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Machine learning expert witness candidates typically have extensive experience and knowledge in computer science, data science, neural networks, and/or artificial intelligence.

A subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning uses computer algorithms to automatically improve a decision or function through experience. Machine learning involves computers learning from data to carry out tasks. A machine learning algorithm builds mathematical models to make decisions; these decisions are not directly programmed. Big data and data mining are related fields, dealing with data analysis. There are many applications for machine learning, a small sampling of which include:

In addition, machine learning is helping scientists discover new patterns and highlighting anomalies that likely humans would not detect.

Machine learning matters that require technical expertise typically involve intellectual property, data analysis, or cybersecurity. Litigation support by a machine learning expert witness could include a review of the technology, data analytics, document review, an expert report, depositions, expert opinion, and expert witness testimony in the courtroom.

Cahn Litigation Services is frequently called upon by legal professionals to locate expert witnesses that can support machine learning matters. The firm has an earned reputation for providing candidates with the right balance of expertise and testimony to support each project and it nuances.

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Machine Learning Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Machine Learning experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Machine Learning landscape.

Expert Witness #245424

This expert has worked in Language Technologies on the faculty at a prestigious university, where this expert is a Professor and directs the Language Technologies Institute. This expert conducts and leads research on all manners of computer-based language communication and processing including: speech understanding and synthesis, text-based communication, text semantic analysis and content extraction, machine translation, written or spoken dialog systems, parsing technologies and machine learning applied to text. This expert has published over three hundred scholarly articles. This expert has testified as an expert witness in multiple IP cases involving language technologies, including for and against industry leaders both in validity and infringement.

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Expert Witness #250332

This expert holds a Ph.D. This expert's Doctoral thesis was on Learning Control and Neural Network Learning. This expert has conducted research and development in the fields of Biometrics, Optimization, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, and Internet-Commerce. This expert's work has included research and development, leading to the production of a series of Speaker Recognition, Speech Recognition, Face Recognition, and Signature Recognition software engines. This expert is the author of a textbook on speaker recognition.

This expert developed a procedure for the conversion of classically written articles into articles in Unicode-16. This included working with the editors of an encyclopedia, in detail, to design a character set based on Unicode to be able to handle hundreds of languages (modern and archaic). In addition, automation software was developed for the conversion of articles, while indexing and cross-referencing then automatically. This expert created search mechanisms for searching the articles in any of the many nonstandard transcription techniques used by the readers to transcribe the relevant languages. The mapping, search, and multiple transcription style mapping are quite complex. The indexing included automatic indexing plus keyword references created manually by editors and incorporated into the search and indexing.

This expert has been an Adjunct Professor at the Computer Science department, as well as Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering departments of a major University. This expert has been teaching the following graduate courses: Fundamentals of Speaker Recognition, Fundamentals of Speech Recognition, Digital Control Systems, Applied Signal Recognition and Classification, and Speech and Handwriting Recognition. This expert is also actively involved in several standards bodies.

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Expert Witness #251608

This expert received a B.A. in Mathematics and Computer Science, an M.A. in Computer Science, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science. This expert served as Chair of the Computer Science Department and is currently Full Professor of Computer Science and member of the university's Center for Complex Systems. This expert's research interests include computer algorithms, communications and internet related computing, data compression and archiving (including text, images, video, and multi-media), storage and processing of large data sets, image retrieval, object recognition, text, image, and video processing, parallel computing, machine learning. This expert has obtained U.S. patents, does computing technology consulting, and is widely published in the areas of data compression and content recognition. This expert has extensive prior litigation experience having served as a testifier (at deposition and/or trial) in several high-profile patent matters.

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Expert Witness #259075

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and currently serves as an Associate Professor of Computer Engineering. This expert's research interests are code generation and optimization, compilers, and the interaction between hardware and software. The main goal of this expert's research is to make programs run faster and use less resources. This expert is interested in all aspect of compiler optimizations and transformations, both statically and dynamically. This expert specializes in code generation techniques that combine machine learning and architectural models to automatically deliver higher quality code, as well as compilers for non-traditional executing engines, such as SAT solvers and virtual machines.

This expert has conducted research in the area of GPUs for many years. This expert's research covers several key aspects of GPU programming, including software development, code optimization, architecture and system software. This expert has published over 20 papers on GPU programming, and received two equipment grants to support his research.  

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Expert Witness #259324

This expert is a Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, and is internationally known in Human Computer Interaction for contributions to software tools that make new forms of interaction more broadly accessible. This expert's broad research interests are in Human-Computer Interaction, User Interface Software and Technology, and Ubiquitous Computing. This expert's specific research is often motivated by challenges at the intersection of technology and design, developing new tools that empower individuals in important domains like health.

This expert's research includes novel applications of low-cost and unobtrusive personal sensing, novel applications of non-expert machine learning, and tools for runtime modification of graphical interfaces. This expert's work on non-expert interaction with machine learning considered domains such as activity recognition, image search, social network friend groups, and gesture recognition. These helped define new approaches to everyday interaction with big data and new approaches to machine learning in software developer tools. This work on runtime interpretation and modification of interfaces helps unlock interaction, enabling new approaches to deploying interaction techniques in the current technology ecosystem.

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Expert Witness #259569

This expert is a Research Professor in a Computer Science Department. This expert also has an appointment in a Language Technologies Institute and is Director of a Speech Consortium. This expert received a PhD in Cognitive Psychology (speech perception) and has since worked in the areas of automatic speech recognition, spoken language interaction and machine learning. This expert's research has spanned many aspects of spoken language, including knowledge-based recognition systems, language modeling, spoken language system architectures, multimodal interaction, the analysis of conversational structure, and design principles for speech interfaces. This expert's interests center on language-based communication between humans and robots and on aspects of core speech recognition, such as out-of-vocabulary (OOV) word processing. This expert has investigated the rapid prototyping of systems for speech-to-speech translation, spoken dialog, and has made contributions to dialog management, language generation and the computation of confidence metrics for recognition and understanding. This expert is interested in spoken language interaction in groups that include humans and robots. Making this a reality requires developing dialog strategies that can handle multi-participant conversations; it also requires understanding the process of dialog-mediated grounding as well as developing techniques that allow robots understand and clarify human directions. This expert is interested in several aspects of learning, including the induction of concepts and structure from speech and the design of intelligent systems that proactively seek to acquire knowledge from people.

This expert's work includes:

-  A project that produced an early mobile speech system
-  spoken dialog system architectures
-  A dialog manager that incorporates dialog management ideas that were first introduced in the Office Manager (OM) system and further developed in successor systems.
-  web-based tools that are used to generate a knowledge base for the open source Sphinx recognition system, including a language model and a pronouncing dictionary

This expert has had one expert witness experience where this expert wrote an expert report and was deposed.

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Expert Witness #260966

With many years in the industry, this expert is an independent software developer and strategy consultant for engineering and construction firms. This expert's work currently entails using non-AEC industry tech and applying it to the built environment. This includes the use of deep reinforced learning, machine learning, and computer vision, as well as game engines. Because of this focus, this expert does code review and analysis, reviewing outside code to evaluate its fitness for application to AEC-client problems.

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Expert Witness #262723

This expert is an internationally recognized technical and business leader in the fields of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, cryptographic security, broadband and network system, and entrepreneurial development. This expert has many years of experience in wireless system development and product development.

This expert is the creator of video P2P for realtime and P2MP security applications, which are now the system standard for casinos and high value venue security. These systems use private as well as cellular backhauls employing licensed spectrum and high capacity long-range point-to-point microwave links. This expert is the named inventor of 67 granted patents and applications primarily in wireless, signal processing & processor, machine learning, and microelectronics. This expert holds a PhD. In Electrical Engineering, an MBA, and a BSEE - Electrical and Electronics Engineering. This expert has provided expert witness testimony on several matters.

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Expert Witness #255351

This expert holds a PhD in Computer Science and is an internationally recognized data science and machine learning expert. This expert has held various technical directorships, leads, and Chief Scientist positions for technology giants. Additionally, this expert has helped identify and evaluate investment opportunities, and assisted portfolio companies by providing strategic guidance and mentorship as well as led efforts around intellectual property -- which included successfully defending a company against patent trolls. This expert holds more than 30 patents in the areas of query, keyword, semantic, and other information retrieval searches and is well published in the field.

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