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Emissions expert witness candidates typically have backgrounds in air quality, environmental health, and/or chemical engineering. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducts environmental assessment, research, and education on many environmental issues, including emissions. The EPA is heavily focused on emissions control, and their enforcement powers include fines and sanctions. An emissions expert might be called upon to provide litigation support in matters such as personal injury, toxic tort cases, as well as criminal cases. Expert witness services could include expert opinion, expert report preparation, and expert witness testimony at a trial. Example matters that Cahn Litigation Services has placed experts for have involved:

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Emissions Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Emissions experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Emissions landscape.

Expert Witness #252142

This expert is a mechanical engineer with specific expertise in diesel engines, diesel combustion, and diesel emissions. This expert is very familiar with diesel engine support systems, including fueling systems, and this expert’s experience working with diesel engines and diesel automobiles allows this expert to understand the nuances of how a diesel fill tube is designed. This expert’s research focuses on diesel combustion and emissions, where this expert regularly studies different blends of diesel fuels, their effects on engine behavior, combustion, and emissions. This expert is well published and is a frequent presenter at academic and industry conferences.

This expert is involved in a class action lawsuit involving a major diesel vehicle manufacturer concerning diesel engine emissions. This expert has generated two expert reports (a rebuttal to the plaintiff’s initial expert report, and an expert report concerning essential documentation during discovery), and has provided testimony at depositions. e’sHThis expertThis This expert teaches, and holds Ph.D, M.S., and B.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering.

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Expert Witness #260732

This expert holds an MS and PhD in Environmental Engineering and a DSc in Mercury Emissions Control and brings to the table many years of engineering and management experience contracting with US federal agencies and various international organizations. This expert's background includes process/reaction engineering, technology feasibility evaluation, and experience with technology commercialization, providing an in-depth understanding of issues related to air pollution control/prevention technologies. This expert has published over 100 presentations and publications, co-authored seven U.S. patents, and has received scientific and technological achievement awards.

This expert has been technically involved with mercury R&D, as well as technology development and evaluation.

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Expert Witness #237273

This expert has many years of automotive experience working at automobile manufacturers, and for the military. This includes direct experience in engine systems, combustion, and emission systems, engine controls and cooling systems. This expert is a Chemical Engineer and is quite knowledgeable in the design of heat exchangers and cooling systems. This expert has direct experience in the use of Exhaust Gas Recirculation for NOx emissions reduction, the effects of temperature on the stoichiometric relationship for efficient combustion, and also how this relates to fuel economy and emissions. This expert has worked with the different types of automotive heat exchange systems since high school auto shop days, work at the automotive OEMs and the supply base, and work with the military. This expert’s automotive and military vehicle experience work includes these types of components and systems.

Besides multiple degrees, this expert is also a PE, and Six Sigma Blackbelt. This expert has deep experience in infringement/non-infringement, and patent validity/invalidity, as an expert witness. This expert authored numerous reports and claim charts for infringement/non-infringement contentions, invalidity and validity arguments, claim construction hearings (in support of Markman briefs and hearings). This expert has experience in post-grant proceedings, as well as various Federal District Courts for automotive suppliers.

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Expert Witness #260698

This expert leads the technical staff of an internationally renowned consulting firm that serves major power generation technology developers and sells commercial software packages worldwide. This expert is also recognized throughout the world as the author of over 240 technical papers on air pollutant formation and control.

This expert and consultancy performed sponsored research to develop and validate detailed chemical reaction mechanisms to predict the partitioning of mercury (Hg) along coal-fired utility gas cleaning systems. These mechanisms accurately describe the fate of Hg as flue gas moves through economizers, SCR units, air preheaters, ESPs and fabric filters, and FGD scrubbers in utility power plants. They also accurately predict Hg capture efficiencies for bromine and chlorine additives, activated carbon injection, and the full domain of gas cleaning conditions. The predictions have been validated with measured Hg speciation from over 200 field tests at commercial power plants.

This expert's firm's reaction mechanism for bromine/chlorine/Hg chemistry is regarded worldwide as the best-in-class. Collectively, this expert's publications on Hg control have been cited more than 800 times and research also spawned three patent applications. The work also spawned two software packages.

This expert has served as an expert witness on two cases of patent infringement involving Hg control with bromine and activated carbon at coal-fired power stations.

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Expert Witness #260710

This expert has worked for many years as a metallurgical engineer and environmental geochemist for mining and consulting companies. This expert has worked extensively on environmental and social issues related to mining. As an associate professor of an Institute of Mining Engineering, this expert's research and teaching topics are focused on different topics that lead to improve the image of mining and contribute for sustainable mining communities.

This expert has worked as an expert of a Global Mercury Project. This includes the implementation of Environmental and Health Assessment of mercury pollution in artisanal gold mining. The project also included the implementation of procedures to reduce mercury emissions and local fabrication of pieces of equipment to reduce exposure of miners to mercury vapors and increase gold recovery.

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Expert Witness #258974

This expert is a full professor in a Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering. This expert is a licensed engineer and has been actively involved in the design and evaluation of advanced power producing systems for many years. This expert is the director of an Automotive Research Center and the head of a graduate Automotive Engineering program.

This expert has been involved in advanced throttle control fuel injection/combustion systems and was funded by NASA in advanced gas turbine engine fuel injection and combustion systems. Since that time, this expert has also been involved in optimizing fuel, throttle and fuel injection and combustion systems for transportation automotive and trucking applications along with racing applications. This expert has hands on experience in dyno testing of complex throttle and fuel injection systems along with track testing and advanced computational modeling on supercomputing clusters.

This expert has chaired technical sessions for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in exhaust and particulate emissions systems, direct injection spark and compression ignition engines, fuel injection and sprays, HCCI combustion, hybrid electric vehicle powertrains, high efficiency engine concepts, multidimensional engine modeling, on-board diagnostics, fuels and fuel additives, cold start characteristics, engine boosting systems, dual fuel combustion, spark assisted compression ignition combustion and heady duty lubricants. 

Areas of interest are jet and rocket propulsion systems, advanced low pollutant emission, high efficiency combustions systems for advanced aircraft and automotive applications, alternative fuels and renewable energy systems.

This expert has been deposed and testified in court over 60 times as an expert witness involving the design and analysis of advanced Mechanical Engineering systems. Further, this expert has been involved with numerous cases an expert related to intellectual property and patent litigation, including cases with related to engine control and throttle systems.

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