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Circuit boards expert witness candidates typically have extensive experience in mechanical engineering and/or electrical engineering. While many circuit board consultants have engineering expertise, an expert witness carries the additional responsibility of providing testimony before the court, in a manner whereby lay people (the judge and jurors) can understand the technical evidence. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request an engineer with prior expert witness testimony experience. A printed circuit board (PCB) connects electrical or electronic components, with the components generally soldered onto the PCB to electrically connect and fasten them.

An expert witness in the circuit board field will typically provide his or her expertise in intellectual property matters, such as a patent infringement case, trade secret matter, an Inter Partes Review (IPR) in the PTAB (where the only expert testimony is through a deposition), or a proceeding in the International Trade Commission (ITC). Less frequently, a circuit boards expert might provide testimony in a torts matter like a product liability case involving the failure analysis of a consumer electronics product or medical device. Litigation support activities could include reverse engineering, an expert report, expert opinion testimony, deposition testimony, and/or trial testimony. Clients may also seek an experienced electrical engineer for pre-litigation expert consultant work.

Representing the plaintiff or defendant, Cahn Litigation Services has completed numerous searches for an expert witness with specialized knowledge in circuit boards, providing candidates for each case to the specifications provided by the attorney in charge. Whether it’s for a patent case or for pre-litigation reverse engineering, Cahn Litigation Services has the experience required to turn the search around quickly and provide the right balance of expertise and testimony to get the job done.

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Circuit Boards Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Circuit Boards experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Circuit Boards landscape.

Expert Witness #222853

This expert has extensive experience with switches, Link Aggregation groups and failover techniques/algorithms. This expert understands the functions that occur at all networking layers from working in a networking hardware development group and then a networking architecture group developing new protocols and participating in the international standards organizations. In addition, this expert has a number of patents related to networking technologies.

This expert’s experience includes being a network architect and working within the standards bodies to develop the protocols. Among the standards groups this expert participated in were the ANSI standards, IEEE (802.11 – WiFi), DOCSIS (Cable TV data), and the International Standards Organization (ISO). This expert holds several patents associated with various networking protocols, devices, and programming.

This expert is a skilled engineer that has designed integrated circuits, circuit boards, and systems combining the elements to implement the desired functions. Among this expert’s designs is a high-speed packet switch that implemented connections and processing for a wide variety of networking protocols. This expert is proficient in 13 programming languages, has done code inspections for clients, and understand the trade-offs between hardware and software.

No stranger to the litigation process, as an expert witness this expert has been deposed and testified at trial in several large patent infringement suits and has also participated in several IPRs.

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Expert Witness #244402

This expert is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at a State University and the director of its Non-volatile Systems Laboratory. This expert's research interests include the systems, architecture, security, and reliability issues surrounding non-volatile memories. This expert also co-leads projects to develop low-power co-processors for irregular, mobile applications (e.g., Android Apps) and to devise software techniques for using multiple processors to speed up single-threaded computations. In previous lives this expert has also worked on scalable dataflow architectures, ubiquitous computing, and simultaneous multithreading. This expert's PhD thesis described the first scalable dataflow architecture designed for deep-submicron process technologies. This expert's research group frequently builds storage systems that incorporate flash and other memory technologies. This includes designing, implementing, and interfacing with custom-designed circuit boards and memory controllers (which communicate via data buses). This expert's group has also built several systems for the express purpose of interfacing with and testing flash chips, including their performance and reliability in transferring data over a memory bus. This expert has previous litigation experience.

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Expert Witness #250328

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a J.D. This expert's PhD dissertation was on search methodologies, and this expert did a great deal of work on the coordination of inputs arriving in different formats and languages. This expert has written extensively about patent issues, including (non)-infringement. Further, this expert has many years of experience as an Expert Witness.

This expert is the President of a highly successful consultancy that helps an international clientele understand the law, the policies, the economics, and the strategic uses of patents, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property. This expert also has extensive experience conducting antitrust analyses, damages, remedies, and valuation analyses in both litigation and regulatory settings. This expert's practice combines counseling and expert support across a range of technology law issues, including computer and software patents, digital copyrights, and antitrust challenges, as well as more standard contract and business tort cases. This expert has helped clients assess appropriate technologies, navigate regulatory proceedings and lawsuits, and develop internal corporate policies, in the tech sector and beyond. This expert is particularly interested in challenges that involve rethinking policies or strategies to accommodate the information age.

This expert has served as an expert witness in numerous cases, testifying in several interrelated areas:

- Infringement, licensing, and damages and policy in patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret,

and other IP cases;

- Technical aspects of selected soft-side technologies (software, Internet, business methods);
- Technology industry custom and practice in licensing, breach of contract, and business tort suits;
- Damages, including but not restricted to patent damages;
- The interplay between antitrust and IP laws.

This expert is particularly adept as a troubleshooter. Over the years, this expert has learned how to minimize overhead and hold costs down without sacrificing the quality of work. This expert has also mastered working on tight deadlines including engagements that arrive shortly after the last minute.

As a researcher, this expert is widely published in the scholarly literature of Computer Science, Management Science, and Law. This expert has extensive experience in the academic, business, and legal realms. This expert has served on the faculty of a State University and as a research adjunct to the faculty of a private research university. This expert's consulting clients have included Fortune 500 companies, major research universities, and some of the nation's largest law firms. This expert has won multiple research grants and contracts; advised federal agencies, startup companies, and educational foundations; published over three dozen scholarly articles; presented more than fifty invited lectures; and served on the editorial boards of several journals.

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Expert Witness #248784

This expert serves as Director of the Advanced Computer Engineering Laboratory at a prestigious university, and is engaged in solving problems related to high-performance and low-power computing systems with focus on VLSI chip engineering. This expert specializes in high-speed digital circuits as well as low-power design, low-power digital circuit libraries and optimal relationship between computational energy and speed. This expert's broader expertise is also in Computer Arithmetic, Media Signal Processing, Cryptography and System Architecture. This expert is a Professor Emeritus and has held Visiting Professor positions several universities. This expert obtained Ph.D. and MSc degrees in Computer Science and a Dipl. Ing. (MScEE) degree in electronics and telecommunications. This expert worked on development of early RISC and super-scalar RISC processors, and holds several patents on the subject. This expert's engagements include positions with many technology leaders. This expert's interest is in VLSI systems, fast circuits, low-power design and efficient implementations of computer arithmetic. This expert's work has been applied in several leading processors. This expert holds 15 USA and 7 International patents and 5 others pending. This expert has published over 170 papers in the areas of circuits and technology, computer arithmetic and computer architecture, written three books and a dozen book chapters and one edited book in high-performance system design. This expert is a Fellow of IEEE and a member of the American Association for Advancement of Science and the American Association of the University Professors.

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