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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Communications experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Communications landscape.

Expert Witness #259435

This expert has been in radio communications for many years and has designed numerous radio, television and communications facilities worldwide, including many of the initial cellular systems. Much of this expert's professional work has been involved with providing and determining radio coverage at frequencies between the low frequency FAA communication and navigation frequencies and current very high communication and navigation frequencies. This expert has been accepted as an expert by the FCC and all State Public Service Commissions, and in numerous foreign countries. This expert serves as a Radio Frequency Consultant in radio and communications where this expert analyzes and determines possible communication issues such as quality/quantity of coverage of radio facilities for mobile communications. This expert is a Life Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and a member of the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers. This expert is a registered Professional Engineer. This expert has had over 50 papers published in various technical publications, mainly in the radio common carrier paging and mobile industry. This expert has been flying since an early age and has several thousand flying hours under the belt.

This expert testified as an expert witness before various administrative agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission and the International Trade Commission. Additionally, this expert has been a witness before a number of state public utilities commissions and has had work accepted by all state public utilities commissions.

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Expert Witness #209095

This expert has many years of experience in Computer Science and EE applications specializing in Device Communications, Media delivery, and remote access in a diverse set of technologies including Smartphone applications, USB command and control interfaces for USB Hub and Head Unit integration with Smartphones, and touchscreen interfaces.

This expert has been an expert on many cases including Smartphone, USB media device management, and remote control. his includes testifying in a mobile device communication suit where the judge found for this expert’s client and cited this expert on all points of contention in the case. This expert’s infringement analysis also contributed to a multi-million dollar settlement in a network transaction patent litigation. This expert has extensive experience providing expert reports for patent litigation, IPRs, deposition and trial testimony.

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Expert Witness #234129

This expert is a Professor of Engineering where this expert instructs on and researches all aspects of optical communications systems and networks. In addition to being awarded two dozen U.S. patents for optics communications technologies, this expert has conducted research projects in these areas for industry leaders.

This expert received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, as well as a B.A. in Physics. This expert was a Postdoctoral Member of the Technical Staff at a telecommunications company. This expert has been a Visiting Professor at multiple universities. Additionally, this expert was Founder and CTO of a company that created a dispersion compensator product line which is presently deployed in many commercial 40-Gbit/s systems worldwide.

This expert specializes in: Optical Communications Systems, Signal Processing, and Switching and Networking. This expert has worked on communications and networking and has extensive experience with packet switching technologies, including routing, monitoring, and header processing and recognition. Much of this expert’s packet switching work has related to optical networking, but the issues are broader than just for optical networks. In addition to the above, this expert has worked on many issues concerning packet switching, including latency, contention and contention resolution, buffering, packet identification, cross-connects, add/drop switching, and protocol usage.

This expert has >1450 publications, including one book, 10 edited books, ~38 U.S. patents, ~45 keynotes/plenaries, ~23 book chapters, >400 refereed journal papers, and >300 invited papers/presentations. This expert’s awards in the field are too numerous to list.

This expert has extensive patent litigation experience.

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Expert Witness #212559

This expert received BS and MS degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering. This expert was an R&D Engineer at a technology company where this expert worked on the development of a packet switched satellite modem and several sequential decoders for the decoding of convolutional codes. This expert joined the faculty of the School of Electrical Engineering at a prestigious university as an Assistant Professor; this expert was appointed to Associate Professor, with tenure, and was a Full Professor. This expert taught courses in digital communications, error control codes, information theory, detection and estimation theory, digital systems and audio engineering. This expert's current research interests include: information, coding and communication theory, algorithms for digital communications, coding for computer memory systems, signal processing and error-control in optical and magnetic recording systems, audio and video signal compression, algebraic geometric coding theory and symbolic and numerical computer methods. This expert has been an active member of the consulting community. This expert has worked on problems of digital HDTV and cable TV transmission, DSP and hardware based trellis coded modems, modulation and error-control for optical LANs, and modulation and coding for recording systems. This expert is the inventor on several patents. This expert is the founder and chief scientist for a digital communications company. This expert was the CEO and Principal Scientist a fabless semiconductor company specializing in physical-layer communications with a particular expertise in forward error correction (FEC). The technology is vital in: high-speed wireless networking (IEEE 802.11/WiFi), cable modem, digital-TV, digital subscriber line and satellite/terrestrial wireless. This expert has received an Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and is an active member of IEEE. This expert has extensive litigation experience both in district court and in IPR.

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Expert Witness #222511

This expert is a communications professional with many years of technology experience and extensive expertise in wireline and wireless communications and has consulted for several mobile network companies. This expert has a BS in Electrical Engineering, an MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and a Master of Business Administration. This expert has been retained as an expert in over 40 cases, many of which involved fixed and wireless devices and communications protocols.

This expert has opined on Infringement, Validity, Non-infringement, Invalidity and IPRs. This expert has been deposed over 25 times and testified in Court on multiple occasions. This expert has analyzed large bodies of source code (including code sets comprising millions of lines of code) and performed forensic investigations of mobile and computing devices.

In past litigations this expert has opined on mobile devices, terminals, portable tablet devices, item tracking and location, portable device location, communications through public and private networks, device architectures, base stations, and many other related technologies.

Case Experience

-  Patent Infringement: Testifying expert for Non-infringement and invalidity analysis of patents related to package tracking and notifications via mobile devices.
-  Patent infringement: Testifying expert for Validity Analysis of an emergency services call routing patent, including location identification.
-  Opined on an early portable tablet computing device, design and operation.
-  Theft of Trade Secret: Opined on GSM base stations and associated protocols and protocol stacks.
-  Patent Infringement: Testified regarding three patents regarding multiple communications protocols and call routing in fixed and mobile devices on behalf of Plaintiff.

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Expert Witness #249612

This expert is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and teaches graduate level courses on Foundations of Communications, 4G/5G Communications, Error Control Coding, and the Internet of Things (IoT). OFDM technology is utilized extensively. In addition to work with OFDM technologies at the academic level, this expert also has extensive OFDM-related experience in industry. This expert has communications industry expertise in the entirety of major telecommunications standards up to 5G, OSI and network layer communications. This expert spent many years with industry leader R&D groups as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff covering 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFI OFDM platforms. All deploy Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM). This expert also developed OFDM based 802.11a hardware platforms. This expert was a member of the 3GPP RAN4 standards body for HSPA and LTE.

This expert has expertise at the application, transport, network, MAC, and PHY layers for telecommunications and understands video broadcast standards from both the image processing and communication standpoint. This expert has significant expertise on the design of communication networks, software defined radio, software programs, hardware systems and the integration of wired and wireless services.

Additionally, this expert holds 10 US patents and has developed OFDM based communication link simulators in industry, in graduate courses, and for a litigation matter as part of a damage award assessment. This expert has prior litigation experience including deposition and court testimony.

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Expert Witness #260175

This expert has deep experience in Crisis Management and Brand and Reputation Management. This expert wrote a book on Crisis Management which has been declared "must reading" for CEOs and public relations professionals. This expert led a car manufacturer's public relations, and had global responsibility for communications strategy, internal engagement, media relations, CEO communications and investor communications for a multinational PR firm. This expert was an Adjunct Professor, and holds a Master's degree. This expert has been deposed numerous times as a fact witness in previous employment; this expert has not testified as an expert witness.  

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Expert Witness #219930

This expert is Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering at a University where this expert specializes in teaching Digital Communications Systems and Wireless Networking. This expert has many years of leadership in the communications and networking industry. Most recently, this expert was Chief Technology Officer of a venture funded networking company. Previously, this expert was at a telecommunications company performing and leading pioneering research and development in digital communications, broadband networking, and wireless systems. After retiring from industry, this expert was visiting professor of Electrical Engineering at an Ivy League School, where this expert supervised several doctoral students and research projects.

This expert is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the IEEE, and has co-authored a textbook, published ~100 papers and holds 43 patents (with 6 pending).

This expert has conducted and led research and development that has resulted in many innovative products, including: a 20 gigabit/sec ATM switch, wire-speed and quality of service-aware IP switches, multicode CDMA (used in 3G HSDPA wireless data), and a broadband wireless system based on advanced smart antennas (MIMO). Earlier in this expert's career, this expert led the team that pioneered V.32/V.34 voice-band modems, and was co-inventor of DSL. This expert was instrumental in launching an early DSL chip vendor.

This expert received a Bachelor's degree with honors in Electrical Engineering, and Masters and Doctor of Engineering Science degrees in Electrical Engineering.

As an experienced expert witness in litigation involving wireless technologies, this expert has been deposed eight times, testified five and wrote countless expert reports.

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Expert Witness #263082

This expert is a Professor and served as the Associate Chair of the Electrical Engineering Department. This expert also served as the Director of a University off-campus graduate program. This expert is also an expert in intellectual property development and a consultant for patent litigation cases in the areas of telecommunications, computer networks, and wireless networks at both the protocol and hardware levels. This expert is internationally known through research, scholarly work, and a published book. This expert has had several invited talks at international conferences.

This expert was a research scientist at a telecommunications institute working on design of advanced communication systems and high-speed computer networks. This expert was with the Computer and Communications Research Center at a University and worked as a research assistant on design and analysis of high-speed switching systems project. This expert was a telecommunications system research & development engineer, participated in design of a high-speed digital telephone Private Branch Exchange" (PBX), and received the best “design/idea” award.

This expert specializes in: Computer Networks/Protocols, TCP/IP, Virtualization, AI in Networking, Cloud Data Centers, Network Security, Internet Applications, Web, VoIP, Video Streaming, Multimedia Signaling/Networking, CDNs, Networking Devices, Switches, Routers, Media Gateways, Virtual Switches, Signaling in Wireless Mobile and Telecommunication Networks, IoT, and Wireless Sensor Networks.

This expert is the author of an internationally recognized textbook. Additionally, this expert has been granted a U.S. Patent that presents a switching system for use in high-speed computer networks.

This expert holds positions with the IEEE Communications Standards Magazine, presenting the latest innovation in computer networks and other aspects of communication systems. This expert has given numerous domestic and international conference regular and invited talks and published many journal articles in communications and networking fields.

This expert has have received several awards, honors and research grants from university, private sectors, state, and governmental funding agencies for conducting research and teaching in the area of telecommunication systems.

This expert’s prior litigation experience includes: analysis of patent claims, prior art research, consulting for counsel on term constructions, technology examination against patent infringement, patent opinion expert report, claim chart preparation, patent invalidity expert report, handling IPR cases, participation in deposition process, and participation in court testimony.

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Expert Witness #231272

This expert is the Founder and Principal of an internationally renown consulting firm specializing in telecommunications, networking, computing and multimedia technologies including digital video and audio standards. The firm provides business management, product management and engineering management services, market intelligence consulting, licensing expertise and litigation support including expert witness services. The company provides its clients with a wide variety of services so they can keep pace with the breakneck changes in their industries. Areas of expertise include:

• Broadband Communications
• Digital Switching
• Internet Infrastructure
• Network Management
• Networking
• Computer Architecture
• Telecommunications & Wireless Product Marketing
• Wireless Technologies
• Multimedia Technologies including MPEG
• VoIP and Related Technologies
• Virtualization and Thin Client Technologies

Early on, much of this expert’s work involved video processing technologies including MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and MPEG-7. This expert was also responsible for IP based technologies, including applications of SIP and RTP. Some of these technologies which relied on TCP/IP or UDP/IP were spun out to a start-up that pursued commercialization of the SIP and RTP technologies. This expert has been involved in numerous cases involving use of the public and private Internets to transmit data. Some providers used the public Internet while others used different technologies including their own IP networks to deliver content (e.g., audio, video, etc.) or peering agreements with Internet service providers, especially when end-to-end quality-of-service (QoS) had to be managed at certain levels.

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Expert Witness #265214

This expert, one of the industry’s premier innovators and foreign licensing experts, is Principal of a licensing group specializing in Entertainment, Lifestyle and Corporate Brand licensing. The firm represents manufacturers with the acquisition of licenses and consults on licensing to both licensors and licensees as well as to organizations and government entities. This expert holds a master’s degree in Mass Communications, and a fellowship in Communications. This expert has been committed to the development of the licensing industry’s trade association. This expert has shared knowledge of licensing at numerous licensing conferences, and has taught a course on licensing at the college level. This expert brings over forty years of licensing experience to the table, and has performed expert witness services in over 25 licensing related cases.

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Expert Witness #266941

As staff to the Speaker of a State Assembly, this expert was tasked with shepherding local governments and their representatives as they navigated unique legislative and political challenges in an effort to have their concerns heard and their legislation adopted. As a lobbyist, this expert has represented a large city before the state legislature on issues ranging from municipal sovereignty to the role of homeowner’s associations. This required a close working relationship with all stakeholders including City administrators and elected officials. As Vice President of a Mining Association, this expert regularly worked with local governments, from the most urban to the state’s farthest-flung communities, to engage elected and management officials and work through the complex challenges that arise from massive, modern mining projects. In this expert’s position of Chief of Staff to the City Manager, this expert provided executive oversight of several city departments and spearheaded large, broad-reaching projects for the city, including the securing of and planning for Federal Coronavirus Relief Funding. This expert joined with partners to form a strategic communications and government affairs firm geared toward helping clients of all sizes find success in a state’s political and policy arena.

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