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Chemistry expert witness candidates generally have PhDs and extensive experience in forensic chemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistryenvironmental chemistry, materials science, chemical engineering and/or analytical chemistry. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request an expert with prior expert witness testimony experience.

Chemistry is the science dealing with the composition, structure, and properties of substances and with the transformations that they undergo. Sub-disciplines are plenty, and include: 

Litigation support by a chemistry expert often involves intellectual property matters such as a patent litigation or a trade secret dispute. A chemistry expert might also provide testimony in matters such as a product liability or medical case that requires toxicology or chemical exposure expertise. A forensic scientist with specific knowledge in chemistry can assist in criminal investigations by analyzing evidence. Expert witness services could include chromatography, depositions, expert report preparation, and courtroom testimony. In addition, a law firm may request a chemical industry expert for pre-litigation consulting services.

What are examples of chemistry legal cases?

Example cases that Cahn Litigation Services has provided expert witness searches for have involved:

Representing the plaintiff or defendant, Cahn Litigation Services is often called upon by law firm clients to locate an expert witness to support matters involving chemistry. Cahn Litigation Services has the experience required to turn the search for a chemistry expert around quickly and provide the right balance of expertise and testimony to get the job done.

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Chemistry Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Chemistry experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Chemistry landscape.

Expert Witness #255596

This expert holds a PhD in Chemistry and brings to the table many years of industrial research experience developing high value chemical finishes for textiles. This expert was as Professor of Textile Chemistry where this expert focused research on chemical treatments for improved performance of textile fabrics including surface modification of textile materials with atmospheric pressure plasma. These include:

-  Chemical Finishes for High Performance Textiles
-  Repellent Finishes
-  Soil Release Finishes
-  Flame Retardant Finishes
-  Denim Garment Processing
-  Mathematical Modeling of Textile Wet Processes
-  Use of Cyclodextrins in Textile Applications

After receiving undergraduate and graduate degrees from a Department of Chemistry this expert began a career as an industrial research chemist that included positions with several textile manufacturers and textile chemical producers. This expert holds ten U.S. patents in the areas of soil release, flame retardancy, and low pollution dyeing. This expert has provided technical assistance to textile manufacturers in all areas of textile wet processing. This expert has published extensively in textile chemistry literature.

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Expert Witness #262750

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry with a focus on Colloids and Interface Science. This expert brings to the table many years of experience in Crop Protection R&D, including but not limited to: Technology application and development; Formulation development, characterization/testing, processing, registration, and commercial scale-up/start-up; Spray Drift.

  • Liquids - Expertise in the development and processing of: micro-emulsions (MEs), emulsion concentrates (ECs), aqueous and non-aqueous dispersions (SCs, ODs), and suspo-emulsions (SEs).
  • Solids - Experience with granular formulation development, processing and commercial production optimization, troubleshooting, and reregistration of crop protection products produced by spray drying, fluid bed granulation, and paste extrusion.
  • Spray Drift Task Force - A consortium assembled to address the EPA's concern over pesticide drift. This expert’s tasks included:
  • Chair the Physical Property Subcommittee, leading the development, design, and execution of a program to assure that necessary measurements were made on model fluids and tank mixtures, spanning the range of formulation types, properties, and concentrations common in aerial and ground applications.
  • Interface and advise multiple contract labs, providing detailed equipment specification, instructions, and procedures to accomplish the above.
  • Sit on the Technical Committee to assure alignment and integration of the Physical Property, Atomization, and Field-Testing Sub-Committees.
  • Worked with the Atomization Sub-committee and the wind-tunnel facility to develop and carry-out the necessary atomization testing.
  • Literature research and interviews with experts in droplet formation and atomization, spanning academia, industry, and the U.S. Government.
  • Teaching - Adjunct Faculty. Taught General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry for Chemistry and Engineering majors.

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Expert Witness #249933

With a Ph.D. in organic chemistry, post-doctoral work in molecular biology, and industrial experience combining process chemistry, organic synthesis, biotechnology, biocatalysis, plus natural product fermentation and downstream processing, this expert provides a unique combination of skills. After obtaining a Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry, this expert joined a company where work led to a number of patents covering the enzymatic resolution of pharmaceutical intermediates, one of which earned royalties of several million dollars. In this particular project, this expert was the chief technical witness in a patent interference suit. Following the success of the suit, this expert was invited to establish a new group within a major Chemical Process Development company. The group successfully introduced biocatalysis in over a dozen projects at scales ranging from lab-bench scale synthesis of drug metabolites for Drug Discovery groups, to GMP pilot-plant batches providing intermediates for clinical material. This included the use of a non-aqueous enzymatic step in the synthesis of an antifungal agent. Under this expert's leadership, the group filed 13 patent disclosures and produced a total of 37 public presentations and publications - an unusual accomplishment for an industrial development group.  Shortly after, this expert moved to a major pharmaceutical company and became Director of Fermentation and Biocatalysis Development. This expert's group handled chemical process development, molecular biology, industrial fermentation, and GMP analytical services, supporting both Discovery and Production. This expert then established a venture, providing new and small companies with technical strategy, IP analysis, and CTO-level management across a range of disciplines covering process chemistry, molecular biology, biotransformations & biocatalysis, industrial biotech, plus fermentation of natural products and recombinant enzymes. This expert brings 40 years of experience in the field of biocatalysis and the expression of enzymes (and other proteins) as well as metabolic pathways. This expert has considerable experience in using enzymes in commercial processes, fermentation development, and co-factor recycling. This expert has appeared in both federal and State court and been deposed and crossed multiple times.

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Expert Witness #262282

This expert has worked on clothing design projects for decades, from developing the initial product requirements, selecting materials from fibers through material constructions, to the final product development and manufacturing. This expert has provided expert testimony in several patent infringement cases, providing opinion on claims construction to infringement to invalidity.

This expert is a member of the American Apparel and Footwear Association, is an accomplished author and speaker, inventor on eight patents, and is a Professor Emerita, School of Materials Science and Engineering. This expert holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry, and a BS in Chemistry.

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Expert Witness #224221

This expert is known internationally as one of the top experts on kinetics of reactions related to loss in food quality, nutrient degradation and pathogen growth and death kinetics.

This expert is also well known for teaching, working with and mentoring Ph.D. students, post-docs and visiting scientists. This expert has helped over many mentees gain faculty positions around the world, most of whom are doing research on reaction kinetics.

This expert is the author or co-author of over 280 scientific refereed research articles, 18 textbooks, 78 book chapters, eight patents and more than 100 other semi-technical articles. This expert has 14 refereed research papers, books or chapters and reviews that have been cited more than 200 times in other research papers or books, two at over 600 times and six others between 300-400 times, another five between 200-300 times and 30 more between 100-200. This expert’s research group has published an average of 10 research papers a year, including work in the Journal of Food Science, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Journal of Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Sciences, Analyst, Journal of the Royal Chemical Society, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, Food Chemistry, Journal of Food Protection and Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition.

This expert’s research has been supported by grants from the Department of Homeland Security, the US Center of Excellence, as well as grants from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Additionally, this expert has received grants from the American Egg Board, Almond Board, Dairy Research Inc., and the Beef Council.

This expert’s Areas of Research include

Water activity

Food stability

Food safety

Shelf life testing

Shelf life dating

RFID tags

Time-Temperature Integrator Tags

Food labeling

Contaminants in food


Food law

Glass Transition Phenomena

In addition to academic work and research, this expert serves as Chief Scientist at a company that makes smart sensors used to monitor temperature or both temperature and freshness. The company’s patent and copyright intellectual property portfolio centers around radio frequency sensor identification devices, labels, tags and liners, radio frequency data capture software, cloud services and analytics. The IP also includes systems, software and methods for using the above tools for managing perishables in the cold chain and for tracking wear-and-tear of non-perishable items throughout their life or warranty period.

This expert has prior patent litigation experience and has been deposed and testified before a jury. Additionally, this expert has served as an expert for litigation in a case involving Time-Temperature Integrator (TTI) shelf life tags.

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Expert Witness #251476

This expert's Ph.D. was in synthetic main group inorganic chemistry that involved the preparation of a wide variety of organic and inorganic compounds. Many of the novel compounds this expert synthesized required recrystallization as purification steps and to grow single crystals suitable for x-ray diffraction used to determine the structure. This expert has a strong background in the behavior of chemical species in solutions such as those used in the cyclic production of taurine. From the process chemistry side, this expert assisted an industrial client in the production of a new fire retardant that this expert helped develop. This was implemented in their manufacturing process used for a building material that required a precise amount of retardant added to pass fire resistance tests. In the years before consulting, this expert was a research scientist at an aerospace company that synthesized inorganic compounds on an industrial scale that were ultimately used to fabricate high temperature metal and ceramic components used in rocket engines. One major responsibility was to develop and implement a process to recycle scrap rhenium, a very rare and expensive metal used for these extreme environments, from acid solutions that were used to etch excess rhenium from vacuum chambers and furnaces. This expert has been consulting in technical litigation matters for many years. One of the matters for which this expert has been deposed was a patent infringement case involving a pharmaceutical. This expert has assisted on two other matters and has one active case involving intellectual property disputes.

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Expert Witness #250720

This expert holds a PhD in analytical chemistry which includes general training in spectroscopic and spectrometric analysis. While in Industry, this expert utilized infrared spectroscopy as a procedure for product monitoring. This expert utilized chromatographic methods with UV and fluorescence spectroscopy for drug analysis. At a University this expert taught applications in FTIR analysis and performed testing including determination of unknown drugs of abuse. This expert continues to use infrared spectroscopy in teaching and research and Raman Spectroscopy for toxicological analysis. During a sabbatical, this expert also assisted with a project involving Raman detection of drugs of abuse. This expert's current efforts in Raman Spectroscopy have been funded by the National Institute of Justice. In this project this expert is developing high sensitivity procedures for Raman Spectroscopy for use in the detection of drugs of abuse in saliva and other body fluids. This expert has also developed similar procedures previously for analysis of benzodiazepines. This expert has been involved as an expert witness in one prior patent litigation; a pharmaceutical patent infringement case. The rest of this expert's expert witness experience has been either civil or criminal.

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Expert Witness #252004

This expert has been involved with hydraulic fracturing and well stimulation applications for many years, and essentially all types of treatment staging and diversion. This expert's involvement has included diversion recommendations and applications for hydraulic fracturing treatments in both vertical and horizontal wells, as well as in wells that have been treated with matrix acidizing treatments in sandstone and carbonates. Further, this expert has worked with limited entry, benzoic acid flakes, rock salt, oil-soluble resins, viscous polymers, sand, drillable bridge plugs, cast iron bridge plugs, and sliding sleeves for treatment diversion and is very familiar with the strengths and limitations of each technique.  This expert holds a BS in Chemistry and an MS in Petroleum Engineering. This expert has experience and background with fracturing fluid chemistry and fluid additive development and in hydraulic fracturing applications worldwide. Having authored and co-authored several patents, this expert also has an understanding of the meanings and implications concerning patentability of things "new and novel and not immediately obvious to persons skilled in the art". In addition to consulting work, this expert teaches Hydraulic Fracturing Applications, Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing, and Acidizing in Sandstones and Carbonates which have segments related to treatment diversion and staging of treatments for effective zone coverage in horizontal and vertical wells. This expert has been involved as an expert witness in both the U.S. and Canada, including deposition/testimony.

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Expert Witness #242473

This expert is an experienced expert in the field of specialty chemicals including, but not limited to, a variety of inorganic minerals and solid polymers. This expert has an extensive background and understanding of chemical reactions that occur at interfaces of solids and liquid-solid interfaces. This expert has many years of experience with the reactions of silane coupling agents with inorganic solids such as clays and silica, and is a published author on the flow behavior of polymers.

For many years, this expert has consulted for corporations involved in the development, optimization, patenting, marketing and quality control of new and existing products and processes.

This expert has served as a forensic expert witness in a multitude of disciplines including patent analysis/infringement, trade secret litigation, product & process issues, OSHA Regulations, Codes & Standards, physical chemistry and material properties. This expert has provided Federal and State depositions and courtroom testimony numerous times. This expert has been deposed in two intellectual property cases, both of which were successful for this expert's client. This expert has also consulted for medical device companies engaged in development of novel surgical techniques, and is a named inventor on 23 patents.

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Expert Witness #238295

This expert has many years of photonics experience. This expert's academic focus was on modern optics, electromagnetic theory, communications theory, advanced mathematics, and the chemistry/physics of optical materials. This expert has a lifetime of research and development in the highly specialized area of optical data storage, processing/computing, and communications. This expert is a well-known expert in the field of optical data storage, holography, recording media, and optical disc replication processes and technology, and large high-resolution information displays. This expert's main areas of interest are photonics (components, imaging arrays, LEDs, and solar energy), materials physics, chemistry and processes, nanotechnology, control and positioning of light beams, MEMS and MOEMS and their integration into fully functional information processing systems, lasers, and flat panel displays (FPDs).

Much of this expert's early work was for government agencies. The major goal of this work was to use photonics technology for the rapid acquisition, processing, storage and communication of data vital to national defense and space flight. This expert shifted the main research focus to (1) consumer electronics applications of photonics (CD, DVD, flat panel displays, digital cameras, LEDs and HDTV and 3D TV); (2) replication of CD and DVD media (technology, materials, processes and systems); (3) digital image processing and capture (digital cameras), and (4) the impact of MEMS/Nanotech on data storage, processing, and communication design and performance.

This expert also has significant engineering, expert witness, product and business development, and sales & marketing management experience.

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