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Consumer fraud expert witness candidates typically have expertise in forensic accounting, computer science, and/or consumer protection law. For certain cases, clients may request a certified fraud examiner, which is an individual that has been tested and has knowledge in the primary areas of fraud examination: financial transactions and fraud schemes, law, investigation, and fraud prevention and deterrence. In high-profile cases, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may require a professional with prior expert witness experience. A consumer fraud expert witness needs to possess the ability to explain evidence to a judge and jury.

Consumer fraud comes in all shapes and sizes. In most cases, the motivation of fraud is for monetary gain. Fraud can violate civil law or criminal law. The Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection aims to stop deceptive and fraudulent business practices. The organization collects reports from consumers, conducts investigations, litigates, and educates consumers. Examples of consumer fraud include:

Litigation support by a consumer fraud expert witness could include contract review, economic damage calculation, expert report preparation, expert opinion, expert testimony, and/or testimony in court. In addition, clients often seek a consulting expert for pre-litigation work. On behalf of a plaintiff or defendant, Cahn Litigation Services is regularly called upon by attorney clients to locate an expert witness that can provide support for a consumer fraud case. When an expert is needed to investigate and ultimately testify for a fraud investigation, Cahn Litigation Services will hone in on a testifying expert with precisely the right skills and experience to get the job done.

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Consumer Fraud Expert Witness - Representative Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Consumer Fraud experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Consumer Fraud landscape.

Expert Witness #218652

This expert is an experienced litigation expert with many years of senior level Fortune 100 experience and has been retained by many reputable firms to conduct consumer research and to provide expert testimony. This expert has provided expert testimony in more than 70 legal cases: Lanham Act - Trademark, Trade Dress, Patent; Defamation; Commercial Reasonableness; Personal Injury - Retail Merchandising; Misleading Advertising; Misleading Packaging; Damages; Fraud; and more. State, Federal, Class Action, Civil, Criminal, Courtroom and Arbitration Qualified, this expert has opined across a range of issues including trademark confusion, channel strategy, false advertising (including online advertising), branding and marketing, contracts, survey rebuttals, retail strategy, and trade dress confusion. This expert has been retained for criminal and civil cases regarding individuals, corporations, and class action lawsuits. This expert has created, developed, fielded, analyzed, and reported on thousands of studies. In this expert's work providing expert testimony, this expert has conducted surveys on genericness, likelihood of confusion, secondary meaning, false advertising, dilution and more as it relates to trade dress, trademarks, and patents. This expert has provided about twenty depositions in person, via video, and via telephone. This expert has testified in court nearly ten times in cases involving: Misleading Advertising; Consumer Confusion; Secondary Meaning; Fraud; Commercial Reasonableness; Brand and Reputation Defamation. This expert received an MBA and has experience in branding, management, research and strategy. Early in this expert's career, this expert spent years working in the areas of national brand management and promotional marketing. Once the Chief Marketing Officer for a major retail chain, this expert owns and manages a strategic marketing consultancy where this expert works directly with senior executives of many Fortune 1000 corporations providing a wide range of advanced research expertise including design, analytics and advanced statistics along with case consulting across a range of industries.

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Expert Witness #209996

This expert has many years of experience in the consumer credit industry. This expert is quite familiar with credit reporting standards. While with credit reporting agency, this expert served as a Quality Assurance Specialist, a Team manager responsible for reviewing, modifying or correcting well over 100,000 consumer credit reports. This expert also managed the Fraud Investigation Team functions, including the dispute reinvestigation process and adherence to productivity and quality expectations. This expert has worked as a Finance and Insurance Manager responsible for working directly with lenders to secure financing. This expert's duties included pulling and analyzing credit reports and FICO scores and matching applicant credit risk with the most appropriate loan product, given the consumer's credit history and score. As the founder of a credit consultancy, this expert has been retained over 60 times and has testified against the CRA's in depositions multiple times.

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Expert Witness #263905

This expert serves as Senior Manager and leads the Forensic Investigation group of a highly successful, International consultancy. This expert brings to the table many years of experience, with expertise in economic damage analysis and quantification, and other financial issues, including damage quantifications and analyses, fraud and forensic accounting investigations, forensic accounting analyses, and ethics and compliance reviews. This expert’s case experience encompasses a broad array of industries including automotive, aviation, biotechnology, cellular, chemicals, consumer products, energy, financial securities, healthcare, HVAC, information technology, internet, medical products, military, network security, online learning, optical, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, sporting goods, supercomputers, and telecommunications.

This expert previously spent years with an Internal Audit Investigations team at a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, handling damage calculations and recoveries from fraudulent billing schemes, employee misconduct investigations, and highly sensitive senior/executive level employee investigations. This expert’s prior experience also includes positions at large international companies in the life sciences and financial services sectors, providing internal investigation, internal audit, and financial reporting control services. This expert’s experience includes discovery, deposition and trial assistance, calculation of economic damages, forensic accounting analyses in litigation and non-litigation matters, as well as other dispute forums, and advising clients related to internal fraud preventative and detective controls.

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Expert Witness #232031

This expert is Founder and CEO of a highly sought-after international consultancy and is one of the leading strategists in the mobile industry. This expert is considered a leading authority on mobile data technologies and consumer trends. This expert has served as an advisor to senior executive management of several Fortune 100 companies in the wireless space and is probably the only industry strategist who has advised each of the top global mobile data operators.

Before starting a consulting practice, this expert was founding Director of Emerging Solutions at an eCommerce company, and served as its Director of the wireless practice. In this role, this expert conducted wireless research and development, provided vision and strategic direction and established partnerships with leading industry players. Prior to that, this expert was a systems engineer and product manager, focusing on mobile communications, and worked on creating RF Fingerprinting solutions to prevent wireless fraud.

This expert is the author or co-author or editor of thirteen books on wireless technologies. This expert’s books have been adopted in several corporate training programs and university courses. This expert has written over 150+ articles and papers covering various topics on wireless. This expert has patents in wireless communications, is regularly invited to speak at conferences worldwide, and is an active member in industry bodies and committees.

This expert is one of the leading strategists on IP matters in the wireless industry. This expert has advised clients with some of the biggest patent portfolios in the world and worked with players across the wireless value chain. This expert has been retained as an expert witness and advisor for some of the most prominent legal matters in front of the International Trade Commission (ITC).

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Expert Witness #255935

This expert specializes in the economic analysis of intellectual property, including the assessment of economic alternatives, lost profits, price erosion, reasonable royalties, and other valuation/damages issues. This expert also has extensive experience providing detailed analyses and expert reports, evaluating antitrust issues and economic damages associated with false advertising, antitrust, fraud, termination, and business interference claims. This expert has frequently served as an expert witness on significant patent infringement matters and has testified on patent infringement damages in trial in district courts across the United States. This expert has also provided testimony at hearings at the International Trade Commission, and in trial and arbitrations in other matters throughout America and in Sweden.

As an economic consultant, this expert has worked on projects covering hundreds of companies from numerous high-technology industries, including consumer electronics, information services, semiconductors, computers and components, TVs and displays, software and games, as well as telecommunications (including cell phones and mobile networks), broadcasting, automotive, oilfield equipment, biotechnology and medical equipment. In addition to leading to expert testimony, these efforts include assisting in the evaluation and negotiation of patent license agreements. With extensive, continuous exposure to leading company and industry information sources, this expert has acquired a comprehensive knowledge of the competitive, licensing and financial environments. This expert also has expertise with economic analysis in a number of other industries, including real estate, construction, entertainment, and consumer goods. This expert has also written and lectured on patent damages and intellectual property valuation. This expert holds an MA and BA in Economics .

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Expert Witness #251233

This expert holds a PhD in Economics from an Ivy League School. This expert specializes in antitrust, intellectual property, and the evaluation of commercial damages and has decades of experience in litigation involving patent damages, pharmaceuticals and antitrust issues. This expert serves as a managing Director for a global consultancy dedicated to applying economic, finance, and quantitative principles to complex business and legal challenges. This expert provides strategies, studies, reports, expert testimony, and policy recommendations for government authorities and the world's leading law firms and corporations. In the antitrust area, this expert has analyzed the competitive consequences of numerous mergers in a wide range of industries, including agricultural products, chemicals, consumer products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductors, among many others; this expert has frequently presented the results of the analyses to US antitrust agencies and courts. In addition, this expert has addressed liability and damages issues involving allegations of predatory pricing, monopolization, price discrimination, resale price maintenance, tying, and other antitrust violations in a variety of different industries. Many of this expert's antitrust inquiries have focused specifically on intellectual property and its unique role in the analysis of market power and competitive effects. In the intellectual property area more generally, this expert has evaluated economic damages in cases involving patent infringement, trade secrets, trade dress, Lanham Act violations, and other claims. This expert has written and lectured extensively on the use of economic analysis in these matters. This expert has also evaluated liability and damages issues in many other settings. This expert has calculated economic damages in cases involving allegations of breach of contract, fraud, and misrepresentation, among many other issues. This expert has also studied commodity futures markets in several cases involving allegations of market manipulation. This expert has testified before state and federal courts, the US Federal Trade Commission, and various other regulatory bodies. This expert's articles and speeches have been invited and published by the American Bar Association, the Practicing Law Institute, European Competition Law Review, and many other comparable institutions.  

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