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Real time trading expert witness candidates typically have extensive experience in algorithmic trading, economic analysis and/or financial markets. Cahn Litigation Services is the expert witness placement service provider of choice by law firm clients to locate an expert witness that can support real time trading and other financial services matters.

Real time trading in financial markets refers to up-to-the-second and accurate price quotes of securities; in contrast to other financial services (certain websites, for example) that provide delayed quotes, even up to 20 minutes. Access to real time quotes is important to traders, as a profitable situation can quickly turn into a loss. Long term investing strategies are not usually concerned with real time trading.

A U.S. investor is protected by FINRA, a not-for-profit organization that oversees broker-dealers. FINRA utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to watch market activity and provide support to investors, regulators, and policy makers.

Representative matters that call for an expert in financial and real time trading legal disputes involve issues pertaining to:

Litigation support by a real time trading expert witness could represent either the plaintiff or defendant, and work could include case review, arbitration, expert opinion, an expert report, expert testimony, and/or trial testimony. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, an attorney may request an expert with prior expert witness testimony experience. In addition, clients may seek a securities industry expert or financial advisor for pre-litigation consulting services.

While many experts have expertise in real time trading, an expert witness carries the additional responsibility of providing testimony before the court in a manner whereby a juror can understand the litigation matters and evidence.

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Real Time Trading Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Real Time Trading experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Real Time Trading landscape.

Expert Witness #212686

This expert has many years of experience in software and hardware development for embedded systems, and has served as an Expert Witness. This expert has hands-on experience developing software on portable wireless communications devices, including the development of over 30 smartphone applications, generating over 50 million user installs. This expert has worked on numerous embedded systems projects which have included wireless communications, including game consoles, handheld gaming devices, first generation (J2ME/Brew) "feature" phones, present day smartphone devices and browser-based online games. As an expert in over 20 computer software languages, including assembly language [TMS1000, AMI S2000, 6502, 65816, 6800, Z80, 8080, etc], C, C++, Java, Javascript, Objective C, Lingo, Swift, and others, this expert has performed extensive source code analysis and reverse engineering from object code to source code. This expert has development experience with embedded systems utilizing ROM-based software. As an early pioneer in the handheld electronic toy and video game industries, this expert designed software on systems where the delivery mechanism was ROM-based cartridges. This expert also has strong knowledge of microprocessor and microcontroller architectures used in embedded systems, having designed the hardware and software of early microcontroller-based handheld electronic products. This expert designed, developed and coded one of the earliest tokenized interpretive languages for a commercially released software product. The architecture of the language was based on processor-independent, bytecode "object code," which was compiled on-the-fly during program design and interpreted in real-time by an assembly language-based virtual machine. The language was highly optimized, allowing for the development of real-time, graphic-intensive applications executing at 15 frames per second (on 8-bit hardware). This expert has been retained as an expert and accepted by the court in over 25 patent infringement cases, on both the plaintiff and defendant sides. This expert has written numerous reports on patent infringement and non-infringement, validity/invalidity and claim construction, been deposed over 25 times and has testified in court or at an arbitration hearing seven times. Outside of this expert's expertise in video games, this expert has worked on numerous other cases involving software development for general applications, including image processing, vector graphics, virtual reality, embedded control systems for location-based amusement machines, and a handheld language translator.

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Expert Witness #214489

This expert is the President and Founder of a preeminent real time trading technologies company. This expert's firm specializes in fast-moving "real-time" financial markets and performing calculations related to them. Since its founding, this expert's firm has had many consulting clients globally including several regulatory bodies, major broker-dealers, large and medium sized banks as well as hedge funds. This expert has also been requested as a specialized expert witness in complex court cases involving real time trading systems, derivatives, structured products, hedge funds and risk management. This expert has given three-day seminars on energy markets to some of the leading power companies in the world. This expert has a PhD in Computer Science and is very well suited to explaining complex software and mathematical issues to lay people.

Among this expert's software products are:

- A real time prediction engine. The Server Program retrieves market data and, in real time, issues predictions to the Client Application(s).

- An iPhone application developed in conjunction with an Options Exchange to be used to retrieve real time options information, calculate and display theoretical prices and hedging parameters.

This expert was a lecturer Master of Science in Financial Mathematics program, Mathematics Department, and has taught numerous courses, seminars, lectures, and talks at various banks, regulatory bodies, and professional seminars around the world on a variety of topics. These presentations are known for combining cutting edge analytics with real world applications and intuitive examples with minimal math. This expert earned a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science, an M.Sc. in Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Computer Science. This expert completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Computer Science Department.

This expert is frequently interviewed by the press from around the world.

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Expert Witness #226228

This expert holds a Ph D in Electrical Engineering and brings to the table many years of academic and professional experience in speech and audio signal processing, speech and audio signal compression technology, standards for speech and audio compression, and software implementation on real-time platforms and in client/server architectures. This expert is the founder of two (2) related technologies research laboratories and holds more than 20 patents, all dealing with the coding, compression or retrieval of audio digital signals or data. As the Principal of two highly successful media technology consultancies, this expert specializes in changing the way people create, listen, and share audio content on and over the Internet. This expert's technology platforms have provided a virtual studio and venue for musicians, jammers, and fans alike to participate in the music making process, in which unique musical content is shared with others in real-time. This expert is responsible for designing, developing, and testing all aspects of a client/server architecture for real-time audio streaming, recording, mixing and playback. Additionally, this expert has developed and is selling products for subjective audio evaluation and for multi-channel audio mixing. In industry, this expert worked with a Fortune 100 Company's digital music delivery system initiative, where this expert was responsible for transferring the technology to the business of secure sales of music over the Internet. This involved the legal and business aspects of patent licensing and the engineering aspects of bitstream packetization and encryption in a system using compressed rates of 16 kbps for music preview and 96 kbps for music sales. This expert also developed and implemented a client/server music player using audio technology. This used an OpenGL graphical user interface and UNIX socket-based client/server communication and implemented a streaming client/server architecture for audio and image data that communicated via ISDN. In addition, this expert has done patent expert witness work, patent litigation support, patent valuation, engineering consulting, and participated in standardization activities.  

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Expert Witness #263079

This expert is an early pioneer of transmitting real-time and interactive content over the packet networks and over the internet. This expert's PhD thesis presents the first comprehensive approach for practical problems encountered when video is transmitted over a network, in packets, in which packets may encounter challenges in transmission.

This expert worked an Interactive Video Initiative/Multimedia Systems and Community Networking Group, on providing video-on-demand to the home. This application, which was cutting-edge at the time, was heavily reliant on ensuring that the digital content could be appropriately handled by the network and that communication protocols would be able to provide the required quality-of-service. This expert used knowledge of network behavior and protocols, packet networks in general, and transmission requirements for different kinds of information in creating a research program at a University. This expert was involved in 6 research grants, of which 4 involved networking and communications.

This expert was elected a Fellow of the IEEE. This expert has experience in comparing both existing standards and implemented protocols with algorithms set forth in patent specifications. This expert has done this in reports that have been submitted to courts for invalidity and infringement, in Markman tutorials, and in infringement assessments provided to my clients for internal use.

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Expert Witness #218703

This expert holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from a prestigious engineering school and is a Fulbright Scholar. This expert specializes in the technologies of signal processing, networking, authentication and streaming media. This expert is currently an independent contractor offering advisory services for information technology organizations, venture capital groups and the legal profession. This expert has additional expertise in computer software design, development and deployment, forensic data acquisition and analysis, Microsoft Visual Studio component and application design, ad displays, content feeds, implementation of real-time and media streaming systems and architecture and design of complex business systems involving database back ends. This expert has built systems involving authentication. Perhaps more significant is the success this expert has had with authentication/encryption with PTAB declarations. Functionality included insurance and financing RFP's, document management and project collaboration. In addition, each web site offered integration of multimedia content for promotion of client projects, including steaming video and audio content. This expert also implemented a secure data access system using native NT operating system authentication services. All documents and files were transmitted via 128-BIT SSL using server-side certificates for server authentication to the client browser. As an expert witness in litigation, this expert has written many reports and has testified over ten times, including several cases involving encryption and authentication.

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Expert Witness #232032

A leading consultant to the wireless community, this expert’s streaming work started with work on wavelet codecs for wireless streaming on the 2G devices. Subsequent to that, this expert worked with OEMs, operators, and Internet players on various streaming initiatives. This expert specializes in real-time distributed streaming of content through mobile devices. This expert is well-published, has been credited with significant research, holds two US Patents and has analyzed hundreds of streaming and multimedia patents for valuation and competitive analysis purposes.

This expert has worked with each of the top six mobile data operators. This expert has consulted with major corporations and various wireless technology startups, assisting them with video streaming, image and video codes and general wireless initiatives including 3G and 4G technology. With extensive expertise in streaming media, authentication, wireless devices, mobile apps, video signal processing and much more, this expert served as founder and Director of a wireless practice. In this role, this expert oversaw global client engagements, provided vision and strategic direction, conducted wireless research and development and established partnerships with leading industry players. Prior to that, this expert was a systems engineer and product manager, focusing on mobile communications at a telecommunications company. Considered a leading authority on the mobile data technologies and consumer trends, this expert is an experienced expert witness with extensive litigation experience including deposition and court testimony including matters dealing with wireless and mobile communications.

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Expert Witness #234251

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and is a full-time consultant primarily supporting military and aerospace matters, leveraging an extensive background in software performance, real-time architecture, hardware design, implementation, interface, control, development and standards. This expert is leading a new standard development for Safety Critical Java Technology and has held a General Radiotelephone License for many years.

At a defense company, this expert served as Chief Scientist of their System Solutions organization and their Software & Systems Resource Center, where responsibilities included systems and software consulting across the organization, guiding technology dissemination activities at the SSRC, reviewing and updating the SSRC's educational offerings, teaching (e.g., Real-Time Systems Analysis, and Object Oriented Real-Time Architecture), and leading and participating in program reviews and audits. This expert supported a wide variety of projects such as SBIRS, SBIS, Air Traffic Control, GPS, various avionics systems, CCTT, LAMPS, and AWACS. This expert was intimately involved in the design and implementation of many major systems spanning a wide range of applications including space (both ground based and flight), aircraft, shipboard, submarine, command & control, and information systems. This expert’s technical interests have included distributed systems / software architecture, distributed real-time systems, software engineering (especially for real-time applications), and performance-critical object oriented systems architecture. This expert has worked with many applications of GPS technology, both military and civilian, including a wide variety of mobile platforms such as aircraft and surface ships. This expert has experience serving as an expert (providing expert reports, depositions and courtroom testimony) in software, hardware, and systems-related litigation including patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and contracts. 

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Expert Witness #250611

This expert has been working on navigation/positioning systems and GPS-based consumer-oriented systems. This expert worked on developing location and navigation technology to support both safety applications and consumer applications, such as routing to various points of interest. This expert was also working with "real time" data from vehicles to identify places of interest as well as changes to routes and incidents that would impact travel. This expert was also very aware of the capabilities of hand-held units. This expert’s work has been deeply involved in the development of navigation systems for vehicles, and the interaction of those systems with infrastructure, such as traffic information providers.

This expert has been working as an expert witness on various IP matters and has written over 40 reports and been deposed 8 times. Most of this expert’s work has involved "connected vehicles," or "connected navigation systems" almost all of which disclose various "hybrid" navigation techniques integrating data from the device and infrastructure. This expert has worked on several matters related to navigation displays in vehicles and on smartphones, management of vehicle fleets, mechanisms for determining traffic information and utilizing that information for navigation, and various uses for navigation systems in e-commerce or finding and routing to dynamic locations. Several patents this expert has worked with address navigation for shopping applications.

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