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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Call Centers experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Call Centers landscape.

Expert Witness #260194

This expert is a consultant with many years of experience in telecommunications, with expertise in network services and technology, regulatory interpretation, and industry practices. This expert has vast experience evaluating telecommunications networks and equipment in the context of relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including voice and data services used by cloud-based call centers, customer premises equipment such as predictive dialers, cloud-based technologies, and cellular networks. This expert has a deep understanding of Federal legislation and related FCC rules related to telecommunications, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and has provided numerous expert reports and related testimony describing complex network services and functions in the context of industry practices and federal and state regulations.

This expert has provided expert consulting and testifying services in over 50 cases, including appearances before over 25 state regulatory agencies, the FCC, state legislatures, state and federal courts, and arbitrations.

Summary of Selected Professional Experience

  • Oversaw state and federal regulatory tariffing and compliance matters for a company owned and funded by a coalition of large cable companies. Ensured company compliance with the TCPA. Developed technical and product descriptions for services utilized by call centers for outbound dialing systems, including predictive dialers. Incorporated sales contracts and agreements into contract-specific tariff terms.
  • Lead company representative before state regulators and government officials.  Negotiated complex industry precedent interconnection agreements with incumbent local exchange carriers for states pursuant to the Telecommunications Act on 1996. Coordinated with federal regulatory on TCPA matters. Provided testimony on network elements related to call centers and outbound dialing systems pursuant to FCC costing guidelines.
  • Responsible for national regulatory policy on evolving technologies and services, including IP-based services used in cloud-based call centers and outbound dialing systems and predictive dialers.

Summary of Selected Case Experience

  • Reviewed conference calling network platform configuration in context of Federal regulations. Activities include damages calculations, development of proxy rates and revenues, analysis of call records and bills, and evaluation of industry practice and regulatory issues.
  • Provided expert report validating a third-party verification and number portability processes and systems under Federal rules and relevant FCC orders.
  • Provided damages calculations related to routing of long distance 8YY traffic.  Provided evaluation of complex billing and call routing issues, as well as evaluation of industry practices and regulatory issues.

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Expert Witness #231276

This expert was a non-infringement and invalidity expert on a case involving verification of ANI and Caller ID. This expert was a validity expert witness on an IPR involving routing of incoming requests from different communications modalities to best call center resources. This expert was an infringement and validity expert witness a provider of call centers with outbound calling using predictive dialers and other mass calling methods. This expert was a validity expert witness on a case involving licensing of patents involving automation of call center processing. This expert provided consulting services to a provider of large-scale conference calls, analyzing call center, conference call equipment and network services. This expert provided consulting services for requirements for a customer service call center and billing system for the telecommunications vertical. This expert provided consulting services to integrate dispatch management into a customer service call center offering. This expert was responsible for marketing and sales of an Automatic Repair Service Bureau to support telephone line maintenance and repair at smaller telecom companies.

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Expert Witness #121596

This expert is a nationally recognized expert in the field of telecommunications and information technology. This expert’s expertise encompasses a broad range of technical and managerial disciplines including voice communications, data networking, carrier services for public/private switched & dedicated networks, image processing, wireless and cable transmission systems, security systems including intruder detection, access control and video surveillance as well as operational and strategic planning. As co-founder and President of a highly sought-after consultancy, this expert is responsible for overseeing corporate operations and providing executive level direction on strategically significant projects. This expert has worked for various organizations in a consultative, design/engineering and managerial capacity. This expert has supported numerous clients with respect to technology consulting in the financial services, high technology, legal, corporate, health care and education sectors. This expert’s technical practice encompasses strategic planning and expert witness litigation support. This expert worked in the military aerospace industry developing strategic and tactical command and control systems for various agencies in the defense and intelligence communities. In addition to litigation experience, this expert and firm have performed an extensive patent portfolio review for a large company working with their in-house Intellectual Property group. In that project this expert evaluated 2 portfolios comprising over 120 patents. The team is highly knowledgeable about the Switched Ethernet and Optical networking marketplace.


  • Packet Radio
  • Packet Switching /Internet Protocol
  • Packet Speech / Voice over IP
  • Satellite communications
  • Telephone switching systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems & Video Digitization
  • Voice digitization/voice processing
  • Voice messaging
  • Wireless Communications Systems
  • Automated out dialing systems
  • Access control systems
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) & Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Cabling & Wire-based systems
  • Cellular telephony
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • LOS Microwave Systems
  • Mission - Critical Infrastructure Design for Data Centers
  • Mobility management

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Expert Witness #230901

This expert is a Computer Scientist and Technology Consultant specializing in Telecommunications, Call Center applications, and Media Distribution. This expert brings many years of experience in a diverse set of technologies including CTI (computer telephony integration), digital voice processing, speech recognition and Natural Language processing. This expert has a deep understanding of protocols and has designed protocols for many different kinds of systems and has had some of them adopted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This expert has been a consulting expert in approximately 50 matters, IPRs, and Patent Litigation cases including cases for Telecommunication and Speech Recognition providing infringement, invalidity, and deposition testimony. This expert has testified at hearings and at trial for about 10 cases.

Professional Experience

Designed and developed some of the earliest available low-bit-rate digital voice communication products for long haul networks. Work included voice models, input digitization, voice feature extraction, encoding and decoding and interfaces to packet network systems. Designed protocols for various communications devices such as data encryptors.

Manager of Embedded Systems Group. Responsible for designing, among other things, protocols for factory automation systems, including communications and networking devices to handle interfacing host computers to subsystems that used different protocols.

Technology consulting in the area of Call Centers, Telephony, Wireless communication, mobile applications, biometrics and user authentication implementing Speech Recognition.

Provide level 1 & 2 evaluation of Patent portfolios to determine strongest / most valuable patents and identify vendors/products that read on stronger patents. Patents were evaluated in: Telephony, VoIP, Wireless devices, speech recognition, and digital device interfaces.

Provided in-depth research services to inventors and Intellectual Property investors. Also consulted on the design of solutions with embedded voice recognition features in the consumer products space.

This expert has been involved in the study and application of Natural Language understanding and processing, especially related to voice to text conversion, knowledge discovery, fact extraction, summarization, language weighting and importance models, etc. This expert has developed suites of software for each of these areas.

Case Experience

Patent Litigation – Consulting expert with responsibility for leading a group of 10 code reviewers reviewing more than 56 gigabytes of source code over a period of 10 months. The source code was associated with servers and services, content distribution servers, content ingestion servers, security and protocols for media sharing and distribution frameworks and architectures of business systems. Also provided expert consultation to litigation team on system architectures, applications, devices, and services. Coordinated with the team leads reviewing source code on similar architectures for other device manufacturers.

Patent Litigation - Consulting expert on infringement and invalidity of patents relating to voice network functions and processing in VoIP networks including enterprise and residential networks.

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