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Internet of Things (IoT) expert witness candidates typically have backgrounds in smart products technology, software engineering, computer science, digital forensics, mobile devices, cloud computing, computer engineering, and have specialized knowledge in IoT device or smart device technology.

The Internet of Things describes objects, embedded with sensors and software, that are able to connect with other devices and systems. IoT can use many technologies, including real-time computing, machine learning, and embedded systems, wireless networks, and robotics. Smart technologies are driven by IoT, and concerns over privacy and cybersecurity are real issues with ongoing research.

In addition to consumer applications, the healthcare world has embraced IoT for numerous purposes including remote health monitoring, smart hospital beds, and connected health devices. The transportation industry uses IoT technology for smart traffic control, electronic toll collections, fleet management, vehicle safety, and road assistance. Manufacturing, agriculture, military, and energy industries also benefit from IoT.

Often, matters requiring internet of things expert witness work involve intellectual property matters such as patent infringement or trade secret litigation. Expert witness services by an internet of things expert could include reverse engineering, expert report, expert opinion, and/or trial testimony. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, an attorney may require a testifying expert with prior expert witness testimony experience. In addition, clients often seek an industry expert for pre-litigation consultant work.

While many experts have IoT expertise, an expert witness carries the additional responsibility of providing expert testimony before the court in a manner whereby jurors can understand the technology and digital evidence.

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IoT Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those IoT experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the IoT landscape.

Expert Witness #239025

This expert has been active in the high tech field over this expert's career, and for much of that time, providing consulting services and designing Z-Wave products used in Home Automation security. Home Automation and security systems are often integrated as the technology required is similar. A user's tablet, laptop or phone connects to the internet which in turn is connected to a device in the home to monitor security, as well as turn lights on/off and adjust thermostats. Security is just one piece of the Home Automation product. This expert utilizes the advanced mesh-networking protocol and reliable Z-Wave wireless communication to develop Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices used in security, including this expert's most recent invention, a motion sensor that needs no wires or batteries. This expert has been involved in the Home Automation/security industry for many years. The named inventor on two technology patents, this expert has designed chips for Programmable System-on-Chip microcontrollers (PSoC), video conferencing, smart phone cameras, Ethernet based industrial controllers, and a myriad of other devices used every day. As a CEO, this expert negotiated a patent licensing deal with a large technology company to gain access to their entire portfolio related to their 16 bit processors. This expert is very familiar with the patent process and the requirements to review the claims within them.

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Expert Witness #248794

This expert is both an Independent Consultant and Expert Witness, as well as an Associate Professor of Engineering Practice. As part of this expert's academic responsibilities, this expert teaches courses on Internet of Things (IoT), Computer Networks, System-on-Chip, Special topics: Software Design and Optimization for Electrical Engineers, and System Verification where the focus is on various algorithms that directly relate to mobile transactions and the security issues associated with them. This expert also performs research on various security and safety aspects of systems, including those in IoT, cloud and data centers. Several of this expert's publications are related to security, verification and optimization of mobile/cloud/data center systems. This expert has been involved in several patent litigation matters related to cloud computing, mobile systems, edge computing, and secure software licensing transactions. This expert has given deposition testimony but has not yet testified at trial. This expert is well published and has presented at industry conferences.

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Expert Witness #252087

This expert is an internationally recognized, premier provider of business, product and technology strategy and implementation services for enterprises, start-ups, and public sector entities looking to capitalize on location-based services (LBS) and the Internet of Things (IoT). With market leading expertise in all forms of indoor and outdoor location technologies including GPS, Beacons, RFID, RTLS/Wi-Fi, network-based methods, and various combinations and hybrids, and the context-awareness potential of sensors, this expert provides services that ensure fully functional and integrated indoor and outdoor applications. The rapidly evolving technologies of sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT), combined with SMART/intelligent location, provides the cornerstones of the mobile future: in SMART Homes, Wearables, Buildings, Cities, and Enterprises, they require the best-of-the-best location and context expertise to fully capitalize on IoT's potential. This expert provides the latest IoT developments, expertise and experience in visioning, designing and implementation of leading edge, highly innovative location-related use cases and products and technologies. This expert has provided the highest quality expert witness services related to wireless location, across the full range of IP/patent dimensions from the most technical to those regarding business methods. This expert has successfully provided expert witness services in over 50 patent, anti-trust, and ITC cases, including several successful Inter Parte Reexaminations (IPRs), including deposition and courtroom testimony.

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Expert Witness #252218

This expert is a former Executive Director of a Standards organization. This expert brings to the table extensive experience with IoT, Smart Home and wireless technology. For example, this expert worked on connected devices, the "home of the future" and wireless technologies as well as with the WiFi Alliance, WAP Forum and Bluetooth SIG. In this expert's role as Executive Director/CEO, this expert was the primary driver to bring Wibree into Bluetooth which became Bluetooth low energy (BLE). BLE is the technology which makes Bluetooth relevant in IoT. This expert has been consulting and helping companies add wireless to their products. This expert has helped companies add BLE to their products, built prototypes including hardware integration, web services based on Microsoft Azure platform, and iOS and Android applications. Through this expert's experience, this expert has developed the entire end-to-end solution from device to web service to smartphone. This expert is proven as an expert witness in several cases and has been deposed and testified in court.  

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Expert Witness #256632

This expert is a world-renowned researcher who has extensive research, technical, managerial, and Intellectual Property/patent expertise in the areas of telecommunications, networking, broadband, MetroEthernet, SONET/SDH/OTN Internet, VoIP, wireless, video, multimedia, MPLS, IPv6, e-commerce, and IoT/M2M for both carrier networks and enterprise networks. This expert's specialties include analysis, design, implementation, operation, and advocacy of new network technologies, particularly with an emphasis on packet technologies and the Internet Protocol (IP) for traditional and broadband applications such as:

Voice over IP (VoIP); Video Over IP (e.g., IPTV, specifically, entertainment quality digital TV, video distribution over satellite/DTH, High Throughput Satellites [HTSs], multimedia; wireless connectivity (including Wi-Fi, wireless sensor networks, and communication/DTH/HTS satellites); security; intranet; Internet/intranet architecture and QoS; IoT/M2M; LANs/VLANs/MetroEthernet; and the underlying high-capacity network infrastructure to support these applications along with the call control signaling logic (SS7/Q.931/Q.2931/Q.933) and Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) services. Packet systems include X.25/NCP, IPv4, Frame Relay (FR), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS), and IPv6. This expert has also done work in cloud services (Cisco UCS) and IoT/M2M, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Grid, and e-health.

This expert has many years of hands-on ATM/SONET/MetroEthernet/OTN experience. In addition to numerous papers and conference presentations, this expert has written several books on LANs/VLANs/MetroEthernet, MPLS, Internet Services Cloud services, and IoT/M2M.

This expert has over 200 published patents as well as 35 patent applications cite this expert's work. Additionally, 5000+ academic researchers cite this expert's work in their publications, according to Google Scholar. This expert has taught IT and Telecommunications courses. This expert has appeared in industry conferences as well a radio and TV technology programs.

This expert has been called upon to undertake infringement/non-infringement analysis (with resulting depositions and testimony) in the area of packet video/IPTV, packet voice/VoIP, imaging (scanned checks), IoT, and wireless.

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Expert Witness #121559

This expert holds a Ph.D. in electronics engineering and control systems and has a very strong background in embedded systems, both hardware and software, which is what the IoT is built upon. This expert has been working on and designing microcontroller based systems for many years. This expert has design experience in digital, analog and RF electronic hardware and understands the hardware aspects of IoT based system. This expert has also designed and developed the software to run many embedded systems, including systems that tied into the internet. This expert is working with the Air Force researching, designing and developing the control of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones). This project involves going from sensor inputs to control of the UAV and coordinating control over wireless networks between multiple UAVs and a ground station. Additionally, this expert is working on a control system for a wheelchair to make it possible for quadriplegics to drive and control the wheelchair through head movement controls. This project involves electronic hardware design of the system, and all the software design and development to go from sensor inputs to control of the chair. The system uses wireless network interfaces to get sensor data from the head to a computer control system and tie in remote computer monitoring. This expert has extensive litigation experience including multiple depositions and trial testimony.

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