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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Fabrication experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Fabrication landscape.

Expert Witness #225552

This expert developed the teaching laboratory for semiconductor device fabrication at a prestigious engineering university. This expert has taught the graduate level semiconductor fabrication course (including both lecture and lab) for many years, and knows the history and evolution of the fabrication industry first hand. There are over 1000 engineers in industry who received their first education in IC and device fabrication from this expert's class. This expert is a Professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and this expert's work concentrates on the use of advanced fabrication techniques, including silicon micromachining for new device and sensor development. This expert has extensive litigation experience including deposition and trial testimony.

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Expert Witness #262699

This expert has pioneered the design, fabrication, and testing of wireless devices for many years. As a senior scientist, this expert designed and oversaw the fabrication (from breadboard to microchip fabrication in a foundry) of a state-of-the-art two-way communications device. It was the first ever to operate successfully at high speed among speeding vehicles in an urban multipath environment (which is the bane of terrestrial RF devices).

This expert designed and oversaw the fabrication of (at that time) the smallest GPS device in the world. This expert oversaw the design and deployment of a one-cubic-inch full transceiver that communicated with a satellite. Unlike most practicing electrical engineers today, this expert is proficient in both RF and digital technologies, and has been teaching graduate school classes on these. This expert has been deposed more than 150 times, and has testified in Court on more than a dozen cases. This expert has been commended by a judge for the ability to explain complex topics to judges and juries in an intuitive manner. In addition, this expert "handheld" a jury through several lines of Source Code to show the jury that they could easily see themselves that the adverse party was infringing on a major patent. This expert holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, and Philosophy; an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering; and a B.Sc. with highest honors.

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Expert Witness #247076

This expert, the inventor of three polysilicon fabrication patents, has degrees in Chemistry, Applied Science, and Physical Ceramics. With many years of experience as a Materials Scientist, this expert is a Distinguished Professor at a prestigious university. This expert is author to 565 peer-reviewed publications, over 30 of which are specifically devoted to polysilicon, either regarding fabrication of devices or testing of the same. This expert is also author to additional MEMS-related publications, as well as many publications within the most highly sited materials science journal. This expert has prior litigation support experience, including patent infringement and trade secret matters. This expert has composed expert reports, been deposed and has testified.

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Expert Witness #226931

This expert has many years of experience in microcircuit and semiconductor technologies and has developed skills in areas of circuit design and analysis, device fabrication and assembly, testing, marketing, control system design and analysis, manufacturing operations and respective areas of quality, reliability, and defect / failure analysis.

This expert worked for a technology company in design, production, and QA, and was the QA manager of a DRAM Wafer Fabrication Facility.

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Expert Witness #251086

This expert is President, CEO and Principal Engineer for a highly sought-after engineering consultancy. A Graduate Mechanical Engineer with many years of professional, domestic and international engineering system design & material defect analysis experience, this expert has been called upon to examine and investigate numerous design, fabrication and operational issues related to various processes being performed, items being fabricated and parts being produced in volumes and at rapid rates. These have included the designing and overseeing of the installation of 83 brand new production lines of machinery and equipment for the production of diapers and various feminine hygiene products. Additionally, this expert has investigated the assembly line and product defect failures associated with juice packet spout application failures which caused excessive product leakage and large storage issues. Such design and product assembly processes relied heavily on photoelectric cells, high speed counters, adjustable guideways and multiple mechanical assemblies that directed parts into specific positions in order to be mated up with other components all at excessively high speeds. These efforts ranged from the insert of the raw materials to the folded or packaged finished product ready for shipment. Over the course of this expert's years of design, fabrication, construction and project management work combined with years of mechanical investigation and testing experience, this expert has centered work around mechanical system and material component analyses. Retained by both national and international insurance organizations, plaintiff and defense law firms and private industry to perform mechanical equipment assessments and causation evaluations, this expert has extensive prior litigation history including deposition and courtroom testimony.

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Expert Witness #216339

This expert is an engineer and former public-company executive who consults in engineering, patents, and management. This expert’s long career spans industrial, oilfield, and medical interests, both domestic and international. This expert’s experience includes electrical and electronic engineering, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, automated control systems, and construction. 

This expert holds an M.S. in Engineering and is licensed in both electrical engineering and control systems engineering. This expert has been admitted to the National Academy of Forensic Engineers, and has been certified in Systems Integration as well as Computer Forensics. This expert is qualified as a Master Electrician and has been licensed as an electrical/instrumentation contractor. This expert was granted a patent for a nuclear medical device, has taught at two universities, and has qualified as an expert witness in US Federal Court.

As VP at an automation and controls company, this expert provided control system design and fabrication for a manufacturer and operator of heavy lift equipment. This expert was employed in an adjunct capacity as a Senior Consultant to help a new company with projects related to heavy lift and other applications.

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Expert Witness #262488

This expert brings to the table many years in the LED industry and leads a sought- after consultancy providing technical and market expertise. This expert is an industry expert in solid state lighting (SSL) with a strong technical background and understanding of market dynamics.

During a tenure with a leading LED manufacturer, this expert worked in product development of LEDs in all areas of the value chain from metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and LED chip fabrication to LED package design and LED light fixture development. In addition to product development work, this expert has experience in winning and managing government research contracts including developing research strategies and managing technical and operational work on contracts and government relations.

This expert has also been working for the US Department of Energy as a technical advisor where this expert evaluates new technologies, writes technical roadmaps and reports, and plans a technical workshop.

This expert has authored and co-authored numerous scientific, peer-reviewed articles related to GaN semiconductors. This expert is an inventor on several US and foreign patents related to GaN-based LED and laser diode device design. This expert holds a Ph.D.

This expert has participated as an expert witness on several cases that included LED Lighting, LED Devises and LED Packages.

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Expert Witness #235351

This expert is a Professional engineer with many years in the semiconductor industry with experience in Design and Fabrication.

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Expert Witness #259104

This expert worked in the field of silicon microelectronics and integrated circuits for a good number of years. This expert's work has included gate sidewall fabrication, shallow trench isolation, Fin FETs, and liners for plugs and vias.

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Expert Witness #217975

This expert is a full professor. Selected as a Distinguished Lecturer, this expert is widely published with over 200 refereed journal publications and is a frequent presenter at industry and academic conferences. This expert holds over a dozen US patents including on subject matter relating to magnetism, thin film surface treatment and thin film alloy reflectors. This expert has qualified for research grants on Fabrication of thin film sputtering systems, and Manufacturing NiTi Thin Films.

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