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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Conversational Systems experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Conversational Systems landscape.

Expert Witness #245440

This expert is a Professor of Computer Science where this expert is also the Co-Director of the Intelligent Systems Program. This expert's research is in the area of artificial intelligence and includes contributions in the areas of artificial intelligence and education, computational linguistics, spoken language, and user modeling. This expert's work has included both fundamental research and applied research resulting in technology transfer and patents. This expert's most recent research has been in the area of Speech and Natural Language Technology for Educational Applications.

This expert has been working in voice-activated conversational dialogue systems for many years first as part of this expert's dissertation, then at a telecommunication company's Artificial Intelligence Principles Research Department (in call center contexts) and, most recently, at a University (in educational contexts). This expert has authored numerous papers and articles within the realm of dialogue systems and computer intelligence for the leading industry journals and has conducted research in these areas for the National Science Foundation, the US Department of Education and the Office of Naval Research. One paper in particular dealt with the topic of using voice-activated conversational systems to access the internet.

This expert has been engaged as a testifying expert in one case.

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Expert Witness #259569

This expert is a Research Professor in a Computer Science Department. This expert also has an appointment in a Language Technologies Institute and is Director of a Speech Consortium. This expert received a PhD in Cognitive Psychology (speech perception) and has since worked in the areas of automatic speech recognition, spoken language interaction and machine learning. This expert's research has spanned many aspects of spoken language, including knowledge-based recognition systems, language modeling, spoken language system architectures, multimodal interaction, the analysis of conversational structure, and design principles for speech interfaces. This expert's interests center on language-based communication between humans and robots and on aspects of core speech recognition, such as out-of-vocabulary (OOV) word processing. This expert has investigated the rapid prototyping of systems for speech-to-speech translation, spoken dialog, and has made contributions to dialog management, language generation and the computation of confidence metrics for recognition and understanding. This expert is interested in spoken language interaction in groups that include humans and robots. Making this a reality requires developing dialog strategies that can handle multi-participant conversations; it also requires understanding the process of dialog-mediated grounding as well as developing techniques that allow robots understand and clarify human directions. This expert is interested in several aspects of learning, including the induction of concepts and structure from speech and the design of intelligent systems that proactively seek to acquire knowledge from people.

This expert's work includes:

-  A project that produced an early mobile speech system
-  spoken dialog system architectures
-  A dialog manager that incorporates dialog management ideas that were first introduced in the Office Manager (OM) system and further developed in successor systems.
-  web-based tools that are used to generate a knowledge base for the open source Sphinx recognition system, including a language model and a pronouncing dictionary

This expert has had one expert witness experience where this expert wrote an expert report and was deposed.

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Expert Witness #259373

During many years as a university professor, this expert taught many classes in User Interface Design and related areas, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. All of these were courses that this expert both introduced and developed. These courses addressed specifically GUI, Gesture-based input, and Conversational user interfaces. In addition to these specialty courses, this expert also taught courses on Object Oriented Programming, Applications Programming, and Operating Systems (among others). These courses covered topics including Database queries and Client/server communications architectures. In addition this expert consulted with companies during his academic career, providing GUI design and development services. This expert's research work and work with graduate students in Visual Languages and End User Programming included a significant aspect of user interface design.

This expert has been providing expert witness and consultant services in support of intellectual property litigation relating to computer software and hardware for many years. The cases worked on span a wide and diverse range of application areas including as video games, medical equipment, automotive technologies and cellular telephones. This expert is particularly adept at taking large, complex bodies of source code, quickly and accurately forming an in-depth understanding of the operation of the systems, and then determining the relationships between the systems and the claims of relevant patents (in the case of patent litigation), or between the systems and other systems (in the case of trade secret or copyright litigation). This expert has been involved in analysis and report writing with respect to both validity and infringement, been deposed in eleven matters, and testified at trial in three cases. In one particularly large case this expert worked closely with six other experts and served as liaison between the attorneys and the other experts, helping each group to understand the constraints and requirements of the other.

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