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Educational law expert witness candidates typically have a background and expertise in educational law, social justice/civil rights, school administration or economic damage calculations (e.g., emotional distress or loss of wages). In a high-profile case, the lead attorney may request a professional with prior expert witness testimony experience.

Education policy consists of principles and policies, as well as laws and rules that govern the operation of our educational systems. School size, class size, undocumented students, sex education, teacher selection criteria, teacher pay, curricular content, graduation requirements, school infrastructure investment, and values are examples of areas covered by education policy.

Educational law litigation support could include records review, research, expert opinion, depositions, and expert testimony in court. In addition, the law firm may utilize an educational law expert for pre-litigation consulting work. Cahn Litigation Services is skilled and experienced at identifying ideal candidates to provide expert witness services for all types of education related matters. Representing the plaintiff or defendant, the firm has performed searches for attorney clients in support of:

Cahn Litigation Services has earned the reputation of providing experts with the right balance of expertise and expert witness testimony experience.

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