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Wireless expert witness candidates typically have many years of experience in electrical engineering, wireless network technology, software engineering, information technologysignal processing, telecommunications, and/or computer engineering

Wireless technology cases that require technical expertise often center around intellectual property matters, such as patent infringement and trade secrets disputes. At Cahn Litigation Services, sourcing wireless expert witnesses for patent litigation is a particular area of expertise.

Wireless communication is a broad term that embodies the transmission of information between two or more devices without the use of a physical medium; wireless communication works through electromagnetic signals broadcast by enabled wireless technology devices. Wireless communication encompasses various technologies and methods including:

• Satellite communication

• Mobile (cellular) communication

• Wireless network communication

• Infrared communication

• Bluetooth communication

Examples of legal matters that Cahn Litigation Services has searched for wireless experts for have encompassed:

Expert witness services could include an expert report, patent invalidity and validity arguments, and expert testimony at trial. In high profile cases, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a testifying expert with prior expert witness experience is often a requirement. In addition, clients often seek an telecommunications expert or a wireless communication expert for expert consulting with pre-litigation engineering work.

Cahn Litigation Services is frequently called upon by law firms to locate wireless technology experts that can provide litigation support services.

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Wireless Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Wireless experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Wireless landscape.

Expert Witness #232031

This expert is Founder and CEO of a highly sought-after international consultancy and is one of the leading strategists in the mobile industry. This expert is considered a leading authority on mobile data technologies and consumer trends. This expert has served as an advisor to senior executive management of several Fortune 100 companies in the wireless space and is probably the only industry strategist who has advised each of the top global mobile data operators.

Before starting a consulting practice, this expert was founding Director of Emerging Solutions at an eCommerce company, and served as its Director of the wireless practice. In this role, this expert conducted wireless research and development, provided vision and strategic direction and established partnerships with leading industry players. Prior to that, this expert was a systems engineer and product manager, focusing on mobile communications, and worked on creating RF Fingerprinting solutions to prevent wireless fraud.

This expert is the author or co-author or editor of thirteen books on wireless technologies. This expert’s books have been adopted in several corporate training programs and university courses. This expert has written over 150+ articles and papers covering various topics on wireless. This expert has patents in wireless communications, is regularly invited to speak at conferences worldwide, and is an active member in industry bodies and committees.

This expert is one of the leading strategists on IP matters in the wireless industry. This expert has advised clients with some of the biggest patent portfolios in the world and worked with players across the wireless value chain. This expert has been retained as an expert witness and advisor for some of the most prominent legal matters in front of the International Trade Commission (ITC).

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Expert Witness #251048

This expert received a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering. This expert's research is in the broad area of wireless communications and networking, with particular emphasis on resource management, distributed protocols, and security. This expert has worked extensively on secure verification of location and timing information, including privacy preserving audit mechanisms. This expert's research in this area focused on third-part privacy preserving audits of encrypted control messages (e.g., secure sensing measurements that must be accompanied by time and GPS coordinates) in various contexts, including wireless sensor networks, storage systems (verifiability of stored data in cloud storage), location-based message verification in packet relaying, and others.

This expert has been involved in NSF and DoD funded projects related to cognitive radio networks; shared and dynamic spectrum access; coexistence of heterogeneous wireless systems (e.g., LTE-U/WiFi); wireless security (e.g., obfuscation of transmission signatures, MIMO-based friendly jamming; insider attacks, selective-reactive jamming/dropping, game-theoretic countermeasures); 802.11 WLANs; power control protocols; multi-channel MIMO systems (including virtual/cooperative MIMO); mmWave systems; secure satellite communications; energy management in solar-powered WSNs; full-duplex communications and self-interference suppression; and media streaming over wireless links. This expert worked on packet scheduling and buffer management in switches and routers, QoS provisioning, fault monitoring/detection in optical networks, effective-bandwidth theory, traffic characterization, voice-over-IP, and video-on-demand systems. This expert has published more than 250 journal articles and peer-reviewed conference papers, and is a co-inventor of 5 granted/pending US patents. This expert's grants include 20 competitive NSF awards, 16 of which this expert served as the sole or lead PI.  This expert was a keynote speaker at various conferences, including IEEE ICCSP, IEEE CRESS, IEEE CCW, IFIP Wireless Days, and the IEEE Workshop on Wireless Mesh Networks. This expert was an invited panelist at various international conferences. This expert gave tutorials at premier wireless networking conferences and frequently consults for companies in the telecommunications sector.  

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Expert Witness #232810

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing and is a Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at a research university. Further, this expert serves as Associate Director of a wireless network laboratory, where this expert directs research in wireless security. This expert is a Fellow of the IEEE for contributions to Information Security. This expert has focused research efforts on wireless network security, and led a large research group that has produced research that has appeared in numerous high-impact journals and premier networking, security and systems conferences. This expert has led several federally funded projects in the area of cybersecurity and communication systems, involving security and privacy for sensor networks, physical layer security for wireless systems, a security framework for cognitive radios, the development of wireless testbed resources, and new RFID technologies. This expert was involved in an NSF-funded project, which is a clean-slate effort to re-architect the Internet to support mobility and improved security. This expert has led a DARPA initiative into validating and prototyping physical layer security mechanisms, an Army Research Office project on the theory of physical layer security, and an Army project on cognitive radio networks and routing protocols. This expert has published over 150 papers, including six best papers awards (two in media security, one in Internet design, one in cognitive radio systems, one in mobile computing, and one in wireless security). This expert's experience in network security and wireless spans many years, and this expert has co-authored a popular textbook in security, as well as several notable monographs on wireless security.   

This expert's activities in wireless security include the investigation of techniques to secure wireless sensor networks, which includes validating the authenticity and validity of sensor measurements using both cryptographic and non-cryptographic mechanisms. This expert has provided technical analysis to lawyers at the Federal Trade Commission in regards to an anti-trust case. This work involved analyzing defendant software and subpoenaed documents, and subsequently writing thorough reports in regards to the potential intent existing within the defendant's software. This expert has also written several patents.  

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Expert Witness #211579

This expert has spent many years in the medical device marketplace combined with twenty years in diverse areas of wireless and mobility technologies. This expert's core expertise is from software development and device integration to include all phases of wireless from licensed and unlicensed both in the indoor and outdoor space. This domain knowledge space has been gained with Fortune 50 and international companies and has included both hands on design, implementation, and solution deployments on a global level. As President of a global-reach healthcare, medical device, and wireless engineering consultancy, this expert specializes in medical device mobility and wireless connectivity communications. This expert has worked on several projects involving BTLE (4.0), and has also worked with ANT on design projects and FDA 510(k) approval. This expert is very familiar with authentication schemas. Most of this expert's work regarding BTLE has been with the connectivity of medical devices to smart devices and the cloud. This expert has also been involved with legal and patent work surrounding these technologies. Highly skilled at designing, implementing and supporting wireless enterprise and critical mobility applications, this expert has developed projects that range from multi-floor environments, outdoor campus environments, and co-existence strategies with various wireless standards. This includes the ability to develop the capability to have a complex ecosystem of different business and clinical applications with the right security and performance requirements. This was developed through this expert's work with a major patient monitoring company, which laid the foundation for the first patient monitoring system that provided mission-critical data in a shared wired and wireless VLAN design.  

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Expert Witness #209004

This expert is the president of a leading provider of strategic consulting, educational services and research reports to the wireless communications industry, bringing many years of experience to the table. A noted patent analyst, expert witness, technologist, author, product developer, educator and consultant specializing in wireless technologies systems, mobile, and cellular, this expert has performed claims analysis on hundreds of patents for the purposes of patent litigation, patent infringement and patent validity. Many of these patents addressed Bluetooth systems, standards and technologies. This work necessitated multiple analyses of all current and past IEEE 802.15.1 and Bluetooth standards. Specifically, this expert has analyzed patents and technical standards relating to wireless handshake and pairing in several patent cases and portfolio reviews. As an expert witness, this expert has authored numerous expert reports and been deposed many times in cases ranging from wireless technologies and usage to theft of trade secrets. Considered a leading industry expert, this expert has taught public and private seminars on various wireless technologies, networks and services and has also served as an expert witness on a wide spectrum of civil and business matters/litigation involving wireless communications products and services.

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Expert Witness #226835

This expert has significant experience in OFDM and wireless applications. This expert is a Distinguished Service Professor of Electrical and Computer engineering at a technology institute, and consults research on wireless systems, geolocation services and broadband powerline systems. This expert has been providing consulting and expert witness services in telecom and wireless for many years and has an impressive list of litigation support projects. This expert has been designing and developing wireless (and other) communications systems for many years.

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Expert Witness #245383

This expert is a PhD candidate and research/teaching assistant working under one of the top wireless communications/telephony experts in the country. This expert has worked extensively as a technical engineer for IP litigation. This expert's areas of specialization include:

-  4G/LTE
-  Packet-Network
-  Telephony
-  Wireless Communication
-  Wireless Sensors
-  Telepresence Software
-  Mobile Hardware and Software

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Expert Witness #214831

This expert holds a BS, MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering and serves as a Professor at a School of Electrical and Computer Engineering where this expert teaches undergraduate and graduate-level classes on Electromagnetics, Antenna Engineering, Microwave Design, Satellite Communications, and Advanced Analytical Electromagnetics. In addition to teaching duties, this expert founded a research group that studies radiolocation, channel sounding, backscatter radio, RFID, and applied electromagnetics. A frequent consultant to industry, having advised many multinational corporations on wireless technology, this expert brings to the table many years working in the area of antennas and base station cellular technology. Several notable projects and achievements in this field include:

- This expert authored the first textbook on space-time wireless and antenna design. This textbook was a highly-cited research classic in the field, the first to describe how next-generation (3G, 4G, and beyond) base station antennas should be designed.
- This expert was awarded for a paper on the first characterization of radio propagation at 5.8 GHz for utility-mounted base stations delivering wireless internet to residences.
- Developed First-of-its-kind Wireless Curriculum for including a Cellular Base Station Technician Certificate program.
- This expert's research group was the first academic group to demonstrate fine-scale position location of cell phones that dial 911 in a live cellular system.
- This expert and students have written more than 120 journal and conference papers, mostly on the topic of antennas and propagation for wireless communication systems. This expert is listed as inventor or co-inventor on 6 patents related to antennas and antenna systems.
- This expert has directed antenna design projects for government organizations and private companies.

This expert has been involved in 5 litigation matters, all regarding wireless antennas and hardware, including report writing (validity, infringement, IPR, claims construction), deposition (3 days), and trial testimony (ITC). .

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Expert Witness #209043

This expert is an accomplished scientist and executive with many years of technology and business experience, with particular strengths in vision, strategy and technology innovation. This expert is principal consultant at an independent consulting firm focused on mobile, wireless and streaming technologies. This expert is an adjunct professor of electrical engineering. This expert was VP of Innovation at a leader in wireless infrastructure solutions. Before that this expert was director of network technologies research at a Wireless and Information Technology Center. This expert spent several years with a telecommunications company's enterprise mobility division where this expert served as senior director research and development and technology strategy, pioneering novel wireless architectures and mobile products. This expert received a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering and an MBA. This expert has over 50 U.S. patents issued or pending and has published extensively in scientific journals and conferences. This expert consults and serves as an advisor to industry and government on mobile and wireless technologies. This expert has served on 15+ patent litigation cases for plaintiffs and defendants.

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