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Battery expert witness candidates typically have backgrounds in automotive engineering, electrochemistry, electrical engineering, and/or mechanical engineering. A batteries expert witness should have a deep understanding not only of the technology, but also of the battery market (market size, market growth, market trends) and competitive landscape. 

An expert witness could provide expertise in intellectual property matters such as a patent litigation or trade secrets dispute. An expert in battery technology might also provide testimony in matters such as a product liability case or personal injury case. Expert witness services could include failure analysis, expert report preparation, forensic engineering, and expert testimony in court. Cahn Litigation Services is frequently called upon by law firms clients to locate an expert witness that can support issues involving batteries. Previously, the firm has searched for experts to support cases involving:

Cahn Litigation Services has many years of experience of presenting expert witness candidates that precisely match the needs outlined by the legal team.

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Batteries Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Batteries experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Batteries landscape.

Expert Witness #266379

This expert has a background in electronics, software, and systems design. This expert’s career journey includes designing lab instrumentation, medical devices, smart battery systems, ultrasonic welding and cleaning, and semiconductors. This expert’s engineering consultancy worked in multiple industries with varied applications: including LED lighting, sensors and motor control, medical devices and consumer devices. Every job change has been an industry change: from lab instrumentation to medical devices, from ultrasonic plastics welding to smart batteries, from sensor design to semiconductors. This expert’s varied experiences and interests give a unique and valuable perspective on problem solving both technically and in business. This expert has spent most of a career in OEM product development, focused on embedded systems, experiencing the role of engineering in many different markets: from consumer electronics to industrial controls, from medical products to LED lighting, and much more. This expert is a named engineer on 5 patents and has done his masters work in Computer Science, holds a Six Sigma Black Belt, and is a certified Scrum Master.

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Expert Witness #247629

This expert is currently an Assistant Professor at a university teaching courses in Network Analysis, Digital Logic, Electromechanics and Power System Analysis. This expert earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, and has served in Academia and consulting since that time. This expert has published refereed articles on power generation, micro-grid systems, the evaluation of power electronic systems and other relevant topics. This expert has also published on subjects dealing with batteries, and with alternate energy sources, such as wind and solar generation. This expert is active in industry organizations and conferences as a speaker and session chair as well as member in a number of professional societies including the Power & Energy Society. This expert is the author of a US patent, and has received substantial funding support for research.

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Expert Witness #247249

This expert joined a hazardous materials regulations and compliance company where he provides dangerous goods regulatory assistance to customers worldwide by drawing on vast experience and knowledge of the hazardous materials regulations. This expert served with an organization, where this expert was responsible for directing approximately 150 hazardous materials transportation specialists of the Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety Program, including overseeing the regulatory development, technical review and classification, international standards, outreach, special permits and approvals and enforcement offices. In this position this expert was involved in the development of domestic and international regulations and gained not only an understanding of the regulations but the intent and meaning behind the words. This expert has been involved in the development and implementation of hazardous materials safety regulations for many years and has been responsible for a broad range of domestic and international hazardous materials safety efforts.

Since leaving the government for private practice, this expert draws on vast experience to provide guidance and consulting services to clients ranging from major international corporations to small businesses. This expert has assisted numerous clients with bringing their operations into compliance. Typical services include:

-  Working with company staff to better their understand of regulatory issues, improve management oversight, hold suppliers more accountable and improve corporate safety;
-  Conducting compliance audits and providing corrective action reports and recommendations;
-  Providing compliance assistance (e.g. intermodal shipping strategies, hazard classification, regulations interpretation, etc.);
-  Developing operations and policy manuals, standard operating procedures and job aides;
-  Developing reverse logistics/customer return solutions;
-  Providing technical expertise for classifying hazardous materials including lithium batteries;
-  Identifying opportunities to use regulatory exceptions to lower shipping cost and reduce risk;
-  Penalty mitigation related to enforcement actions;
-  Serving as an expert witness in civil and criminal cases, including deposition and testimony;
-  Acquiring special permits and approvals;
-  Providing training development, assess employee competencies and function specific responsibilities; and
-  Developing and supplying customized dangerous goods products specific to client's needs.

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