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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Cameras experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Cameras landscape.

Expert Witness #216762

This expert holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and joined the faculty of a department of electrical engineering, where this expert serves as Professor. This expert also has a concurrent appointment as a Professor of computer science and engineering.

This expert has been designing and building and writing about imaging and video systems for many years. This expert’s first work with real-time video dates back to when this expert worked in a Video Conferencing group and later had research funding from that group. This expert has both built video cameras as part of academic work and has testified about digital cameras.

This expert has consulted for many companies on various types of video issues on their security systems and worked for a company when sued on their collection of DVR patents.

This expert is involved the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology and the Journal of Electronic Imaging, and on advisory committees of several conferences on image and video processing. This expert’s research interests include image and video processing, restoration, compression and enhancement. This expert has published nearly two hundred papers and contributed to seven books in these areas.

This expert has extensive litigation experience has been deposed and/or testified on a number of digital signal and imaging related cases.

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Expert Witness #238295

This expert has many years of photonics experience. This expert's academic focus was on modern optics, electromagnetic theory, communications theory, advanced mathematics, and the chemistry/physics of optical materials. This expert has a lifetime of research and development in the highly specialized area of optical data storage, processing/computing, and communications. This expert is a well-known expert in the field of optical data storage, holography, recording media, and optical disc replication processes and technology, and large high-resolution information displays. This expert's main areas of interest are photonics (components, imaging arrays, LEDs, and solar energy), materials physics, chemistry and processes, nanotechnology, control and positioning of light beams, MEMS and MOEMS and their integration into fully functional information processing systems, lasers, and flat panel displays (FPDs).

Much of this expert's early work was for government agencies. The major goal of this work was to use photonics technology for the rapid acquisition, processing, storage and communication of data vital to national defense and space flight. This expert shifted the main research focus to (1) consumer electronics applications of photonics (CD, DVD, flat panel displays, digital cameras, LEDs and HDTV and 3D TV); (2) replication of CD and DVD media (technology, materials, processes and systems); (3) digital image processing and capture (digital cameras), and (4) the impact of MEMS/Nanotech on data storage, processing, and communication design and performance.

This expert also has significant engineering, expert witness, product and business development, and sales & marketing management experience.

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Expert Witness #263706

This expert has intimate knowledge and experience in developing signal flows and protocols starting within the image sensor, through the image processor and to various video outputs, including camera throughput at multiple resolutions for preview and further processing, streaming, etc. This expert has been engaged as an expert on an IPR case, has been deposed multiple times, and has written many expert reports, rebuttals, and claim constructions.

In addition to leading technology development at a software development company and at this expert's start-up company, this expert worked with image signal processing (ISP) engineers at many of the industry's major players; in some cases the interactions were with multiple divisions such as professional camera, consumer camera, and automotive. The various applications this expert supported include professional and consumer video cameras, various digital consumer cameras, security and surveillance, and for automotive. This required management of multiple video streams starting at the image sensor, through color and sparse pixel processing in the sensor and the supporting image signal processor, to implementation of control signals and signal readout per custom and MIPI standards, adjustment of image capture settings, and handling of video and still image content throughout the various image capture systems. This expert is up to date on recent advancements targeted for multi-camera smartphones. This expert has a patent pending which leverages the additional layers within stacked image sensors for in-sensor image signal processing. This expert has authored 150 publications, and holds 41 patents in the general field of imaging sensors.

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Expert Witness #253100

Corrective Imaging Technologies Expert

This expert holds a PhD in Computer Science and serves as Associate Professor of Computer Science. This expert's research is primarily in the areas of computer graphics and image processing but overlaps with computer vision and visualization while also having strong multi-disciplinary collaborations outside of computer science.

This expert also serves as CEO and develops the company's corrective imaging technology that helps a person with visual impairments to see electronic images or text properly. It allows people to see digital content with increased sharpness on displays like tablets, smartphones and laptops without the need for corrective eyewear.

This expert's prior work in image processing has included designing new cameras, developing camera calibration algorithms, new image processing algorithms for improving focus, and bettering image-based 3D reconstruction. This expert has multiple publications in this area and has also published user interface related papers for synthetic displays, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Further, this expert is familiar with the autofocus method and user interface in digital SLR cameras as well as in smartphones.   

This expert has membership in more than 65 program committees including all of the leading conferences in the field, several on-going international multi-disciplinary collaborations (i.e., with experts in computer science, photogrammetry, urban planning, architecture, meteorology, atmospheric sciences, earth sciences, traffic engineering, and more), invited national and international talks and presentations, funding support from multiple entities, and technology transfer (e.g., roles in several startups and multiple patents).

This expert has previous experience as an expert for litigation, including report writing, depositions, and in-court testimony.

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Expert Witness #225624

This expert has worked with MEMS in on-board cameras in autonomous self-driving vehicle sensors, automotive convertible top sensors, automotive frontal crash sensors, side impact detection sensors and more. This expert managed an R&D group for the development and testing of accelerometers, pressure sensors and other micromachined devices. This expert invented and patented a digital crash detection algorithm taking data from MEMS accelerometers. This expert has strong experience as an expert witness, having served in over 60 cases, providing testimony in a dozen depositions and testifying at trial four times.

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Expert Witness #121735

This expert is an engineering technologist, Ph.D. candidate, and seasoned expert witness in the video compression field. This expert's Master's thesis was exclusively on High Efficiency Video coding (HEVC). This expert was the Vice President of Engineering at a technology company overseeing their line of intelligent video recognition software for surveillance cameras and encoders. This expert has deep experience consulting on technology-related prior art and patent litigation matters, including analysis of patents for network streaming video and examining internet protocol and networking video technology. This expert has solid experience in the streaming video industry such as RTP/RTSP, having pioneered the next-generation technologies for cable TV set-top boxes, including web-based interactive applications. Besides patent portfolio review and analysis, this expert has been deposed ten times and has testified at trial. This expert is Six Sigma Black Belt certified, holds two patents, and is well-published.

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Expert Witness #239025

This expert has been active in the high tech field over this expert's career, and for much of that time, providing consulting services and designing Z-Wave products used in Home Automation security. Home Automation and security systems are often integrated as the technology required is similar. A user's tablet, laptop or phone connects to the internet which in turn is connected to a device in the home to monitor security, as well as turn lights on/off and adjust thermostats. Security is just one piece of the Home Automation product. This expert utilizes the advanced mesh-networking protocol and reliable Z-Wave wireless communication to develop Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices used in security, including this expert's most recent invention, a motion sensor that needs no wires or batteries. This expert has been involved in the Home Automation/security industry for many years. The named inventor on two technology patents, this expert has designed chips for Programmable System-on-Chip microcontrollers (PSoC), video conferencing, smart phone cameras, Ethernet based industrial controllers, and a myriad of other devices used every day. As a CEO, this expert negotiated a patent licensing deal with a large technology company to gain access to their entire portfolio related to their 16 bit processors. This expert is very familiar with the patent process and the requirements to review the claims within them.

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Expert Witness #236452

This expert received a diploma in electrical and computer engineering, an M.S.E.E. in electrical engineering and a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering. This expert is the recipient of numerous academic awards. This expert has authored or coauthored more than 160 journal and conference papers. This expert's research interests include sensors for transportation applications, computer vision, and control systems. This expert's transportation research has included projects involving vision-based sensing and classification. This expert developed a vehicle following system using imaging sensors and then worked with a variety of sensors including LiDAR to develop pedestrian detection schemes, lane following systems, obstacle avoidance, and connected vehicles, etc. This work has led to a relationship with an automobile manufacturer where this expert handles many IPRs, ex-parte reviews, and two district court cases related to radar, cameras, and LiDAR sensors. It has also led to negotiations for a large contract with DHS for a ground robot that will monitor the southern border. The idea is to operate for a few hours on rough terrain and collect data. This expert has strong experience with the design and building of intelligent vehicle systems, and has been teaching relevant classes that involve LiDAR, for decades.

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Expert Witness #225725

This expert holds a BS, MS, and Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer science. This expert heads a technology consultancy, an IP licensing company, serves on several high technology and gaming industry advisory boards and is the named inventor on several patents and applications. On behalf of top telecom carriers, this expert has performed consulting work on patent portfolio monetization related to instant messaging, as well as reverse engineering and claim analysis to prove infringement by target companies. This expert works closely with counsel to verify, validate and target large corporate infringement and provides ongoing monitoring of worldwide patent infringement and claims resolution for a leading display company.

This expert has:

-  lead real time collaboration groups. The work that was done was in the area of mobile devices messaging, telephony, networking streaming, etc.
-  built products on top of these kinds of systems as well as handheld devices.
-  founded a company in the two-way messaging space involving instant messaging.
-  programmed the internet's original photo sharing community that involved photos and imaging and keeping track of locations in images. This expert wrote mobile applications on top of that platform as well.
-  written video streaming and reception software.
-  built several mobile terminal systems communicating with multiple distributed servers.
-  Been involved with many authentication issues and built such systems.
-  started a company in the ProAV space where this expert built a multimedia network connected pro av playback system that worked between multiple machines and had remote access and used cameras and control. This expert's PhD thesis was focused on building massive displays out of multiple projectors (pro av devices) using machine vision etc.

This expert has extensive prior litigation experience as an expert including IPRs.

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Expert Witness #256205

For many years this expert has taught courses in patent law, trademark law, copyright law, international IP law, IP survey, and IP theory. This expert is a prominent law professor who is considered one of the nation's preeminent experts on intellectual property and technology law. This expert consults with some of the world's leading companies and serves as an expert witness in trademark and IP cases. This expert has fielded confusion research pursuant to the Lanham Act within the following industries:

  • Virtual Meeting Software
  • Off Road Utility Vehicles
  • Production Equipment Manufacturer
  • Thermo-Insulated Beverage Tumblers
  • Vinyl Automotive Wraps
  • Outdoor Sport-Oriented Cameras

This expert has a joint appointment between the School of Law and the School of Business. This joint appointment will allow students to take classes that integrate legal and business principles.

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