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Plastics expert witness candidates are typically professional engineers with areas of expertise in materials science, polymer science, and/or chemical engineering. The selected expert could be a member of an industry organization such as the Plastics Industry Association, or the International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD). Plastics expert witnesses must have a deep understanding not only of the target technology, but also of market trends, market growth, market segments, and competitive landscape. It is also essential that an expert witness possess the ability to provide expert testimony in such a manner that a jury and judge can understand the factual evidence. 

A plastics expert witness often provides expertise in intellectual property matters, such as a patent infringement or a trade secret dispute. A plastics subject matter expert could also be called in on a product liability case involving materials failure, or a consumer safety or personal injury matter. Litigation support by a plastics expert witness could include materials testing, failure analysis, depositions, and courtroom testimony. In addition, clients may seek a plastics or materials expert for pre-litigation consultant work.

Cahn Litigation Services has been approached by numerous clients to locate expert witnesses to support plastic technology matters. Whether the case involves a medical device, injection molding, polymer characterization, polymer processing, rheology, rotational molding, polymer synthesis, tooling, coatings or thermoplastics, Cahn Litigation Services has the experience required to turn an expert witness search around quickly. The firm has an earned reputation of providing candidates with the right balance of expertise and testimony to support each unique project.

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Plastics Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Plastics experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Plastics landscape.

Expert Witness #214975

This expert is the founder and CEO of a highly successful consultancy specializing in plastics. This expert has spent many years in the Plastics Industry as a leading authority on plastic and composite part failure. This expert worked for a plastics product manufacturer as a leading Principal Scientist. This expert is a world-renowned scientist and author as evidenced by many awards. This expert is a member of ASM International (a society of Material Scientists), the American Chemical Society Polymer Chemistry and Polymeric Materials Divisions, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, the National Association of Subrogation Professionals, the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, the Failure Analysis Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers, the Institute of Packaging Professionals, and the Society of Automotive Engineers. This expert has provided expert services in over 150 litigations involving plastics and composites. This expert is one of the top plastic failure experts in the world having analyzed hundreds of plastic and composite parts including, pipes, food packages, bottles, tanks, latches, toys, medical devices, exercise equipment, automotive parts, pulleys, chairs, and stools. This expert has authored >100 scientific papers, >60 US Patents, a book, and several encyclopedia articles on chemicals and plastics.


  • Forensic analysis/testing of plastic and composite parts
  • Manufacturing processes for plastic bottles including extrusion blow-molding, injection blow-molding, and stretch
  • Blow-molding
  • Root cause analysis of CPVC fire suppression system failures
  • Exercise equipment failure
  • Plastic piping products including ABS, PVC, CPVC, PEX, PP, PVDC, and HDPE
  • Additives for plastics including antioxidants and UV stabilizers
  • Design of plastic parts to meet the requirements of the application
  • Fracture mechanics of plastic materials and composites
  • Chemical resistance/degradation of plastics and elastomers
  • Discoloration and loss of clarity of plastics
  • Plastic part and package design and stress analysis
  • Polymer blends and compounding
  • Polyolefin based resins and applications
  • Additives for improved adhesion in polymer blends and composites
  • Chemicals and Plastics R&D
  • Monomer stabilization and polymerization
  • Molding and extrusion of plastics including foams and films
  • UV, thermal, and environmental degradation of chemicals and plastics
  • Plastic flammability and plastic flame retardant formulations
  • Migration of chemicals and additives from plastics
  • Chemicals and plastics for medical use
  • Composite and nanocomposite materials including carbon fiber composites
  • Permeability (vapors and odors) of plastics
  • Plastics used in medical applications
  • Abrasion resistance of plastics and elastomers
  • Material Selection (choosing the right plastic for the application)

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Expert Witness #231361

This expert is a licensed professional engineer and expert witness who holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. This expert has many years of professional experience in mechanical engineering, consumer product design, research and development, forensic investigation and litigation support. Additionally, this expert holds over twenty patents.

Prior to focusing on work as a forensic mechanical engineer and serving as an expert witness, this expert led an accomplished engineering career designing and developing innovative mechanical components and high-pressure equipment and conducting failure analyses over a broad variety of situations, most of which led to patents. This included designing and developing high-volume machined metal and injection-molded plastic parts, low-pressure seals, springs and stampings as well as manufacturing processes for composites, plastics and adhesive bonding. Working in research and development for major corporations in the aeronautical, petroleum, fluid power and automotive industries, as well as serving for over a decade as a forensic expert witness, this expert draws on a comprehensive background of diverse engineering experience to assist clients with cases involving evaluations of consumer products and commercial, industrial and agricultural equipment for products liability issues and patent disputes, including significant deposition and courtroom testimony experience.

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Expert Witness #251009

This expert is a globally recognized polymer technology expert and industry leader with many years of experience with an outstanding record of achievements in the research and development of vinyl and non-vinyl polymers, color concentrates, and the establishment of industry standards. As the Principal of a technical consultancy, this expert is highly sought-after for expertise in problem solving, product innovation in vinyl plastics, thermoplastics, and processing. The holder of several patents in the area of weather resistant plastic composite technologies for outdoor exposures, this expert provides technical support to manufacturing plants and customers and represented companies in industry organizations. This expert has assisted manufacturing plants in developing quality control procedures and optimization of manufacturing processes for improved performance. Additionally, this expert has investigated and successfully resolved numerous customers' technical problems, physical properties retention, product distortion problems in end use exterior applications; extrusion problems including poor surface characteristics, brittleness during profile cutting and fabrication, extruder overload, and compounding problems, such as inconsistency in compound performance. This expert has also performed raw materials evaluations, dimensional stability studies, and field failure analysis. Further, this expert has performed weatherability testing including, heat build-up, dimensional stability, long term performance, degradation, stabilization, impact modification, and reinforcement. This expert has served as an Expert witness in multiple product, material, compounding, and application patent / intellectual property cases. This expert has been deposed and testified.  

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Expert Witness #251555

This expert is the founder and President of a highly successful consultancy, and provides a wide range of knowledge-based solutions in the plastics injection molding industry including consulting services & training. Specializing in molding part design review and materials selection, this expert and team bring many years of experience in Scientific Injection Molding Processing, Training, Material Selection, Part Design Review, In-Mold Instrumentation, Project Management and Equipment Selection. In addition to industry consulting, this expert also provides training in the areas of injection molding techniques, parts design, defects and failures, machine set-up, processing and troubleshooting. This expert has served as an expert in several litigation matters, and has been deposed.

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Expert Witness #258779

This expert is the Chief Technical Officer of a highly successful materials engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in flexible body armor technologies as well as other related items. This expert began a design/manufacturing career with plastic products. This expert’s firm performs design engineering to develop products, create turn-key production lines, or manufacture, including an advanced materials systems for weapon components including polymer and ceramic. This expert’s research extends from armor and munitions to Composite Reinforced Ceramic Technology (CRCT) machinegun barrels.  Materials utilized include advanced engineering ceramics, self-reinforced thermoplastics, thermoset resins, and advanced composite structures.

This expert created a start-up plastics manufacturing company that evolved into a leading regional injection molding, engineering and mold-making company. Manufacturing technologies included: design engineering, toolmaking, injection molding, thermoset molding, thermoset composite forming, thermoplastic composite fabrication, assembly and packaging. This expert invented and led the development of novel patent-pending mold-making technologies, and added a "paperless" engineering and toolmaking protocol that integrated 3DCAD/CAE/CAM with Quality Assurance and Marketing. This helped the company to earn a high vendor rating and excellent "LEAN" percentage from U.S. government prime contractors. This start-up  served a major OEM manufacturer of grips, stocks and other components for US and European firearms manufacturers.

This expert’s expertise goes well beyond design engineering and manufacturing:

  • an active designer, licensed firearms dealer, owner/operator of a retail gun store, licensed firearms manufacturer, registered armaments exporter and writer
  • an inventor of 11 issued patents including several having to do with plastic components for armaments.
    • researched, written and filed patents and participated in the patent examination process.
    • is familiar with the MPEP, and has visited the USPTO to personally interact with examiners.
    • has utility patents, and filed a design patent application for ergonomic firearm grips
    • was retained during an examination to prepare an Expert Declaration regarding description of technology and lexicon used for a “Section 102” rejection.
    • was firearms training officer for a Highway Patrol department which included instructing handgun, shotgun and rifle. This expert performed armorer duties for police, sheriff, and state agencies, as well as federal agencies located. This included building specialized weapons, such as sniper rifles, for law enforcement use.
    • crime scene reconstruction and analysis of shooting incidents. This expert provides expert witness consulting and testimony for major felony cases.

In addition to prior work as an expert in criminal matters, this expert has served as a subject matter expert for patent, Trade Dress, and Trademark matters. This expert has prepared expert declarations on Post-Grant Review, and worked with attorneys on Ex Parte Reexamination and Inter Partes Review.

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Expert Witness #260507

This expert is recognized as an expert in chemistry, hazardous materials, metallurgical and plastics failure analysis and fire and explosion investigations. This expert is the founder and chief technologist for a nationally recognized fire science and forensic laboratory and specialized burn facility, equipped with among other apparatus, fabric flammability test cabinets, instruments used to characterize fabric density, warp/weave and composition (synthetic, cotton, blend, FR etc.), and a cone calorimeter which is a standard test method to characterize the fire performance of materials.

This expert performs investigation according to recognized and professional standard practices and methodologies for engineering failure analysis and fire investigation with results supported by testing, analysis, codes, standards and literature. Familiar with existing test methods on soft furnishings as well as changes in regulations with respect to fire retardants and fire testing, this expert often performs instrumented, modified standard or ad hoc fire tests on these materials.

This expert was the lead engineer that developed tests and criteria for assessing the burning rate hazard of solid chemical oxidizers based on research and testing at bench and intermediate scales that was accepted by the fire codes. This expert has training in Regulatory Fire Tests and is a principal member on a technical committee which addresses room fire hazards including fuel loads like furniture. This expert is also very familiar with other industry guides including the SFPE.

This expert has training in hazard assessment methodologies, failure analysis and hazardous waste operations and emergency response. This expert serves on hazardous chemical, combustible metals and combustible dust technical committees as well as on technical panels overseeing research related to hazards associated with combustible dusts, antifreeze in home sprinkler systems and separation distances.

This expert has been retained as a consulting and testifying expert by numerous law firms, insurance companies and corporations.

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Expert Witness #266379

This expert has a background in electronics, software, and systems design. This expert’s career journey includes designing lab instrumentation, medical devices, smart battery systems, ultrasonic welding and cleaning, and semiconductors. This expert’s engineering consultancy worked in multiple industries with varied applications: including LED lighting, sensors and motor control, medical devices and consumer devices. Every job change has been an industry change: from lab instrumentation to medical devices, from ultrasonic plastics welding to smart batteries, from sensor design to semiconductors. This expert’s varied experiences and interests give a unique and valuable perspective on problem solving both technically and in business. This expert has spent most of a career in OEM product development, focused on embedded systems, experiencing the role of engineering in many different markets: from consumer electronics to industrial controls, from medical products to LED lighting, and much more. This expert is a named engineer on 5 patents and has done his masters work in Computer Science, holds a Six Sigma Black Belt, and is a certified Scrum Master.

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