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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Reverse Engineering experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Reverse Engineering landscape.

Expert Witness #200403

This expert has many years of experience in the design, development, and reverse engineering of software and firmware in a range of systems. This expert has been involved in more than 20 cases involving copyright infringement, patent infringement, patent validity, IPR, covered business method (CBM), trade secrets, deposition, trial, and arbitration support. This expert has worked on more than 58 product reverse engineering cases involving patent infringement.

Recent projects include wireless communications links between UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and the ground station, as well as for a communications link between an adaptive racecar developed with track-side computer monitoring. Another project of note involved the design of a WiFi system associated with in-car camera systems for uploading events to a main server. This expert holds a Ph.D. Electronics Engineering / Control Systems, and BSEE.

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Expert Witness #259571

This expert worked for a specialty reverse engineering company, becoming a Senior Fellow/Technology Analyst, dealing with the microstructural characterization of devices, both process and package analyses. This expert is also a Contributing Editor for a website covering news and industry trends in the semiconductor business.

This expert gave a deposition as a fact witness, and attended another deposition as an observer.

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Expert Witness #248891

This expert holds a PhD and MS in Electrical Engineering, and presently serves as Professor of Electrical Engineering at a State University. For many years, this expert has taught a year-long sequence of graduate level classes in System-on-Chip design. Further, this expert's career has been spent as a professor doing research on VLSI design, both analog and digital, including SoC design. This expert has designed SoCs, fabricated them, and published the results. This expert's research interests center primarily on the design and computer-aided design of digital and analog integrated circuits. Ongoing projects include: optimal gate size and threshold voltage selection for absolute leakage and/or dynamic power minimization subject to a frequency constraint; fast, accurate simulation-based timing analysis; more accurate power estimation for digital circuits; ultra low power time-to-digital conversion; resilient logic and memory for truly sub-threshold operation; for example, highly reliable, very low area overhead asynchronous logic design operating at sub-threshold voltages. Also, the design of secure ICs that cannot be reverse engineered and reverse engineering PCBs that are damaged and/or discarded. This expert has extensive prior litigation experience including deposition and testimony.

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Expert Witness #234101

This expert is a licensed professional engineer and professor of Mechanical Engineering where this expert teaches courses on product design and engineering design methodology. This expert has developed laboratories for product design and reverse engineering. Holding a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, this expert has experience with sensors, actuators and controllers. This expert's expertise extends to a range of sensors used in the field of automotive crash safety, including airbag development, rollover detection, stability control, and digital steering. Such sensors are similar to those used in recreational vehicle leveling systems. This expert is well-published and has presented on recreational vehicle cases. This expert has analyzed recreational vehicle and automotive patent claims as an expert witness.

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Expert Witness #234887

This expert is a consultant and patent owner with many years of experience in developing and supporting the development and commercial exploitation of new technologies in the areas including audio and video encoding, decoding, recording, storage, transmission, and presentation, consumer electronics, digital television, broadcast, mobile, and fiber telecommunications, and computer and storage networks. This expert is specifically experienced in speech processing technologies and details of recognition and insertion of service signals in video programs.

This expert has supported numerous licensing negotiations and reexaminations/IPRs as well as over 50 patent-related District Court and ITC cases, in consultative preparation of cases, characterization of accused products (by testing, reverse engineering, source code review, etc.), preparation of declarations and reports, and, as needed, testifying.

This expert is a Member of the Audio Engineering Society and an Observer Member of the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC).

Summary of Selected Professional Experience

-  Development of techniques for bandwidth reduction encoding and decoding of audio and video content (patent granted on video technique)
-  Consulted on interactive multimedia systems with automated insretion of text over bvideo
-  Consulted on adaptive variable rate coding for speech and general audio and on automatic audio content identification

Summary of Selected Related Case Experience

-  Patent litigation - issues included recognizing and tagging media content
-  Patent litigation - issues included audio and video data encoding, decoding and bit-rate reduction in digital television receivers
-  Issues included audio encoding and decoding, and recognition and insertion of service signals for digital television
-  Patent litigation - audio encoding and decoding, and content-descriptive metadata generation, extraction, analysis and insertion in digital television

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Expert Witness #247985

This expert is a year veteran of the software industry, having worked on numerous projects involving source code and executables written in C++ and other languages. This expert has devoted a significant portion of this expert's consulting practice to expert witness services, supporting a near even mix of plaintiffs and defendants in over forty patent, software copyright, and trade secret matters where code review, reverse engineering, and computer software and hardware forensics are required. This expert has become patent savvy and understand the concepts behind patent litigation from claim construction, to validity contentions.

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Expert Witness #125106

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering. This expert has extensive experience with trial testimony (validity, infringement, trade secrets), depositions, expert reports and investigation of computer video hardware and video software systems such as mobile payments, core network payment processing, global banking solutions and high frequency financial trading systems. This expert is also involved in major reverse engineering and source code review of multi millions of lines of software and hardware source code, including but not limited to mobile payment solutions, computer GUIs specifically for mobile devices, payment processing solutions and solutions providers. This expert is an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science / Computer Engineering, teaching and advising of Ph.D. level research in spaces such as computer software, networking and human computer interfaces and GUIs, and has significant background with Android and iOS interfaces. This expert is the named inventor of multiple patents, including client/server computing and embedded operating systems. This expert is the author of numerous IEEE and ACM publications and textbooks in areas such as high-performance hardware and software design, computer operating systems and related software, image processing and graphical technology.

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Expert Witness #263680

This expert has worked extensively with video capture systems both as a research engineer and in the context of patent assertion cases. This expert has testified on many occasions, with the majority of testimony work for the ITC.

This expert is familiar with a number of Image Capture Processors (ICP), and has experience with the entire process flow from RAW image capture, front end processing, delivery to a programmable processor for format adjusting, and ultimately transmission to a base station. This expert also has extensive experience with reverse engineering and claim charts. This expert holds PhD, ME, and BSE degrees, and is a named inventor on 100 US patents.

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Expert Witness #257432

This expert is an independent consultant and expert witness, primarily in matters of Intellectual Property in networking, computer network security and the back-end connections utilized in banking ATM networks. This expert is a networking expert whose core skill is reverse engineering the design of networks and systems to identify gaps in their design, their software, or their operation. This expert is well-published, and is a frequent presenter at industry and academic conferences. This expert has experience as an expert witness before the Federal District Court as well as the US Patent and Trademark office.

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Expert Witness #121557

This expert holds a Ph.D. in electronics engineering and control systems. This expert began work with encryption and cryptographic systems in the Air Force. This expert trained on and serviced a large range of military cryptographic systems. This expert developed an in-car video surveillance system for Advanced EDR. As part of the system this expert developed the cryptographic system for encrypting the video surveillance information which included video, time and date of incidences, GPS location data, and other related incident information. The purpose of encrypting the information was to prevent tampering with the surveillance information. This expert has extensive experience as an expert witness in several cases involving encryption in database technology. This expert successfully reverse engineered several database products that used encryption, working successfully with the client and legal team on the related infringement cases. This expert is working on another matter that involves video surveillance systems which use various forms of encryption to ensure evidence is not tampered with. The named inventor on six U.S. patents, this expert has provided testimony at deposition and trial.

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Expert Witness #253414

This expert has performed testing and reverse engineering in two vehicular lidar cases. This expert focuses on the LIDAR technology for practical applications on the ground in the air and in the lab. This expert is responsible for the design of a number of high speed lidars and lidar receivers, including two airborne time-of-flight lidar receivers for geophysical and bathymetric applications; a coherent lidar for detecting and mapping submicron particles moving at up to 3 km/s (Mach 9) in extreme-UV light sources for semiconductor lithography; and developed design studies and intellectual property for coherent lidar for vehicles.

This expert is an experienced expert witness in patent and trade secret matters, having provided testimony, reports and reverse engineering in high profile matters for name-brand technology leaders. This expert is well-published, holds over three dozen US patents and is a recognized leader in his field.

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