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On behalf of either a plaintiff or defendant, law firm clients frequently call on Cahn Litigation Services to locate an imaging expert witness to support litigation. An imaging expert witness needs substantive expertise, as well as possess the ability to explain evidence to a judge and jurors. An imaging expert witness could provide expertise in intellectual property matters, such as a patent litigation, a trade secret dispute, or a patent case or proceeding in the International Trade Commission (ITC). An expert in imaging technology might also provide testimony in a torts matter like product liability, or a medical malpractice case or personal injury case.

Expert witness services by an imaging expert witness could include an imaging study, failure analysis, expert opinion, expert report, and courtroom testimony at a trial. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request a subject matter expert with prior expert witness testimony experience. In addition, clients may seek an imaging industry expert for pre-litigation consulting work. Cahn Litigation Services reviews each project in detail, and can help determine if the ideal expert should be a radiology expert witness, medical expert witness, interventional radiologist, physician, or diagnostic radiologist. Whether the case involves diagnostic radiology, medical imaging, diffusion tensor imaging, interventional radiology, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), neuroradiology, traumatic brain injury or ultrasound, Cahn Litigation Services has the experience required to turn an expert witness search around quickly and provide the right balance of expertise and testimony to support each project and it nuances.

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Imaging Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Imaging experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Imaging landscape.

Expert Witness #211941

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Physics and is a systems, signals and algorithms consultant to industry and legal professionals, and has many years of experience in video, imaging, modeling, simulation, and systems analysis, design, development and testing. Prior to running a successful consultancy, this expert gained experience on automated digital photogrammetry and raster/vector integration of maps with imagery at street-level, military and satellite resolution. This expert developed digital image processing algorithms to improve image and stereo-matching quality for a digital terrain modeling system based on satellite data. This expert has also developed software and algorithms for affine transformation, edge filtering, kriging interpolation and image stereo matching with sub-pixel acuity. This expert has worked on automated photogrammetric adjustment methods based on pitch, roll and yaw angles, as well coordinate determination based on codeless GPS. This expert continued working on integration of detailed maps with military imagery, developing quadtree database technology for a Combat Information Processor. This expert developed a three-axis spacecraft attitude determination system that provided solutions for pitch, roll and yaw expressed as quaternions, updated via gyroscopes and other sensors. Further, this expert developed calibration algorithms for a 3D laser scanner with street-level ranging based on point cloud technology, and also developed a nine-camera video surveillance system based on wavelet hardware. This expert has experience with video and still imagery includes research & development and publication of low latency encoder/decoder algorithms for MPEG and DICOM imagery. As a Registered Patent Agent, this expert is often called upon to serve as an expert consultant to provide technical analysis related to patent infringement, patent validity and the research tax credit.

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Expert Witness #233401

This expert is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and directs the Video and Image Processing Laboratory (VIPER). Specializing in state-of-the-art technologies to digitize, store, process, stream, and display digital images and video, this expert supports research in areas such as the development of new image analysis techniques, new image and video compression methods, the development of new surveillance and detection methods, new media and wireless streaming technologies, and creating multimedia material for use in media indexing, storage, and retrieval.

One of the many technologies this expert is responsible for is the development of a graffiti recognition and analysis tool. The goal of this project is to use the knowledge gained from work in mobile devices and applications and leverage it towards the development of a mobile-based system capable of image analysis.

This expert is a Fellow of the IEEE, a Fellow of the SPIE, a Fellow of the Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T), and a Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering. This expert received an award for work in image and video compression and multimedia security.

This expert has extensive prior litigation experience including deposition and testimony.

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Expert Witness #246726

This expert holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and served as Senior Scientist and Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff for a large medical device manufacturer. This Imaging and Computer Vision expert specializes in Medical Imaging and Image Guided Radiation Therapy. This expert was responsible for investigational and translational innovations in the field of Imaging and Computer Vision. Contributions include Megavoltage Cone Beam CT, Image Guided Radiation Therapy, Advance radiotherapy treatment techniques, novel imaging devices and methods for radiotherapy, 3D Visualization, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Computed Tomography, Tomosynthesis imaging, X-Ray imaging systems, and medical device development. This expert has many years of experience in theoretical, as well as practical aspects of Cone-Beam CT. This expert has been involved in two patent litigations.

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Expert Witness #263426

This expert has worked in the night vision imaging field for many years and is quite familiar with various image intensifier technologies including using the Government-developed models to provide detailed analysis of the performance capabilities.

This expert has years of experience in lasers, infrared, electro optical sensors, optics, and systems engineering and analysis. This expert's company also offers product development and proposal/design review preparation. This expert recently led R&D efforts for a Fortune 500 company in the field of advanced thermal imaging for pedestrian detection. This expert was the project manager for several advanced EO testing technology projects including the avalanche photodiode array test station and as the systems engineer and design engineer for passive millimeter wave imaging array development and testing. This expert is fluent with Zemax, MathCAD, MATLAB, as well as sensor and atmospheric modeling software including NV IPM, NVThermIP, PCModWin, PCLnWin, SSCamIP, IICamIP, and IINVD.

This expert was the engineering manager at an infrared technology company and worked as an electro optical and laser systems engineer, scientist, and manager associated with directed energy laser countermeasure programs, infrared detector systems, and atmospheric/system performance modeling. This expert was also employed as a laser engineer with experience in design, testing, and applications of solid state and gas lasers for military, scientific, and industrial use.

This expert has served as a subject-matter expert for litigation several times and has been deposed and testified. For example, this expert was selected as the expert witness regarding a night vision system and its technology performance. This expert reviewed all the proposals, wrote reports and was deposed.

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Expert Witness #263706

This expert has intimate knowledge and experience in developing signal flows and protocols starting within the image sensor, through the image processor and to various video outputs, including camera throughput at multiple resolutions for preview and further processing, streaming, etc. This expert has been engaged as an expert on an IPR case, has been deposed multiple times, and has written many expert reports, rebuttals, and claim constructions.

In addition to leading technology development at a software development company and at this expert's start-up company, this expert worked with image signal processing (ISP) engineers at many of the industry's major players; in some cases the interactions were with multiple divisions such as professional camera, consumer camera, and automotive. The various applications this expert supported include professional and consumer video cameras, various digital consumer cameras, security and surveillance, and for automotive. This required management of multiple video streams starting at the image sensor, through color and sparse pixel processing in the sensor and the supporting image signal processor, to implementation of control signals and signal readout per custom and MIPI standards, adjustment of image capture settings, and handling of video and still image content throughout the various image capture systems. This expert is up to date on recent advancements targeted for multi-camera smartphones. This expert has a patent pending which leverages the additional layers within stacked image sensors for in-sensor image signal processing. This expert has authored 150 publications, and holds 41 patents in the general field of imaging sensors.

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Expert Witness #263714

This expert holds an MS in Engineering and serves as President and CTO for a highly sought-after consultancy. This expert specializes in Electronic Imaging Systems, Electronic & Wireless Transfer Systems, Hardware & Software Development, and Product Development & Enhancements.

This expert is very familiar with the systems used for the capture and transfer of video/images and their wireless transfer. This expert served in several technical and management roles for a public company including Research Scientist, Chief Engineer, and Program Manager all dealing with digital imaging and Advanced Digital Camera operations. As such, this expert was hands-on with efforts regarding:

-  defining, and performing R&D projects focused on hybrid imaging systems
-  the design and programming of DSP-based image processing solutions requiring multiple DSPs
-  leading a team of engineers that developed a USB digital video camera. This video camera was capable of streaming video at one (lower) resolution, while also supporting the transfer of a second (higher) resolution image under the control of the host computer. This expert has several patents as a result of the development of this product. This expert later led a digital camera advanced development group that deployed numerous new product features including simultaneous (low res) video preview, compression and (hi res) capture to flash memory storage.

Additionally, this expert has the hardware and software expertise to work with a legal team to devise and direct reverse engineering experiments and efforts directed to assessment of infringement. This expert is also familiar with the patent process, claims language and patents generally.

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Expert Witness #216762

This expert holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and joined the faculty of a department of electrical engineering, where this expert serves as Professor. This expert also has a concurrent appointment as a Professor of computer science and engineering.

This expert has been designing and building and writing about imaging and video systems for many years. This expert’s first work with real-time video dates back to when this expert worked in a Video Conferencing group and later had research funding from that group. This expert has both built video cameras as part of academic work and has testified about digital cameras.

This expert has consulted for many companies on various types of video issues on their security systems and worked for a company when sued on their collection of DVR patents.

This expert is involved the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology and the Journal of Electronic Imaging, and on advisory committees of several conferences on image and video processing. This expert’s research interests include image and video processing, restoration, compression and enhancement. This expert has published nearly two hundred papers and contributed to seven books in these areas.

This expert has extensive litigation experience has been deposed and/or testified on a number of digital signal and imaging related cases.

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Expert Witness #237651

This expert's focus has been the development of advanced optical products, particularly designing and manufacturing of all major system components: displays, color management prisms, condenser and projection lenses, interface electronics, liquid crystal materials, light sources and non-imaging optics. This expert developed, managed, and licensed several high-tech products, including thin film photovoltaics, ablative imaging films, phase change memories, multi-chip modules, and superconducting materials. This expert became the founder and CEO of the first company to establish amorphous silicon, thin film transistor (TFT), active matrix LCD pilot production line. This expert has patent litigation testimony experience in district court of ITC matters for both Plaintiffs and Defendants.

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Expert Witness #217101

This expert is an expert in digital video processing and is currently a professor in a Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This expert obtained a doctorate in Electrical and Computer Engineering and is Co-Director of a multimedia communications laboratory. This expert specializes in research in the areas of signal processing, image and video analysis, video retrieval and communications, multimedia systems, computer vision, medical imaging and genomic signal processing. The holder of several patents, including one in multiple-item tracking and two in object tracking, this expert has provided services as a consultant and expert witness in well over forty companies and law firms nationwide.

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