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Expert Witness #262723

This expert is an internationally recognized technical and business leader in the fields of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, cryptographic security, broadband and network system, and entrepreneurial development. This expert has many years of experience in wireless system development and product development.

This expert is the creator of video P2P for realtime and P2MP security applications, which are now the system standard for casinos and high value venue security. These systems use private as well as cellular backhauls employing licensed spectrum and high capacity long-range point-to-point microwave links. This expert is the named inventor of 67 granted patents and applications primarily in wireless, signal processing & processor, machine learning, and microelectronics. This expert holds a PhD. In Electrical Engineering, an MBA, and a BSEE - Electrical and Electronics Engineering. This expert has provided expert witness testimony on several matters.

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