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Broadband technology expert witness candidates typically have extensive experience and a background in wireless technology, electrical engineering, computer engineering, mobile technology, telecommunications, and/or have specialized knowledge in wireless communication and wireless network technology.

Broadband refers to high-speed and high-bandwidth transmission technologies used to transmit data, voice, and video across long distances. Broadband service providers can be telephone or cable companies, internet service providers (ISP), a wireless network provider (cell phone) or satellite service. In telecommunications, broadband transports multiple signals via coaxial cable, fiber optics, radio or twisted pair. Broadband internet service is offered in four different forms:

Mobile broadband is a term used by wireless carriers to describe mobile Internet access that uses the mobile phone infrastructure, or cellular network.

Often, matters requiring broadband expert witness work involve intellectual property, such as patent infringement litigation or trade secret disputes. Expert witness services by a broadband expert witness could include expert consulting, expert report preparation, expert opinion, depositions and/or expert testimony in the courtroom. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, an attorney may require a technical professional with prior expert witness testimony experience. In addition, clients often seek an industry expert for pre-litigation consulting work. While many experts have broadband technology expertise, an expert witness carries the additional responsibility of providing testimony before the court in a manner whereby lay people can understand the technology and evidence.

Cahn Litigation Services has the experience required to turn an expert witness search around quickly. The firm has an earned reputation for providing candidates with the right balance of expertise and testimony to support each project and it nuances.

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Broadband Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Broadband experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Broadband landscape.

Expert Witness #219930

This expert is Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering at a University where this expert specializes in teaching Digital Communications Systems and Wireless Networking. This expert has many years of leadership in the communications and networking industry. Most recently, this expert was Chief Technology Officer of a venture funded networking company. Previously, this expert was at a telecommunications company performing and leading pioneering research and development in digital communications, broadband networking, and wireless systems. After retiring from industry, this expert was visiting professor of Electrical Engineering at an Ivy League School, where this expert supervised several doctoral students and research projects.

This expert is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the IEEE, and has co-authored a textbook, published ~100 papers and holds 43 patents (with 6 pending).

This expert has conducted and led research and development that has resulted in many innovative products, including: a 20 gigabit/sec ATM switch, wire-speed and quality of service-aware IP switches, multicode CDMA (used in 3G HSDPA wireless data), and a broadband wireless system based on advanced smart antennas (MIMO). Earlier in this expert's career, this expert led the team that pioneered V.32/V.34 voice-band modems, and was co-inventor of DSL. This expert was instrumental in launching an early DSL chip vendor.

This expert received a Bachelor's degree with honors in Electrical Engineering, and Masters and Doctor of Engineering Science degrees in Electrical Engineering.

As an experienced expert witness in litigation involving wireless technologies, this expert has been deposed eight times, testified five and wrote countless expert reports.

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Expert Witness #222600

This expert is a testifying expert, author, patent holder, and Registered Professional Engineer who has many years of experience in Electrical Engineering, Networks and Telecommunications. This expert’s primary areas of expertise include telecommunications, switching systems (circuit, packet and optical), LANS, communication network architecture and protocols, and copper and fiber-optic cabling systems (cables, connectors, patch panels, etc.).

This expert holds 8 U.S. patents, has authored more than 30 technical publications (including 2 books) and has given technical presentations on 5 continents. This expert has provided Trial Testimony, Expert Reports, Depositions, Technical Tutorials, and consulting in more than 20 patent cases in Federal District Court and the ITC, as well as Inter Partes Reviews at the PTAB.

Relevant Professional Experience

  • Member of Technical Staff and Technical Manager -- Customer Switching Systems
    Involved with telecommunications networks, PBX and data switch design, signaling systems, interface with long-haul network. Inventor and lead designer of integrated circuit and packet switching system. Inventor of a message signaling arrangement for ISDN switches and terminals.
  • Technical Manager and Director – Network Cable Systems, Optical Fiber Solutions, and Optical Networking Business Units
    Involved with copper and fiber-optic cabling systems and transmission, optical switching, local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), network management. Developed a signal message translator to enable logical partitioning of a broadband network router into multiple virtual routers.
  • Telecommunications consulting
    Provided consulting, engineering, and expert witness services on transmission, switching, and networking issues, LANs, and cabling systems.

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Expert Witness #226835

This expert has significant experience in OFDM and wireless applications. This expert is a Distinguished Service Professor of Electrical and Computer engineering at a technology institute, and consults research on wireless systems, geolocation services and broadband powerline systems. This expert has been providing consulting and expert witness services in telecom and wireless for many years and has an impressive list of litigation support projects. This expert has been designing and developing wireless (and other) communications systems for many years.

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Expert Witness #256632

This expert is a world-renowned researcher who has extensive research, technical, managerial, and Intellectual Property/patent expertise in the areas of telecommunications, networking, broadband, MetroEthernet, SONET/SDH/OTN Internet, VoIP, wireless, video, multimedia, MPLS, IPv6, e-commerce, and IoT/M2M for both carrier networks and enterprise networks. This expert's specialties include analysis, design, implementation, operation, and advocacy of new network technologies, particularly with an emphasis on packet technologies and the Internet Protocol (IP) for traditional and broadband applications such as:

Voice over IP (VoIP); Video Over IP (e.g., IPTV, specifically, entertainment quality digital TV, video distribution over satellite/DTH, High Throughput Satellites [HTSs], multimedia; wireless connectivity (including Wi-Fi, wireless sensor networks, and communication/DTH/HTS satellites); security; intranet; Internet/intranet architecture and QoS; IoT/M2M; LANs/VLANs/MetroEthernet; and the underlying high-capacity network infrastructure to support these applications along with the call control signaling logic (SS7/Q.931/Q.2931/Q.933) and Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) services. Packet systems include X.25/NCP, IPv4, Frame Relay (FR), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS), and IPv6. This expert has also done work in cloud services (Cisco UCS) and IoT/M2M, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Grid, and e-health.

This expert has many years of hands-on ATM/SONET/MetroEthernet/OTN experience. In addition to numerous papers and conference presentations, this expert has written several books on LANs/VLANs/MetroEthernet, MPLS, Internet Services Cloud services, and IoT/M2M.

This expert has over 200 published patents as well as 35 patent applications cite this expert's work. Additionally, 5000+ academic researchers cite this expert's work in their publications, according to Google Scholar. This expert has taught IT and Telecommunications courses. This expert has appeared in industry conferences as well a radio and TV technology programs.

This expert has been called upon to undertake infringement/non-infringement analysis (with resulting depositions and testimony) in the area of packet video/IPTV, packet voice/VoIP, imaging (scanned checks), IoT, and wireless.

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Expert Witness #258984

This expert is an IEEE Fellow and is involved in the 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee (LMSC). The LMSC has about 2000 members that complete at least 10 Standards projects per year while engaged in about 50 concurrent standards development activities in the crucible of a highly competitive, yet consensus driven environment. As an expert in the technical details of the IEEE 802.11ac-2013 and the subsequent incorporation of the amendment into the current version of the base standard:

-  This expert is an expert on how the standard was developed from inception to completion
-  This expert is an expert on the IEEE standardization processes, patent policy and creation, oversight and implementation
-  This expert is familiar with the processes in the ITU, ISO/IEC, 3GPP and IETF along with the many alliances (e.g., Wi-Fi Alliance) surrounding the Standards

This expert co-founded a broadband company and was Vice President of Technology and Standards. The team invented and produced carrier-class next-generation Cable Modem Termination Systems. This expert was a co-founder and Vice President of Engineering at a company specializing in developing high performance modems for SD and HD digital video and high-speed data systems. This expert held technical positions of increasing responsibility at multiple communications & medical imaging technology companies. This expert received a BS in Electrical Engineering & Biology and an M.S. in Biomedical Engineering.

While this expert has provided expert intellectual property analysis for several firms on several cases, this expert has never been called to be a witness.

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Expert Witness #262723

This expert is an internationally recognized technical and business leader in the fields of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, cryptographic security, broadband and network system, and entrepreneurial development. This expert has many years of experience in wireless system development and product development.

This expert is the creator of video P2P for realtime and P2MP security applications, which are now the system standard for casinos and high value venue security. These systems use private as well as cellular backhauls employing licensed spectrum and high capacity long-range point-to-point microwave links. This expert is the named inventor of 67 granted patents and applications primarily in wireless, signal processing & processor, machine learning, and microelectronics. This expert holds a PhD. In Electrical Engineering, an MBA, and a BSEE - Electrical and Electronics Engineering. This expert has provided expert witness testimony on several matters.

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Expert Witness #233211

This expert is a Ph.D. in Computer and information Science. This expert has spent a career as an innovator in the field of multimedia, broadband, web commerce and distributed computing. This expert was the CTO of a billion-dollar publicly traded broadband company, including its Internet-over-cable subsidiary and satellite Internet company. This expert has hands-on experience in CATV head-end systems configuration, broadband, and Internet. This expert has extensive experience in many Internet multimedia firsts, including seminal streaming media work, contemporaneously knowledgeable of development of interstitial ad insertion in streaming media. This expert personally designed, built, field-deployed, and provided service for the industry's first Hi-Def Set Top Box used by most major Hollywood film & TV studios for dailies screening, while CTO/CIO of the principal digital dailies service provider firm. This expert is very knowledgeable about set top boxes, content management, and content and ad delivery. As an expert witness, this expert has had about a dozen engagements, with approximately 60 hours of on-record testimony, and has authored several thousand pages of expert reports.

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Expert Witness #257431

This expert (Senior Member, IEEE and Fellow, IETE) is an international technologist and entrepreneur with many years of experience in networking and telecom technologies, having lead research, industry, labs, and academia, and having coordinated globally diverse expert teams. This expert has 12 issued US patents, 10 IETF RFCs, 4 IEEE Magazine special issues, 2 book chapters, and over 70 scientific publications. This expert has considerable standards participation experience and a solid understanding of standards processes.

This expert has also been an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, having taught six courses in areas as diverse as electronics, digital circuits, and electronics labs, to telematics and advanced data networks some to class-sizes exceeding 100 students, has graduated eight students, has guided 25+ seminars and graduate course research projects, and participated in the evaluation of over two-dozen other theses and seminars. In addition, this expert is frequently an invited speaker/keynote speaker, session chair, panel moderator, & panelist at leading industry conferences, and has delivered 145+ workshops, talks, seminars, panels, and webinars.

This expert is Moderator and Group Manager of a flagship online group, focused on discussions of modern packet networking architectures, technologies, trends, and strategy, which has 9,900+ members from 123+ nations, and 2,236+ companies worldwide, representing a microcosm of the global telecommunications eco-system.

This expert has experience in patent analysis and evaluation for investment houses, companies, and patent attorneys in a variety of circumstances – portfolio acquisition and expansion, licensing, portfolio value assessment, patent strategy, and patent litigation. This expert’s work has included: prior-art research in complex technology patents, claims review/de-construction, claim chart dissection, claim chart construction.

This expert has performed infringement analysis, evidence-of-use investigations, technology analysis and violation, and worked on scrutinizing validity. A major contribution of this expert’s work has been enabling complex telecommunications & data networking patents to be succinctly and easily understood by legal and investment experts.

Focus Areas

Packet and optical system architectures

Network architectures - for packet, optical and data-center networks

Protocol design - routing, signaling, flow-control, and communication protocols for wireline/wireless networks

System analysis and optimization

Software prototyping

Network planning and algorithms

Wireless back-haul

Wireless broadband - 4G, LTE, 5G

Packet-core networks - L2 and L3 VPNs, EVPNs, Mobile network Evolved Packet Core (EPC)

Cloud-based & virtualized networks

Software-defined networks (SDN), and network functions virtualization (NFV)

Intellectual asset management

Core Skills

Reverse-engineering of systems, networks, products and applications to locate design, performance, or operational bottlenecks/limitations

Deep-dive analysis of advanced technologies, networking systems, and network architectures to identify both positive design choices & practices and fatal design flaws

Translating between network-level operation and system-level implementation

Sound understanding of wireline, broadband wireless, and optical networking issues and ability to convert them into architectures for services, networks, systems, and chips

Grasping customer requirements, interpreting and prioritizing features/options, translating them into high-level architectural specifications and detailed system-level/chip-level operational flows

Working seamlessly with engineering/executive management and hardware & software engineering and product marketing teams to realize next-generation products/networks/services

Converting novel ideas into patentable inventions.

Explaining very complex technology to a diverse audience, and the ability to dive very-deep, technically, into disparate technology areas.

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Expert Witness #231272

This expert is the Founder and Principal of an internationally renown consulting firm specializing in telecommunications, networking, computing and multimedia technologies including digital video and audio standards. The firm provides business management, product management and engineering management services, market intelligence consulting, licensing expertise and litigation support including expert witness services. The company provides its clients with a wide variety of services so they can keep pace with the breakneck changes in their industries. Areas of expertise include:

• Broadband Communications
• Digital Switching
• Internet Infrastructure
• Network Management
• Networking
• Computer Architecture
• Telecommunications & Wireless Product Marketing
• Wireless Technologies
• Multimedia Technologies including MPEG
• VoIP and Related Technologies
• Virtualization and Thin Client Technologies

Early on, much of this expert’s work involved video processing technologies including MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and MPEG-7. This expert was also responsible for IP based technologies, including applications of SIP and RTP. Some of these technologies which relied on TCP/IP or UDP/IP were spun out to a start-up that pursued commercialization of the SIP and RTP technologies. This expert has been involved in numerous cases involving use of the public and private Internets to transmit data. Some providers used the public Internet while others used different technologies including their own IP networks to deliver content (e.g., audio, video, etc.) or peering agreements with Internet service providers, especially when end-to-end quality-of-service (QoS) had to be managed at certain levels.

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