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Building Code Compliance Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Building Code Compliance experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Building Code Compliance landscape.

Expert Witness #260531

This expert is an AIA certified Architect with many years of architectural design and construction administration experience with all building types, including educational, medical, R&D, corporate, commercial, custom residential, multi-family housing, military and industrial projects. Emphasizing use of durable, low maintenance materials including stainless, copper, bronze, zinc, cement-fiber, plastics, composites, specialty sealants & industrial paints. This expert heads a building reconstruction and forensic investigation consultancy that provides visual inspection, intrusive testing, defect analysis, repair recommendations and forensic expert services for both plaintiff and defense parties. This expert brings to the table specialized knowledge of construction materials, industry standards, code compliance, waterproofing, vapor transmission, exterior finishes, corrosion, condensation, ventilation, mold, wood rot, suspended ceilings, interior partitions, and structural issues. This expert's experience includes thousands of visual inspections and hundreds of intrusive tests for construction defect cases, including institutional, commercial and retail structures, housing developments and private homes. This expert also provides reconstruction design, details and specifications focused on solving complex construction problems and developing effective repairs for commercial and institutional buildings.

This expert has served as a third-party neutral construction expert for mediators, arbitrators and courts, and retained jointly by both plaintiff and defense parties. Specializing in complex construction disputes where resolution can be facilitated through clarification of technical issues and extensive case documents. Experience includes complex, multi-party commercial and institutional cases.

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Expert Witness #265019

This expert’s architectural degree and experience makes a uniquely qualified expert in the area of slip and fall accidents occurring from areas other than walkways. This expert’s architectural experience spans the spectrum from residential properties to office buildings to hotels and manufacturing plants, and experience with roofs run the same gamut. This expert has published articles and given lectures. This expert has participated as an expert witness and has been deposed approximately 100 times, with 14 court appearances in areas such as premises liability, standard of care, coefficient of friction on walking surfaces and building code compliance.

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