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Amusement park expert witness candidates typically have areas of expertise in mechatronics systems, computer graphics, mechanical engineering, and/or human factors

Litigation support by an amusement specialist could include expert report, failure analysis, and testimony in court. In addition, a law firm may request an amusement industry expert for pre-litigation consulting work. Often, matters requiring amusement park expert witness services involve product liability or personal injury. In addition, copyright and patent infringement matters are common. Representative matters have involved:

To locate expert witnesses that can support theme park and amusement park matters, law firms regularly call on Cahn Litigation Services. The firm has many years of experience of presenting expert witness candidates that precisely match the needs outlined by the legal team.

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Amusement Park Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Amusement Park experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Amusement Park landscape.

Expert Witness #246862

This expert has been designing and programming advanced user interfaces for many years and has worked on a wide variety of user interface projects in the areas of air traffic control, military communications, unmanned aerial vehicles, missile defense systems, Homeland security systems, two way pager systems, mobile portable phones, facial recognition systems, web based ecommerce systems, Android and iOS applications for smartphones and tablets, IPV6 internet routers, gaming systems, multiple medical devices, and mobile big data collection and analysis systems.

With a Masters’ degree and a PhD in Human Factors focusing on Advanced User Interface Design, this expert is an avid software engineer and architect with extensive knowledge in C, C++, C#, Objective-C, and Java. This expert has designed many advanced systems that utilize GPS and other mapping and location-based technologies in the areas of:

Advanced air traffic control

Military tracking of soldiers, equipment and vehicles

Routing of wireless signals for Army vehicles based on location

Routing, planning, and surveillance of unmanned aerial vehicles

Terrorist Tracking application

Personal tracking applications for iOS and Android

Tracking of visitors at a theme park

This expert has designed and developed a GPS enabled Location Based Services application for iOS and Android. Further, this expert has developed advanced geographic information systems for a proprietary research and development project and developed location based Unmanned Air Vehicle routing, control, and tracking algorithms for a proprietary research and development program.

This expert has been retained approximately 85 times, deposed 29 times, testified at trial in both state and federal courts, and presented at a Markman hearing and to the USPTO. This expert has written approximately 70 expert reports and declarations. This expert has worked on a wide variety of patent litigation cases for both plaintiffs and defendants.

This expert has also worked on advanced missile defense systems, two-way pager systems, mobile portable phones, IPV6 internet routers, multiple medical devices, been involved with the design and implementation of portable handheld devices for many years and spent approximately 400 hours reviewing source code as an expert witness for a case. This expert can be very helpful in the areas of infringement/non-infringement and validity/invalidity, claim construction, source code review, writing declarations and expert reports, and expert testimony at deposition and at trial.

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Expert Witness #259451

This expert has many years of experience in the construction industry with a primary emphasis in project management, construction management, CPM scheduling, construction claims analysis and dispute resolution. This expert’s experience includes all types of projects including heavy and highway construction; industrial, government, military, and institutional facilities; wastewater/water treatment plants; retail, theme park, hotel, and casino/resort; and residential. This expert has also conducted continuing education seminars for contractors, architects, and engineers on claims, CPM scheduling, project management, and business management. This expert has testified as an expert on project delays, schedule analyses, extra work claims, breach of contract, and construction defect claims.

Selected Project Experience

Provided expert witness services on an insurance claim related to a carpet manufacturing plant that was destroyed by fire.

Evaluated a claim from a subcontractor for delay, disruption, extra work, and inefficiency related to a street light upgrade project.

Provided construction claims preparation and analysis services for numerous high-rise condominium projects.

Performed numerous claims analysis assignments for many state Department of Transportation agencies.

Provided expert witness services on a dispute related to delays and termination for default during the construction of a resort and spa.

Evaluated a claim from the designer for delay and extra work on a public transportation project.

Investigated the cause of cost overruns during the conversion of a drilling platform and supertanker into oil processing platforms.

Performed scheduling and schedule advisory services for a psychiatric hospital.

Provided expert testimony on delay and damages at the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals on a wrongful termination appeal.

Provided expert testimony on delay on the construction of a bleach manufacturing facility.

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Expert Witness #206976

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and works as a Senior Engineer for a firm that provides consulting, design, and engineering services to major theme parks and commercial industries worldwide. This expert provides designs in Autodesk AutoCAD, REVIT, SDS2 and Solidworks software, and utilizes analysis software such as RISA 3D, SAP2000, and Simulation FEA software. This expert has co-authored 36 refereed technical publications. This expert's work experience is broad and diversified from both industry and academia including applied computational analysis (FEA/CFD), testing and experimental analysis, and automation machinery. This expert has some experience as an expert witness in the construction software arena.

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Expert Witness #259416

This expert is the owner of nationally recognized engineering firm specializing in zip line design, inspection, and forensic expert witness work.

This expert's first company was involved in steel construction, certified welding, machine tooling, product development and building of amusement rides. This business became Nation Board Certified in welding and this expert gained a Steel Erection Contractors license. This expert was contracted by a ski resort to design a passive braking zip line trolley and build the largest zip line to date.

This expert has three United States patents for the passive braking trolleys and zip line braking systems.  This expert's zip line trolleys and braking systems ride on some of the largest zip lines in the world.

For litigation, this expert has served as an expert witness in ~24 zip line specific matters. This expert has been deposed four times but has not yet had the pleasure of testifying in court; most of his cases have settled following filing of his expert report.

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Expert Witness #259404

This expert is an expert in sports and recreation, specializing in zip lines, obstacle courses, obstacle races, and adventure sport events, including those produced for television. This expert has been active in international sport for many years, including as a professional athlete.

As a Mechanical Engineer with a master's degree in Sports Medicine, this expert has applied technical expertise to develop the standards and best practices relevant to obstacle courses and events worldwide. This includes safety standards and medical guidelines as a member of the Land Based Obstacles working group of ASTM International Committee F24 Amusement Rides and Devices. This expert also authored and leads a global program for Coach Certification and is an advisor on event formats and obstacles for international multi-sport competitions.

In addition to work governing and guiding the policies of member federations, this expert has been designing and building zip line systems around the world for sporting events and commercial parks. This includes engineering design, operational standards, operator training, and oversite.

This expert has worked as an advisor, producer, and director on athletic competitions and adventure television shows. This expert has competed in hundreds of events around the world in cycling, sailing, triathlon, canoe, kayak, and rafting.

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Expert Witness #216341

This expert provides Expert Witness, Investigation, and Technical Consulting services for Industrial Control Systems, Automated Systems, and Safety Systems. This expert has litigated several cases that involve PLC ladder logic, and has designed scores of systems which utilize PLC code. This expert manages an automation engineering group, and writes/analyzes PLC code virtually every day. Experience includes:

Automated Machinery – Manufacturing Plants, Production Plants

Robotics – Assembly Lines, Semiconductor Plants, Packaging Plants

Control Systems – PLC Controls, Computer Controlled Machines

Automatic and Revolving Doors

Amusement Park Rides – Control Systems, Safety Systems

Bowling Centers – Equipment Systems

Mining – Surface and Strip Mining, Coal, Quarry, Minerals, Oilsands, Conveyors, and Crushers

Lasers – Etching Equipment, Production Lines

Egg Production and Packaging

Food and Beverage Plants – Snack Foods, Cereal, Pasta, Soft Drinks, Beer, Meat Packaging


Conveyors – Belt Conveyors, Bucket Conveyors, Packaging Machines, Vibratory Systems

Wood Production – Sawmills, Chippers, Wood Pellet Plants

Patents – Control Systems, Automated Devices, Production and Manufacturing Machines

Contract Disputes – Control Systems, Production Equipment, Manufacturing Equipment

This expert has acquired many years of experience in electrical, electronic, automation, robotics, bulk materials handling, and mechanical system design. As an inventor, this expert holds several electronic and mechanical patents. This expert’s technical background includes extensive experience with digital logic circuits, vision systems, laser research involving Co2 lasers (Class 4 100 watt), and laser diodes (Class 3B). This expert has established and managed several engineering, CAD, automation, and field service groups, for deployment of automated machinery in the food, beverage, refinery, coal, oil sands, pharmaceutical, and chemical plant industries. Most of this work carried over to the field, where this expert managed electrical and mechanical field construction projects.

This expert’s memberships have included ISA (Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society), and AEE (The Association of Energy Engineers). Authorships include Whitepapers for RAM (Remote Asset Management), Energy Management, Automation, and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) for FDA related validation procedures in lab environments. Intellectual property and patent experience includes work as a Technical Expert Witness involving patent infringement and automation related accidents.

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