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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Energy experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Energy landscape.

Expert Witness #247093

This expert firm is comprised of senior consultants in an international energy strategy consultancy with offices throughout the world. The firm specializes in sustainable energy and transport, with expertise in renewable energies, energy storage, energy efficiency and sustainable transport. They developed an extended competence center on hydrogen and fuel cells. They are a multinational team of engineers, economists and policy experts in sustainable energy. This firm advises automotive OEMs, Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers and leading players in the automotive market. Their decade-long experience in the automotive industry allows them to support clients in designing global innovation and technology development strategies and assessing new market opportunities linked to technology innovation. They also assist customers in defining, designing and implementing innovative go-to-market strategies. They offer high value support on scientific and technology developments, industrial and commercial partnering strategies, technology and market trends' analysis, diversification strategies and investment / acquisition opportunities to actors in the automotive sector. Additionally, they support technology companies, start-up companies and established equipment manufacturers active in the energy and mobility sectors through collaborative innovation projects, design of innovative business models, market assessments and go-to-market strategies in both developed and developing economies. Further, they support leading international oil & gas companies, energy utilities and network operators (TSOs, DSOs) both in developed and emerging countries in all aspects of the energy transition, from strategy to implementation: coordination of collaborative innovation projects, new technology assessment, development of innovative business models, identification and evaluation of new market opportunities, etc.

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Expert Witness #248849

This expert is a Managing Director in an international accounting company's Business Restructuring and Turnaround Services practice. This expert has many years of experience in financial advisory services, including corporate restructuring, capital raising and merger and acquisitions (M&A) transactions. This expert provides financial, strategic and operational guidance to companies in the energy, chemical and renewables sectors.

This expert has significant transaction experience, having worked with clients on buy-side and sell-side transactions, as well as on auctions out of bankruptcy, privatizations, joint ventures, joint development agreements, and private equity and venture capital investments. This expert has also served as interim CEO of a leading solar panel producer, as well as interim CFO of a biodiesel company, where the company was successfully taken through Chapter 11. In addition, this expert has acted as a senior advisor to two exploration and production (E&P) companies.

This expert was President at a biotechnology company, where this expert successfully executed the company's first external capital raising and grew its staff. This expert also served as operating partner to a hedge fund for portfolio companies in the energy sector, leading several successful turnarounds, including an emergence from Chapter 11 and subsequent asset sale.

Relevent Experience:

- Bankruptcy Experience
- Energy sector leadership as in-house corporate development professional
- Private Equity/Hedge Fund Experience
- Significant renewables experience
- Investment banking
- M&A and capital raising focus for the energy sector
- Litigation support - economic analysis in support of expert testimony
- Securities litigation, insider trading and antitrust cases

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Expert Witness #236398

This expert is President and founder of highly sought-after energy strategies consultancy. This expert has many years of experience and provides a multi-disciplinary approach to each consulting engagement. This expert received a PhD in Managerial Economics, an MBA in Marketing and BSEE & MSEE degrees in Power Systems. This expert is a Professional Engineer and Senior Life Member of IEEE. This expert is an author of numerous papers and journals, and a frequent speaker at professional conferences. This expert was also an Adjunct Professor. This expert has led in the development of risk management best practices as they relate to energy portfolio management, counterparty credit risk and long-term purchase power (PPA) agreement review. This expert supported the development and implementation of comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management programs, where he also serves as the Chief Risk Officer. This expert has also been actively involved in the development and continuous improvement of competitive wholesale electric markets.

Areas of Specialization:

Enterprise risk management, risk and uncertainty analysis, strategic planning, executive management consulting, regulatory economics, energy planning and forecasting, prudence review, management audits and assessment, wholesale market practices and procedures, energy trading and power contract management, counterparty credit risk assessment, merger and acquisition analysis, and emerging energy technology market valuation.

ISO Wholesale Market Experience:

-  Performed a comprehensive risk management review with a focus on operations management, IT platform development, bench testing and reliability analysis. Also supported the development of the organization's enterprise risk management program.
-  Performed a comprehensive management audit with focus area on market integration, transmission planning and distributed generation based distribution planning.
-  Performed a comprehensive management audit with focus area on the company's interface with the MISO, transmission planning coordination with ITC which had recently acquired the transmission network and cost impacts associated with windfarm interconnection to the MISO markets.
-  Performed a comprehensive assessment of an energy's application to transfer its wholesale market participation from SPP to MISO. The focus was on transmission constraints, congestion management and the impact of the proposed sale of its transmission network to ITC.
-  Supported senior management perform a strategic assessment of the benefits associated with its transformation from a wholly owned utility entity to a publicly traded corporation based on shareholder value and FERC based returns approved for the MISO.
-  Retained to develop and lead two two-day conferences on energy and capacity procurement, contracts and risk management. The focus of the first conference was on state agency requirements including such entities as state hospitals, penal institutions and university dormitories. The second conference was designed for a State university system.
-  Developed an energy procurement strategy for both natural gas and electricity.

This expert has testified over 50 times before public service commissions; two arbitration panels, and a State Legislature Energy Committee.  

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Expert Witness #261279

This expert has worked in the energy industry for many years completing assignments encompassing the entire energy value chain. This expert was responsible for reservoir engineering evaluations associated with exploration and development projects, assessment of the economic value of acquisition and divestiture activities, analysis of natural gas shut in strategies, pipeline/plant engineering design, pipeline/plant construction and operations management of existing production properties. This expert was in domestic crude oil trading and marketing. In the crude trading group, this expert evaluated transportation logistics, analyzed the operations of refineries, assessed the commercial aspects of potential mergers and asset trades, and formulated options and futures strategies.

This expert has been involved in a wide variety of assignments and is frequently retained to advise clients on both technical and commercial issues related to mergers, asset transactions, project development and start up, bankruptcy/workout, and dispute resolution. This expert has experience in the transportation, processing, refining, marketing, and electrical generation sectors.

Throughout the course of this expert's consulting career, this expert has advised clients on both technical and commercial issues related to mergers, asset transactions, project development, business start-ups, bankruptcy/workout, and dispute resolution.

This expert has experience in the transportation, processing, refining, marketing, and electrical generation sectors and brings many years of direct experience in the energy industry including project evaluation, development, and management; operations management; and contract evaluation/negotiation.

This expert is a frequent speaker at national and international energy industry conferences and is the author of 25 papers and presentations covering the industry's technical, economic, and commercial matters.

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Expert Witness #235964

This expert is an Energy Economist with strong public utility experience and a solid understanding of Utility rate design, Pipeline rate design and how they work together. This expert regularly provides advice on cost allocation, pricing, cost of capital and regulatory accounting policy reform, and market design issues to utilities, private energy firms, independent system operators and energy regulatory commissions both domestic and international. This expert has provided expert testimony before state public utility commissions on electricity and natural gas rate design, marginal cost analysis, electricity rate structures, reforms to tariffs for customers with distributed generation and net metering and efficient power contract design.  

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Expert Witness #260208

This expert is an expert in applied finance and energy matters with many years of experience in complex commercial litigation, arbitration and regulatory proceedings. This expert has been retained as an expert to testify in international and domestic arbitration, and before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, US Tax Court, US Federal Court, and US Bankruptcy Court, the National Energy Board in Canada, as well as state and provincial public utilities boards in the US and Canada. In the oil and gas sectors, this expert has consulted on rate matters, mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, contract disputes, valuation and product pricing. This expert has served as an expert in regulatory hearings and has also carried out studies of the reasonableness of gas supply agreements in various jurisdictions and quantified damages in connection with the early termination of such agreements

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Expert Witness #260722

This expert has many years of extensive experience in the power generation field. This expert's air pollution control system experience includes wet and dry FGD systems, low-NOx burners/combustion controls, SCRs, SNCRs, ESPs, and baghouses for boilers and SCRs for gas turbines. This expert has provided testimony to various legislative committee on the impact of air pollution control legislation. This expert has in-depth knowledge of combustion processes and the control of dioxins through combustion technologies and mercury control in power plants and waste-to-energy facilities. This expert is also experienced in project development, financing, conceptual engineering, evaluation of business ventures including feasibility and risk analysis, and contract negotiations. This expert has assisted in compliance strategies for current and emerging air pollution rules and regulations, technology transfer and acquisition of technologies. This expert is a recipient of numerous certifications and awards based on work in the waste-to-energy and fossil-fuel industries and has published over 100 technical papers on environmental issues.

This expert started working with activated carbon for mercury (Hg) control many years ago with mercury control on waste-to-energy plants. This expert was involved in research work that used both brominated and un-brominated activated carbon for coal-fired applications, and was importing activated carbons.  This expert went to work leading a mercury control business unit. Part of this expert's responsibility was importing, marketing, and technical support for activated carbon products. This expert was involved in several DOE test programs evaluating various activated carbons. This expert is very familiar with many competitor's products and methods of injecting activated carbons.

This expert leads a highly respected energy consultancy, specializing in emission compliance strategies, business development as related to EPA regulations, and licensing of new technologies. This expert also provides strategic planning assistance with compliance strategies for current and emerging air pollution rules and regulations. This includes, among others, regulatory applicability analysis, control technology evaluations, and integrated compliance strategies and compliance options for viable long-term viability.

This expert has prior litigation experience.

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