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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Glass experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Glass landscape.

Expert Witness #135336

This expert is the principal consultant and expert witness in a successful materials failure analysis consulting firm. This expert has a Ph.D. in Materials Science and is a former Senior Process Engineer at a technology company. This expert has been analyzing glass failures and manufacturing techniques throughout this expert's career entire career. This expert has done specific failure analysis on glass bottles, windows, windshields, dishes, cookware, and other glass vessels, and has expertise in glass strengthening and tempering. This expert is a seasoned expert witness, with depositions and court appearances.

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Expert Witness #257476

This expert is a Full Professor and Chair of a Ceramic Engineering & Glass Engineering Science Programs. This expert is the recipient of numerous awards and has authored or co-authored over 160 publications. This expert holds seventeen patents. In addition to teaching and research, this expert is a world-recognized expert and consultant in ceramic powder processing (colloidal behavior and rheology), ceramic materials, selective batching for commercial glass production, ceramic forming and heat treatment processes, and ceramic manufacturing. This expert is able to perform all manner of testing in the university labs. This expert has served as an expert witness seven times: three required depositions and two required trial testimony.

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Expert Witness #237491

This expert is a Full Professor and Chair of a Materials Science and Engineering Department. This expert has devoted most of this expert's professional life to the study of ceramic and glass materials and their characterization. This expert is familiar with many aspects of the abrasives industry and has been involved in perhaps a dozen or so legal matters of various types, and is experienced in both depositions and trial testimony. This expert is a Life Member of the American Ceramic Society and is well-published.

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Expert Witness #124243

This expert holds a PhD in Chemistry, has many years of experience in polymers and has extensive design, testing and evaluation experience in the absorption and dissipation of forces - polymeric materials. This expert is the named inventor on numerous U.S. patents involving plastics that have been commercialized, including numerous household products and energy absorbing protective headgear. This expert’s areas of specialty include new product development, voluntary standards, statutes, labeling, custom and practice, technology and cost in relationship to the hazards, and dangers and risks involved in the use and application of consumer products. An active member of the ASTM for many years, this expert has been involved in the creation of the standards and testing involved with polymeric products. This expert is a former member of the Advisory Board -World Congress on Industrial, Technical, and High Performance Textiles and the Advisory Board - American Board of Engineering and Technology. This expert is a member of:

American Chemical Society

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (Senior Member)

Society of Plastics Engineers

American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC)

American Board of Forensic Examiners

… to name just a few and has earned among others, ASTM qualification in:

C-8 Refractories;

C-14 Glass & Glass Products;

D-1 Paint, Varnish, Lacquer & Related Products;

D-9 Electrical Insulating Materials;

D-13 Textiles;

D-13.52 Flammability

D-14 Adhesives;

D-19 Water;

D-20 Plastics;

D-26 Halogenated Organic Solvents;

D-30 High Modulus Fibers and their Composites;

E-7 Non-destructive Testing;

E-15 Analysis & Testing of Industrial Chemicals;

E-17 Skid Resistance;

E-20 Temperature Measurement, Chemicals;

E-27 Hazard Potential of Chemicals;

E-30 Forensic Sciences;

E-28 Mechanical Testing;

F-15 Consumer Product Safety;

F-23 Protective Clothing;

F24-10 Test Methods

F24-20 Specifications and Terminology

F24-24 Design and Manufacture

F15 Consumer Products

This expert has extensive litigation experience (testified 9 times, deposed 20+), and has authored and presented extensively.

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Expert Witness #263644

This expert is a Professor of Ceramic Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering Department, and is educated and experienced in sintering of alumina and the role of chromium additions. This expert is well-published, and is also a regularly invited speaker at industry conferences.

This expert was selected as the Site Director, Refractory-Ceramics Satellite, for Glass Research. Current research interests include: hermochemistry and high temperature phase equilibria of condensed and non-condensed ceramic systems; corrosion/erosion of materials by molten liquids; research, development and testing of monolithic refractory ceramics; characterization of high temperature ceramics; and refractory/slag/metal interactions.

This expert holds PhD, MS and BS degrees in Ceramic Engineering. This expert is an active member of the America Ceramic Society.

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