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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Customs experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Customs landscape.

Expert Witness #260795

This expert has a long and distinguished career in Import/Export Regulations and Controls, Customs Brokerage and Customs and Border Protection. This expert is considered to be an expert with the rules, regulations, and requirements from Partner Government Agencies for exporting, importing, or re-importing vehicles into the United States. This expert holds certifications and licenses as a Customs Specialist, Customs Broker, and in US Export Controls Compliance. This expert provides guidance to foreign customs administrations on current US import/export regulations and on the legitimate flow of trade with the United States. As Principal of a trade consulting firm, this expert provides business consulting services on foreign manufacturing sourcing compliance, free trade agreements, duty preferences, internal audits, commodity classification, and US policies and regulations. In addition, this expert has provided services as an expert witness, preparing reports and rebuttals for a case that settled before going to trial.

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Expert Witness #260857

This expert is a Professor of Chemistry. This expert is a member of the North American Thermal Analysis Society, and was named a NATAS Fellow.

This expert has published more than 200 peer-reviewed papers, with the majority related to coal combustion and emissions, and materials characterization. This expert has pioneered work in the area of clean coal technology, emission control, and thermal analysis involving effluent gas analysis and has used the TG/FTIR/MS technique extensively in the study of many different types of materials. This expert has been the project director of more than 70 projects supported by external agencies, including USNSF, the U.S. DOD, the US DOE, NASA, US EPA, USDA, EPRI, Clean Coal Institute, and several private industries.

An Institute founded by this expert has worked with over 150 existing coal-fired power plants in the US to address their mercury problems. As a result of these projects, one utility patent application for abatement of mercury in flue gas was awarded. This expert also is working on the development of sorbents to control mercury in the boiler.

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Expert Witness #260841

This expert is an Independent consultant specializing in cross-border transactions, customs & export compliance, freight forwarding, and logistics. This expert is a Licensed Customs Broker who has spent a career in the import/export and transportation industry. Specifically, this expert has experience in cross- border transaction between Mexico and U.S. working for multinational corporations managing the import and export activities and complying with both U.S. and Mexican import and export laws. This expert has direct experience in managing U.S. goods returned and the NAFTA laws and the Maquiladora duty free operation in Mexico. This expert is involved in the Professional Association of Exporters and Importers and is a presenter at industry conferences. Before a consulting career this expert held responsible positions (i.e. Director of Global Trade) at well-known companies.

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Expert Witness #260876

This expert has been in the import/export business for many years, beginning with specializing in automobile import export between US/Canada/Mexico. This expert has experience as an expert witness and has testified in ITC matters regarding FTC "Made In USA" claims. This expert has qualified as an expert on import and export regulations. While not considered an automotive specialist, this expert has knowledge of US DOT requirements for US automobiles.

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Expert Witness #123912

This expert is a copyright infringement and trade dress consultant, forensic expert, jewelry appraiser and broker, and has served the jewelry industry for many years. This expert has been under contract with the Federal Trade Commission, Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Justice Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Customs Bureau, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Trustee's Office, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and The Ontario Attorney General as a forensic expert witness, consultant, mediator, and trustee. This expert's expertise is frequently sought by banks, museums, foundations, insurance companies, the jewelry trade (both wholesale and retail), law firms, accounting firms and individuals, and this expert has been called upon to testify as an expert witness in major court cases throughout the United States, Canada, Singapore and The Bahamas. This expert has been on staff as a research associate with a major Museum of Natural History, earth sciences division, and serves on its Board of Trustees. This expert also has experience teaching classes in gemology, gem sciences and jewelry.

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Expert Witness #262355

Having served as Chief Compliance Officer of a full-service broker-dealer for many years with responsibilities for investment banking and merger and acquisitions compliance and oversight, this expert has the expertise with respect to best practices/duties and responsibilities/obligations of a registered broker dealer.

This expert heads a highly successful and sought-after compliance and regulatory consultancy specializing in matters relating to the broker-dealer and investment adviser community.

This expert has held the following Securities Licenses:

-  Series 24 - General Securities Principal
-  Series 14 - Compliance Official Examination
-  Series 8 - General Securities Sales Supervisor Examination
-  Series 7 - General Securities Representative Examination
-  Series 63 - Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination Series
-  65 - Uniform Investment Advisor Agent Law Examination
-  Manager - Financial Services Authority

This expert has served as:

-  a speaker and lecturer for numerous conferences and events for the SEC, NYSE, NASD, NASAA, SIA, SIFMA, and other events sponsored by industry and regulatory organizations on multiple topics dealing with Compliance
-  a member of the Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) Compliance & Legal Division Executive Committee
-  a member of a Board Options Exchange Compliance Advisory Panel
-  a member of a Business Conduct Committee
-  a member of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Compliance Advisory Committee

This expert has been engaged as an expert witness on more than 120 matters encompassing a full range of issues relating to the customs and practices, duties, responsibilities, and obligations of a registered broker dealer. This expert has testified at hearings or in deposition in more than 40 cases in federal courts, state courts, FINRA Office of Hearing Officer proceedings, American Arbitration Association Commercial Arbitration proceedings, and FINRA Arbitration proceedings.

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