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Insolvency expert witness candidates typically have backgrounds and expertise in forensic accounting, bankruptcy law, business valuation, and may be certified insolvency practitioners. Cahn Litigation Services is the expert witness placement service provider of choice by law firm clients to locate expert witnesses that can support banking and financial services matters, including cases involving insolvency.

Insolvency is a financial state in which a company’s (or individual’s) debts exceed their assets; whereas bankruptcy is a court proceeding for liquidating a debtor’s assets to pay creditors. Insolvency can be remedied by attempting to raise cash, cutting overhead, and negotiating terms with each creditor in order to stay in business and stay out of court.

Services by an insolvency expert could include alternative dispute resolution, corporate valuation, financial consulting, and financial statement review. If the situation turns into a bankruptcy case, there could be expert witness work such as an expert opinion, expert report preparation, pretrial proceedings, settlement efforts, and courtroom testimony.

While many professionals have expertise in banking and insolvency issues, an insolvency or bankruptcy expert witness carries the additional responsibility of providing expert testimony before the court in a manner whereby lay people, such as judges and jurors, can understand the issues.

Cahn Litigation Services has placed experts in litigation support roles for insolvency and bankruptcy issues, such as matters involving voluntary liquidation, business valuation, bankruptcy court, real estate, lost profits, fiduciary duty, liquidated damages, and fraud investigation.

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Cahn Litigation Services knows Insolvency expert witnesses that are available for litigation support. Because all of our expert witness searches are customized to attorneys' precise specifications and preferences, attorneys are encouraged to discuss search parameters with a Cahn search specialist.