketing, and electrical generation sectors and brings many years of direct experience in the energy industry including project evaluation, development, and management; operations management; and contract evaluation/negotiation.

This expert is a frequent speaker at national and international energy industry conferences and is the author of 25 papers and presentations covering the industry's technical, economic, and commercial matters.

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Expert Witness #261290

This expert began a career supporting operations in an integrated petrochemical complex. This expert held engineering as well as business management positions. This expert moved up the oil and gas value chain, into the midstream sector. As Manager of Natural Gas Engineering and Project Management, this expert led the development of a midstream infrastructure to support the growth in upstream operations a shale play. As Director of Engineering and Pipeline Operations, this expert led the pipeline design, engineering, construction, and commissioning as well as operations and maintenance activities. Development activities included pipeline, gathering, and storage assets for crude oil and gas. This expert draws on diverse experiences in the midstream and downstream sectors to provides analyses of both technical and economic issues and advise clients regarding interests in the energy sector.

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