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Data science expert witness candidates typically have extensive experience and a background in big data, machine learning, computer science, software engineering, and/or data analysis. While many experts have data science expertise, an expert witness carries the additional responsibility of providing testimony before the court in a manner whereby a judge and jury can understand the technology and digital evidence. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, an attorney may require a data scientist specialist with prior expert witness testimony experience.

Dealing with vast volumes of data, or “big data,” data science uses tools and techniques to discover patterns, derive meaningful information, and make business decisions. Data science uses machine learning algorithms to build predictive models. Often, matters requiring data science expert witness services involve intellectual property, such as patent infringement litigation or a trade secret dispute. Litigation support by a data science professional could include expert report preparation, expert opinion, and/or expert testimony. In addition, clients may seek a data scientist for pre-litigation consulting work.

Representing a plaintiff or defendant, Cahn Litigation Services is often called on by leading law firms to locate expert witnesses that can support a data science litigation matters. Whether the case involves:

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Data Science Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Data Science experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Data Science landscape.

Expert Witness #255343

This expert is an Associate Professor of Information Science and an affiliate member of Computer Science at a University. This expert's research interests include studies of interactive information retrieval/seeking, especially those involving social and collaborative aspects. This expert studies social media and data generated by wearable devices as kinds of signals that can help us understand and impact human behaviors. This expert teaches in Information Science and Data Science programs (at undergraduate and graduate levels), and this expert's research falls under and uniquely connects Computer Science, Data Science, and Information Science.

This expert received a PhD in Information Science, an MTech, Computer Science & Engineering, and an MS, Computer Science. This expert has published and talked extensively on topics related to social and collaborative information seeking, interactive information retrieval, and social media. This expert has served as a consultant to an international organization on various Data Science projects involving social and political issues, peacekeeping, climate change, and energy.

This expert is interested in various aspects of information seeking/retrieval, in personal, group, and social contexts. In addition to looking at information being generated and shared in online environments as a part of Information Science, this expert investigates ways to collect and transform data to meaningful information under the broad label of Data Science. This involves Big Data analytics, mobile and sensor-based data collection, and data mining and machine learning techniques. Finally, this expert is interested in investigating how data, information, and knowledge influences people's, organizations', and communities' behaviors as a part of what this expert refers to as Decision Science. This expert tries to keep a balance between studying systems and users, designing algorithms and theories, and building tools and conducting user studies.

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Expert Witness #251608

This expert received a B.A. in Mathematics and Computer Science, an M.A. in Computer Science, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science. This expert served as Chair of the Computer Science Department and is currently Full Professor of Computer Science and member of the university's Center for Complex Systems. This expert's research interests include computer algorithms, communications and internet related computing, data compression and archiving (including text, images, video, and multi-media), storage and processing of large data sets, image retrieval, object recognition, text, image, and video processing, parallel computing, machine learning. This expert has obtained U.S. patents, does computing technology consulting, and is widely published in the areas of data compression and content recognition. This expert has extensive prior litigation experience having served as a testifier (at deposition and/or trial) in several high-profile patent matters.

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Expert Witness #256912

As a technology expert with many years of litigation experience in over 50 cases, including 17

patent infringement cases and 25 IPR/CBM/GPR cases, this expert has authored reports and declarations, generated over 100 claim charts, inspected tens of millions of lines of source code, and examined numerous systems. This expert has a Master of Science in Computer Science as well as many years of experience in engineering, development, consulting, and management in data networking, monitoring, Web/Internet, software, and systems. This expert’s professional background includes cofounder of an Internet company providing human communication online rating and evaluation tools and services; cofounder and president of a provider of automated Web-based telecommunication test services; cofounder and CEO of an Internet eCommerce and portal company; general manager of data storage business unit and general manager of data networking business unit at a supplier of data storage and data networking systems; founder and president of a supplier of data storage manufacturing systems; and many years as telecommunication engineer and software developer.

This expert has extensive experience with networking and test and monitoring systems. As general manager of a data networking business unit, this expert was responsible for a data networking analysis tools business unit that designed and built network protocol analysis and monitoring products sold, under OEM agreement, by the largest network protocol analysis and monitoring products supplier. These products, among other capabilities, could trap and record IP addresses and data packets matching criteria in the various layers of the TCP/IP stack.

This expert designed data storage test systems and was involved with data storage protocol analyzers and monitoring products, including the best-selling data storage protocol analysis and monitoring products. For several years, as an engineer, this expert designed and implemented computer networks, data communication systems, test systems, and monitoring systems. This expert also has many years of experience in and deep understanding of Web/Internet technologies.

This expert has litigation experience with several cases and IPRs involving data networking cases and monitoring. This expert worked for a year on a trade secret and copyright case dealing with data networking load balancers.

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Expert Witness #264209

This expert is a Professor and Chair of Computer Science and Director of the Master of Data Science Program an Institute of Technology. This expert received a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Computer Science. This expert’s research focuses on semantic machine learning, mainly on developing computational methods for style-based analysis of natural language. This expert’s work explores applications to intelligence analysis, forensic linguistics, biomedical informatics, and humanities scholarship. This expert’s recent research projects include extracting structured representations of opinions from text, authorship profiling of anonymous texts, and evidence-based analysis of the medical literature, from large amounts of textual data. This expert has published over 100 scientific articles on machine learning and computational linguistics.

This expert’s dissertation research was on machine learning and visual recognition for mobile robots. This expert has researched and published in peer-reviewed journals and conferences on machine learning, image recognition, classification, information extraction, and natural language processing. This expert has also worked as a consultant and advisor on commercial technology in machine learning, image recognition, information retrieval, natural language understanding, and automated question-answering. Recent projects worked or advised on include:

  • Research on neural networks and genetic algorithms for automatically analyzing and interpreting data collected from high-energy physics experiments.
  • Developing and evaluating improved deep learning neural network models for identifying images containing weapons.
  • Analyzing the state-of-the-art in text analytics and virtual agents and how ontological knowledge representation can improve it and be applied commercially.

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Expert Witness #255351

This expert holds a PhD in Computer Science and is an internationally recognized data science and machine learning expert. This expert has held various technical directorships, leads, and Chief Scientist positions for technology giants. Additionally, this expert has helped identify and evaluate investment opportunities, and assisted portfolio companies by providing strategic guidance and mentorship as well as led efforts around intellectual property -- which included successfully defending a company against patent trolls. This expert holds more than 30 patents in the areas of query, keyword, semantic, and other information retrieval searches and is well published in the field.

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Expert Witness #264978

This expert is a computer scientist with many years of experience in Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning research. This expert’s research agenda focuses on applied machine learning, that is developing systems and innovative sensor data analysis methods for real world applications. Primary application domain for this expert’s work is computational behavior analysis where this expert develops methods for automated and objective behavior assessments in naturalistic environments. Main driving functions for this expert’s work are "in the wild" deployments and as such the development of systems and methods that have a real impact on peoples’ lives.

This expert’s research is focused on developing methods for sensor-based behavior analysis in which mobile and ubiquitous computing plays a key role. This expert uses a large variety of sensors including inertial measurement units (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer), galvanic skin response sensors, barometers etc. and optical heart rate monitors to capture relevant physiological parameters that are then automatically analyzed in order to assess the health and wellbeing of a human. The sensors are typically integrated into mobile or wearable platforms such as smartphones and smart watches. With a formal education in technical computer science (with focus on electrical engineering) this expert possesses detailed knowledge of the physical and electrical principles underlying the various sensing modalities. The majority of this expert’s work is related to developing and deploying signal processing methods and machine learning techniques that allow for automated analysis of the sensed phenomena through software.

This expert has been teaching sensors and sensor data analysis for many years. Over the years this expert has taught hundreds of students the technical foundations of mobile and ubiquitous computing. Practical class projects as well as individual student projects focus on sensors and algorithmic sensor data analysis as the key component of context aware computing in general and health assessments in particular. This expert mentored a group of graduate students on a project that used pulse oximetry in a wrist-worn device to recognize altitude sickness in alpine climbers.

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