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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Commercial Loans experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Commercial Loans landscape.

Expert Witness #247274

This expert is a rare combination of an expert who has substantial experience as a top executive on both sides of the commercial lending transaction. This expert has been a commercial banking consultant concentrating on issues involving lending, mergers & acquisitions and other complex transactions for banks and private equity companies. This expert's commercial realty experience provided the lending/financing experience in large multi-family development projects in 15 states. This expert's expertise in the lending field gave the express knowledge of when to renegotiate loans, and when to forgo the process. This expert's business acumen has opened the door to a number of business opportunities in the commercial sector, but banking, lending and loan syndication experience comprise the bulk of this expert's professional experience. This expert presents well, is well written, and speaks eloquently.

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Expert Witness #262132

This expert is a broadly experienced banking executive, lender and attorney who has served for many years in lending and top management positions at both regional and larger commercial banks. This expert has substantial background in a wide range of business, corporate, asset-based lending in diverse markets in the western, central and southwestern United States, as well as loan syndications/participations and problem loans.

This expert's career has included senior management and lending at both major banks and smaller community banking organizations, and in recent years has been President, CEO and Director at several commercial banks. This has included positions in management and growth of niche banks focused on business lending and commercial real estate finance, as the founding CEO of a successful de-novo bank, and as a turnaround executive at troubled institutions.

This expert has also served as a bank's in-house Legal Counsel and as an attorney in private practice focused on banking, lending, regulatory and commercial business. This expert has been retained as an expert and litigation consultant in a variety of cases; on banking matters; he has qualified and testified as an expert witness on lending practices, corporate finance, and commercial real estate.

This expert has been personally engaged as an expert in over 100 matters, and has testified in State Court, before Juries and in Arbitration.

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Expert Witness #247287

This expert is a seasoned professional in the banking/lending consulting and expert witness arena. This expert has been retained in over 80 matters, in both Federal and State courts, and has worked equally for Plaintiff and Defense. This expert understands the art of testimony and knows that effective presentation can be equally as important as raw industry knowledge. This expert has many years' experience as a banking executive prior to serving as an independent consultant and expert witness. This expert's experience is as a Bank President, Branch President, and VP of Commercial Loans. This expert also performed as Regional Underwriter and Commercial Loan Officer giving depth of experience in financing and the various complexities and elements of the approval equation. This expert presents well and speaks plainly, making the complex transactions of lending understandable to the lay public.

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Expert Witness #253292

This expert is a Principal with a nationally recognized business valuation/investigative services and tax consulting and compliance firm. This expert is one of the firm's senior tax and legal technicians, and has provided consulting services to a variety of partnerships, corporations, estates, and high net worth individuals.

For many years, this expert has consulted with numerous publicly-traded, private, and family-owned businesses to develop, manage, and report tax-efficient strategies. This expert's experience encompasses the real estate, professional services, private equity and venture capital, retail, and financial services industries. This expert's experience also extends to assisting counsel with litigation support and forensic accounting services for matters including income taxation, real estate, complex investment profiles and the accountant's standard of care.

This expert serves as Director of the Tax Practice. Examples of this expert's tax planning and compliance engagements include: Implementing the adoption of an ESOP structure including coordination of plan adoption, the owner's exit strategy and identification of third party lending sources; establishing REIT testing guidelines and training for the manager of a $250 million privately held multi-property REIT; providing comprehensive Section 409A guidance for the deferred compensation packages of a large financial institution's executive management team, including assisting counsel in conforming the plan to 409A requirements; coordinating the qualification of substantial Research and Development Credits for a manufacturing company; providing tax strategies, income tax compliance, and business consultation to over a dozen high net worth individuals and their business each for 10 years or more; conducting several dozen cost segregation studies for commercial retail, office, and hospitality properties; active participation as a member of the team that developed the UPREIT structure, now common in the REIT industry; managing the outsourced tax departments of a publicly traded REIT with capital value in excess of $1 billion, as well as a privately held retail chain with $1 billion in gross receipts; and managing dozens of IRS audits including the resolution of an audit adjustment in excess of $1 billion.

Examples of this expert's litigation support and forensic accounting engagements include: Litigation consulting regarding "Springing Recourse" obligations; complex federal income tax applications of Section 197 intangibles (Goodwill) and related anti-churning provisions; consulting with counsel on complex management contract buy-out disputes and multi-property family real estate disputes; providing forensic accounting services to financial institution work-out officers and their counsel for obligations aggregating to over $100 million; and assisting a $100 million real estate development company and their counsel with support to work-out loans during the 2008 real estate economic tsunami.

This expert has a bachelor's degree and a law degree.

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Expert Witness #266484

This expert is a banking executive with many years of experience in underwriting, mortgages, and loans. This expert is a Certified Residential Appraiser, and is also certified in credit risk. This expert has extensive testifying experience at deposition and trial in both state and federal cases (including class actions). Expert witness engagements have involved residential mortgages, underwriting, predatory lending, commercial loans, fraud, truth in lending, lender liability, loan servicing, and USPAP compliance.

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Expert Witness #266507

This expert is an expert in residential and commercial mortgage underwriting and finance. This expert has underwritten financing for 800+ homes to be marketed to VA loan eligible veterans, and for a bank this expert structured and underwrote $150 million in commercial debt financing for acquisition and development projects. This expert also structured, underwrote and closed $25+ million in conventional, government-insured and jumbo residential loans. This expert has worked as expert witness providing expertise in real investment valuation, loan financing, and market and financial analysis in a Federal housing discrimination lawsuit. This expert holds an MBA and Master in Architecture.

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