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Cybersecurity expert witness candidates typically have extensive experience in computer science, information security, and computer forensics. Cahn Litigation Services is frequently called upon by law firm clients to locate expert witnesses that can support their cybersecurity matters.

Digital evidence has become ubiquitous in the context of a modern legal action. This electronic evidence, consisting of any stored or transmitted information that may be relied upon in court, often requires litigants to depend upon cybersecurity expertise to determine its authenticity and use. Representative cybersecurity matters that have required expert witness services involve legal issues pertaining to:

1. cybersecurity software patent infringement, involving a plethora of computer security technologies,

2. digital forensics, for example, contractual disputes involving electronic discovery,

3. a data breach, whereby there is a release of confidential information to an untrusted environment due to a lapse in data security,

4. an insider threat, for example, the theft of intellectual property by an employee who may have compromising computer security information,

5. intrusion detection, often a software application that monitors a network or systems for malicious activity or policy violations,

6. cryptography, the encryption of information for the purpose of securing it from unauthorized access.

Litigation support by a cybersecurity expert witness typically includes the review of underlying technology, an expert witness report and expert testimony.

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Cybersecurity Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Cybersecurity experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Cybersecurity landscape.

Expert Witness #232810

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing and is a Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at a research university. Further, this expert serves as Associate Director of a wireless network laboratory, where this expert directs research in wireless security. This expert is a Fellow of the IEEE for contributions to Information Security. This expert has focused research efforts on wireless network security, and led a large research group that has produced research that has appeared in numerous high-impact journals and premier networking, security and systems conferences. This expert has led several federally funded projects in the area of cybersecurity and communication systems, involving security and privacy for sensor networks, physical layer security for wireless systems, a security framework for cognitive radios, the development of wireless testbed resources, and new RFID technologies. This expert was involved in an NSF-funded project, which is a clean-slate effort to re-architect the Internet to support mobility and improved security. This expert has led a DARPA initiative into validating and prototyping physical layer security mechanisms, an Army Research Office project on the theory of physical layer security, and an Army project on cognitive radio networks and routing protocols. This expert has published over 150 papers, including six best papers awards (two in media security, one in Internet design, one in cognitive radio systems, one in mobile computing, and one in wireless security). This expert's experience in network security and wireless spans many years, and this expert has co-authored a popular textbook in security, as well as several notable monographs on wireless security.   

This expert's activities in wireless security include the investigation of techniques to secure wireless sensor networks, which includes validating the authenticity and validity of sensor measurements using both cryptographic and non-cryptographic mechanisms. This expert has provided technical analysis to lawyers at the Federal Trade Commission in regards to an anti-trust case. This work involved analyzing defendant software and subpoenaed documents, and subsequently writing thorough reports in regards to the potential intent existing within the defendant's software. This expert has also written several patents.  

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Expert Witness #211268

This expert is founder and principal technologist at a leading cyber security firm. This expert has been in the computer technology industry for many years and has been a consultant to Fortune 500 firms. This expert is well-published and is a certified Computer Forensic Examiner. This expert has extensive expert witness experience, having provided expert services in cases involving major companies.

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