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Accounting expert witness candidates typically have experience in forensic accounting, economic damages, business valuation, tax law, and/or are a certified public accountant (CPA) or certified fraud examiner. A financial expert witness needs to not only have expertise, but must also be prepared to explain evidence to a judge and jury, as well as withstand the scrutiny of a cross examination by the opposing counsel. The chosen expert could be a member of an industry organization such as the Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants (ICFA), the National Association of Forensic Accountants (NAFA), the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the American Board of Forensic Accounting (ABFA), or the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

A forensic accountant uses investigative accounting skills to conduct a financial review of an individual or business. Forensic accounting services are frequently used to support legal proceedings, often in a financial crime case such as fraud or embezzlement. Litigation support services by an accounting expert witness could include an analysis of financial records and financial statement documents, an expert report, expert opinion, depositions, trial preparation, and courtroom testimony. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may require an accounting expert with prior expert testimony experience. In addition, a litigation lawyer may request a forensic accountant for pre-litigation consulting expert work.

Representing the plaintiff or defendant, Cahn Litigation Services is frequently called upon by attorney firm clients to locate accounting expert witnesses for a wide range of financial matters. The firm has performed numerous searches for accounting specialists for matters including:

Cahn Litigation Services has the skills and experience needed to identify the ideal forensic accounting expert witness suited for the case. The firm has an earned reputation for presenting candidates with just the right combination of expertise and testimony experience.

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