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Medical patent expert witness candidates typically have extensive experience as physicians and/or in product design. If a project involves a medical device, an expert with a background in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or biomedical engineering may be called in. Damages experts specializing in health care are in high demand to support cases. Expert witnesses must be prepared to withstand the scrutiny of a cross-examination.

What types of cases require a medical patent expert witness?

Example matters that Cahn Litigation Services has placed medical patent litigation support experts for have encompassed:

Expert witness services could include a prior art search, expert report preparation, and deposition and trial testimony. In addition, a law firm may utilize a medical device industry expert for pre-litigation consulting services. Cahn Litigation Services has the experience required to turn a search for a medical expert witness around quickly, providing the right balance of expertise and testimony experience.

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Medical Patent Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Medical Patent experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Medical Patent landscape.

Expert Witness #234821

This expert has many years of orthopedic industry experience, including product development and surgeon education. The focus of this expert's residency was Spine Surgery & Orthopaedics, and this expert is a co-inventor of 20 orthopedic implants patents, including spine fixation systems.

At an orthopedic clinic, this expert collaborated with an institute on research and design of spinal fusion devices and other medical and engineering technologies. This expert has testified on multiple occasions, and has reviewed thousands of patents in support of patent infringement and patent acquisition. This expert is an M.D. with highest commendations.

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Expert Witness #262782

For many years this expert has focused on medical implant devices, and is a named inventor on many patents, including 28 issued US patents in the field of spinal hardware. This expert has represented a medical company's spine division as a technical witness in patent litigation, and has given numerous patent-related depositions.

Currently, this expert is President/Founder of a medical device company focused on providing orthopedic implants. Prior to this, this expert was CEO/Founder of a medical device company that developed innovative spinal implants. This expert is a member of the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery, Society for Biomaterials, and ASTM International. This expert holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering.

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Expert Witness #261666

This expert is the principal owner of a biomechanical engineering company providing design and development of medical devices. With many years' experience in the medical devices industry, this expert also serves as a technical and testifying expert in patent and products matters involving medical devices, and biomechanical issues. This expert has specific experience with surgical cutting tools. As Vice President of Product Development, and as Mechanical Engineer for medical device companies, this expert provided both design and development of mechanical tools used in surgical procedures. This expert holds a Master's in Mechanical Engineering and is a Professional Engineer; this expert can speak with authority on issues of machine tolerances and dimensional variances in the manufacturing process. This expert holds over a dozen US patents in the orthopedic medical device field, has twenty publications and is a frequent presenter at industry conferences.

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Expert Witness #216672

This expert is an electrical engineer with many years of experience as a testifying and consulting expert. This expert's background specific to programmable controllers began with early TV remote controls. This expert's experience includes analysis and programming of complex remotes that implement activities beginning with a Universal 850 and several generations of remotes. This Founder of a successful consulting firm providing advisement in the areas of system design and litigation support in patent cases, this expert served as an expert witness in a case involving the control of medical devices. This expert's design engineering experience includes, in addition to processor design, the design of computer peripheral controllers including communications control for medical apparatus, as well as units containing communications ports for IR and wired serial data. This expert is well versed in all forms of control systems, including Bluetooth and protocols for handshaking and communication, embedded systems and the related software. With a general background in computer communications, peripheral controllers and central processors, this expert has a particularly deep background in assisting counsel with claim construction, as well as providing deposition and trial testimony. This expert has worked on more than one hundred patent matters, having written reports, provided deposition testimony and has been to trial in over twenty, for and against the patent holder. These cases include embedded control of mechanisms and processes including medical equipment control. In addition to these hardware centered assignments, this expert has worked on software in the same embedded systems noted above, device drivers for computer peripherals and application programs including transaction processing systems.

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Expert Witness #261650

This expert has a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering, and another in Engineering Management. This expert currently leads a medical device design and consulting firm and provides services to corporations and law firms as a manufacturing consultant and expert witness. Before founding this company, this expert supervised Manufacturing and Research and Development for a medical device manufacturer and had responsibility for Product Development at another. This expert is well acquainted with manufacturing and deviation tolerances, and other characteristics of machining and the manufacturing process. This expert boasts over 60 medical device (US) patents. This expert is well-published and serves as an adjunct professor at a University. As an expert witness this expert has provided services in patent infringement litigations, IPR post-grant proceedings and an array of products and injury matters involving medical devices. This expert has specific experience in validity, infringement claim construction and Markman hearings.

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Expert Witness #211579

This expert has spent many years in the medical device marketplace combined with twenty years in diverse areas of wireless and mobility technologies. This expert's core expertise is from software development and device integration to include all phases of wireless from licensed and unlicensed both in the indoor and outdoor space. This domain knowledge space has been gained with Fortune 50 and international companies and has included both hands on design, implementation, and solution deployments on a global level. As President of a global-reach healthcare, medical device, and wireless engineering consultancy, this expert specializes in medical device mobility and wireless connectivity communications. This expert has worked on several projects involving BTLE (4.0), and has also worked with ANT on design projects and FDA 510(k) approval. This expert is very familiar with authentication schemas. Most of this expert's work regarding BTLE has been with the connectivity of medical devices to smart devices and the cloud. This expert has also been involved with legal and patent work surrounding these technologies. Highly skilled at designing, implementing and supporting wireless enterprise and critical mobility applications, this expert has developed projects that range from multi-floor environments, outdoor campus environments, and co-existence strategies with various wireless standards. This includes the ability to develop the capability to have a complex ecosystem of different business and clinical applications with the right security and performance requirements. This was developed through this expert's work with a major patient monitoring company, which laid the foundation for the first patient monitoring system that provided mission-critical data in a shared wired and wireless VLAN design.  

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Expert Witness #246726

This expert holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and served as Senior Scientist and Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff for a large medical device manufacturer. This Imaging and Computer Vision expert specializes in Medical Imaging and Image Guided Radiation Therapy. This expert was responsible for investigational and translational innovations in the field of Imaging and Computer Vision. Contributions include Megavoltage Cone Beam CT, Image Guided Radiation Therapy, Advance radiotherapy treatment techniques, novel imaging devices and methods for radiotherapy, 3D Visualization, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Computed Tomography, Tomosynthesis imaging, X-Ray imaging systems, and medical device development. This expert has many years of experience in theoretical, as well as practical aspects of Cone-Beam CT. This expert has been involved in two patent litigations.

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Expert Witness #218101

This expert is a Registered Professional Engineer with many years of experience in the biotechnology field. This expert holds PhD and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering, is an ASME Fellow, and an IEEE Senior Member. This expert is also a member of ASM International (the Materials Information Society) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). Currently, this expert is the Principal and Founder of an engineering consulting firm that focuses on providing support for early stage medical device and technology companies. Specializing in mechanical engineering design and behavior of biomedical devices, shape memory metals, bio-absorbable polymers and MEMs, this expert consults actively in these areas, as well as in failure analysis and reliability. This expert has extensive experience in the use of finite element analysis and simulation of structures, heat transfer, fluid flow and Mechanical Design for Reliability. This expert led the design and development of diagnostic and therapeutic devices, and has skills honed in researching and analyzing IP and competing technologies.

This expert has direct experience with implantable, cardiovascular stents, with early work related to finite element analysis and fatigue life prediction as part of the client company's FDA IDE submission. Early projects were generally balloon expandable coronary stents and the analysis went through the steps of roll-down from the as-manufactured geometry, balloon expansion, balloon deflation, and coronary cyclic pressure fluctuations. This expert also worked with self-expanding stents. Other projects involved devices such as stent-grafts for AAA application and stents for other applications such as renal, etc. Failure analysis projects involving stents came along periodically with issues such as fatigue failures during life testing, corrosion, or other metallurgical issues. Litigation projects involving stents followed. The cases were generally patent matters involving various aspects of stent technology and design. This expert has served as a testifying expert witness in medical device patent litigation and has provided deposition and trial testimony for a total of 18 IP cases, 7 IP Depositions (>20 depositions total), 1 IP Trial (4 Trials all together), and 7 IPR Declarations. This expert has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the Mechanical Engineering Department at a prestigious universities, including courses on Materials, Manufacturing, and Mechanical Design.

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Expert Witness #211550

This expert holds a Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering and serves as:

- Associate Professor with Tenure

- Director of Graduate Studies

- Director - Laboratory for Translational, Experimental and Computational Cardiovascular Research

- Adjunct Professor - Department of Cardiovascular Medicine

This expert is also the Founder, Member and Manager of a prolific consultancy and medical device innovation firm.

This expert's familiarity with medical device design and innovation dates back years while working as a cooperative education student in a Quality Assurance and Research & Development continuing through this expert's Postdoc in Pediatrics and Bioengineering. During this time, this expert advanced several concepts for a progressive expansion diameter stent through the patentability, market assessment and prototype stages of development. This expert subsequently started a company to focus R&D efforts on a pediatric stent for the staged treatment of stenoses in children.

This expert has served as an expert for litigation in about a dozen cases, none have been patent matters. This expert has written expert reports for both plaintiff and defendant, been professionally prepped for deposition, given one deposition, helped prepare attorneys for deposing opposition experts, and been prepped for trial. This expert has not yet had the opportunity to testify in court. This expert is however, very familiar with the patent process and understands the role of the subject matter expert in associated litigation.

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Expert Witness #261725

This expert is a biomaterials and medical device product development expert with many years of experience. This expert leads a global team that develops pediatric Craniomaxillofacial implants from concept to global commercialization at a Fortune 500 medical firm. This expert has successfully developed, FDA cleared, and launched Bioresorbable, Bone Cement, and Distraction technologies.

This expert is the author of several published scientific articles and inventor of patents on Craniomaxillofacial products. This expert conducted a doctoral research in Biomaterials. This expert's degrees are Aerospace Engineering B.S., Mechanical Engineering M.S., and Biomedical Engineering Dr. Eng.

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