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Big data expert witness candidates typically have an advanced degree, with experience and expertise in data analytics, computer science, cloud computing, and/or information technology. Cahn Litigation Services is frequently called upon by law firm clients to locate expert witnesses that can support big data matters.

Big data is a data science that deals with analytics, data mining, and extracting information from a data set that is too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing software.

The term big data can also refer to the use of predictive analytics, statistical analytics, statistical modeling, or other advanced analytics methods that use electronic data from a data set, regardless of the size of the data set.

The ecosystem of big data can be characterized as:

Applications that benefit from big data analytics include: health care, banking, education, media, Internet of Things, economic productivity, crime, security, and natural disaster and resource management.

Big data matters that require expert witness services typically involve intellectual property, criminal, data analysis, or cyber security.

Litigation support by a big data expert witness typically includes a review of the technology by an expert, an expert report, expert opinion, and expert testimony in court.

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Big Data Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Big Data experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Big Data landscape.

Expert Witness #255343

This expert is an Associate Professor of Information Science and an affiliate member of Computer Science at a University. This expert's research interests include studies of interactive information retrieval/seeking, especially those involving social and collaborative aspects. This expert studies social media and data generated by wearable devices as kinds of signals that can help us understand and impact human behaviors. This expert teaches in Information Science and Data Science programs (at undergraduate and graduate levels), and this expert's research falls under and uniquely connects Computer Science, Data Science, and Information Science.

This expert received a PhD in Information Science, an MTech, Computer Science & Engineering, and an MS, Computer Science. This expert has published and talked extensively on topics related to social and collaborative information seeking, interactive information retrieval, and social media. This expert has served as a consultant to an international organization on various Data Science projects involving social and political issues, peacekeeping, climate change, and energy.

This expert is interested in various aspects of information seeking/retrieval, in personal, group, and social contexts. In addition to looking at information being generated and shared in online environments as a part of Information Science, this expert investigates ways to collect and transform data to meaningful information under the broad label of Data Science. This involves Big Data analytics, mobile and sensor-based data collection, and data mining and machine learning techniques. Finally, this expert is interested in investigating how data, information, and knowledge influences people's, organizations', and communities' behaviors as a part of what this expert refers to as Decision Science. This expert tries to keep a balance between studying systems and users, designing algorithms and theories, and building tools and conducting user studies.

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Expert Witness #259324

This expert is a Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, and is internationally known in Human Computer Interaction for contributions to software tools that make new forms of interaction more broadly accessible. This expert's broad research interests are in Human-Computer Interaction, User Interface Software and Technology, and Ubiquitous Computing. This expert's specific research is often motivated by challenges at the intersection of technology and design, developing new tools that empower individuals in important domains like health.

This expert's research includes novel applications of low-cost and unobtrusive personal sensing, novel applications of non-expert machine learning, and tools for runtime modification of graphical interfaces. This expert's work on non-expert interaction with machine learning considered domains such as activity recognition, image search, social network friend groups, and gesture recognition. These helped define new approaches to everyday interaction with big data and new approaches to machine learning in software developer tools. This work on runtime interpretation and modification of interfaces helps unlock interaction, enabling new approaches to deploying interaction techniques in the current technology ecosystem.

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Expert Witness #259700

This expert holds a PhD in Computer Science, serves as an Associate Professor for a College of Information Systems as well as director of a Human-Computer Interaction Lab. Specializing in web, privacy and social media, this expert's work began professionally as a web designer. This expert started a web design company that built commercial websites. Since moving to academia, this expert has taught web design and web programming and written a textbook on web design.

This expert's work spans many areas, but core research interests are in understanding how people use social media to improve the way they interact with information. This expert approaches this from a computer science perspective and this expert's general research hits social networks, trust, web science, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction. This expert has done a lot of work looking at how to infer information about people (like personality and political preferences) and their relationships (like trust) from social media. This expert also works on usable security, bringing HCI to the design of security and privacy systems.

Areas of Expertise include:

-  Social Media
-  Social Networks
-  Information Organization
-  Web Sciences
-  Recommender Systems
-  Code analysis and review
-  Semantic Web and Big Data
-  Human-Computer Interaction
-  Online Privacy

This expert has extensive experience as an expert witness analyzing intellectual property issues, including patent validity and infringement and prior art. This expert has work as a technical expert, both pre-trial and in trial, on the workings of most major social media systems and recommender systems as well as the history and development of the web, web science, social networks, and social media.

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Expert Witness #260955

This expert is an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. This expert is also CEO and Co-founder of a firm that developed a software platform that automatically enriches and integrates facility operations information such as maintenance records and building IoT with building information models (BIM) to produce a 3D interactive visual information hub that provides facility managers, helpdesk and field technicians with intuitive access to actionable information when they need it most. This expert's research uses modeling and artificial intelligence to help visualize building information with big data. This expert has many years of experiences in software development in this field.

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Expert Witness #208783

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Information Studies. This expert has a very deep understanding of search and IR systems. This expert has extensive prior litigation experience as a testifier and written over a dozen (non)-infringement reports, including some for search engine companies.

This expert is a consultant specializing in software research and development focusing on search systems, information analytics, user experience design, semantic and knowledge management technologies as well as intellectual property analysis. This expert specializes in:

-  The Semantic Web
-  Information Seeking and Web Use
-  Information Retrieval and Web Search
-  Collaborative Filtering (Recommender Systems)
-  Knowledge Management Systems
-  Knowledge Discovery in Databases (including Data Mining)
-  Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
-  Informetrics, Analytics and Behavioral Log Analysis
-  Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW)

This expert has also performed an exploratory study investigating the purchasing of sponsored search advertising for a major university's academic department. The ad campaign used Google's AdWord service with the goal of increasing awareness of the academic department and encouraging potential graduate admissions or admissions inquiries. A behavioral model of information seeking is suggested that could be applied for selecting appropriate types of online advertising for awareness and other advertising goals.

This expert was a professor in the School of Information at a University where teaching and research focused on designing Web information architectures, information systems analysis, Information Retrieval, the Semantic Web and Knowledge Management Systems. This expert is formerly the Director of Advanced Development at a company that specialized in personalized information retrieval applications. This expert is also an author of many research publications. This expert received a doctorate focusing on Knowledge Discovery (Data Mining) for Informetric and Behavioral Models of Web Use.

In the nascent days of the World Wide Web, this expert was a Lead Technical Architect, working on a Multimedia Encyclopedia and other large-scale information architecture, system architecture and development projects. This expert worked as a Methodologist designing CASE tools for client-server applications as well as doing usability, hypertext and multimedia development research. This expert also worked on a number of commercial software applications.

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Expert Witness #218338

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at a major university. This expert's current research interests are at the intersection of databases and artificial intelligence, including optimization. This expert has a great deal of expertise in the dialog systems component that models the series of voice interfaces, facilitating occurring interactions. Voice dialogs form one of many mechanisms through which a user can interact with interactive multimedia presentation systems (IMPS), and over the years, this expert has worked extensively with IMPS and written several papers on this subject. This expert is author of one of the best known books on multimedia databases, as well as one on advanced databases, a key component to all dialog systems. This expert is the named inventor of a patent pertaining to mining user interactions. In addition, this expert has worked extensively in the general area of data mining for a wide variety of human behavior modeling. As an expert witness, this expert has experience with both invalidity and infringement issues, has written associated reports and has served as a technical expert in front of the USPTO.

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Expert Witness #225865

This expert is an internationally recognized expert in the field of high-speed communication and computing, and the development of semiconductor devices for the related applications.

This expert was a lead systems engineer for a telecommunications company in transitioning away from their voice centric networks, into multi-services capable networks suited for the Internet era.

This expert designed one of the earliest nationwide, commercial-scale, code division multiple access, or CDMA, networks. This expert was the leading author of the technical blueprint for this wireless cellular network. Since then, this expert has been continuously researching in 3G UMTS / 4G LTE / 5G IoT wireless networks as well as various generations of WiFi technology.

This expert’s research area includes switching, routing, performance control and security in the communication networks. This expert and students invented and implemented several methods of high-performance switching, including multi-channel switches that alleviate the speed and performance constraints of electronic switches. The pattern matching engines that the research group developed are used for processing complex instructions embedded in communication packets at billions of packets per second. The content search engine that this expert’s research group developed has been incorporated into numerous cybersecurity systems in active networks and is being developed for machine learning and data mining for various applications including cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT).

In addition, this expert is actively involved in the development of virtualized cluster computing networks. This expert developed algorithms to control code downloading from the network servers to the end-user units. Based on these algorithms, applications running on the smartphones and portable devices can run much faster without consuming excessive battery powers. By quantifying the information related to the usage patterns, a large amount of user data can be stored, which can help improve the mobile application significantly.

This expert also focuses on future generations of wireless technology. This expert has developed methods that enable coordinated transmission and reception of wireless signals among multiple base stations. Previously, radio signals from multiple base stations are considered as interference. Leveraging on the results achieved by this expert, a cluster of base stations can work together as a single resource enhancing the quality of radio signals across extremely noisy wireless channels. This research is critical in accommodating the next generation of the Internet and wireless networks, which integrates numerous Internet of Things (IoT) as part of the intelligent networks.

This expert has developed and implemented several semiconductor integrated circuit chips. These integrated circuit chips include switch fabrics, processors, high speed interfaces, protocol transposers, controllers, and memory cells and arrays.

This expert has 9 U.S. patents, published extensively in the wireless network field, and founded and managed two companies. This expert has testified extensively in both state and federal courts on issues of patent and copyright infringement in communications technology.

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